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To Caress My Day

Chapter 171: The Berkeley Arms Pub

The sound of his phone ringing bombarded Seth right out of his sleep and had him aimlessly feeling around for what he presumed to be Twig’s phone instead. When he didn't feel her in the spot next to him, he opened his eyes to affirm that she wasn’t there. Instead, in her place was a small yellow sticky note on the pillow she had endorsed last night after she fell asleep in his arms. Harvesting it off the fabric, he deciphered it.

See you tomorrow with my parents, be ready before 10! Love, Your Pixie!

Grimacing to himself due to the nerves forming up at the mention of him meeting her parents, his phone abruptly rang out again. Turning over in his bed, he snatched the device up and unlocked it to see what all the commotion was about. He felt warm inside when Twig’s name glowed back at him. She had just sent him the area where she and her parents were awaiting him and that she would be out in front just in case he got too nervous and was considering running off on her. Seth grinned at her humor before his eyes caught view of what time the message was sent. It was 9:30 AM. Wait, what time was it now?

Jolting up as a result of the late time, Seth cursed himself for already sabotaging the first meeting with her parents, the very thing he’s been ceaselessly egging her on about! Texting her a cursory lie that he was just putting on his shoes, he sped out of his bed and into his shower. Once out, he wrenched on his clothes and checked his phone to see if she had replied. She had.

Great, babe! Just text me when you’re on the way.

Nodding, Seth got to typing without thinking that he was literally sailing out the front door, not realizing he just told on himself. For one, he wasn’t as ready as he had led her to believe, and two, he couldn’t leave just yet because he still had to put on his disguise. It consisted of a long layered blond wig that went down to his shoulders with a side fringe, originally auctioned as a Cosplay wig, and big chunky black sunglasses that covered his identity. He could easily throw on the sunglasses with ease, but not the wig. He had to take his time with it to make it look credible and not so pronounced a disguise. Only, no matter how many times he fidgeted with it, he felt he looked positively ridiculous! Grumbling in dissatisfaction, Seth snagged a black cap and slapped it on his head to make himself feel better. Then, finally, he was out the door!

The address Twigs had relaid him was for a nearby restaurant called The Berkeley Arms Pub, and since it was a walkable stretch, he took to the streets on foot. Outside was shrouded in snow, but Seth had on the proper shoes and coat to make it to his destination with no problems. The restaurant’s framework was an 11th or 12th century medieval style in black and white. Right outside there was a person transferring the swinging flower pots they had left out for much too long with Twigs assisting by holding the ladder for the young man. Grinning at the vision of her beauty in her oversize black hoodie underneath an oversize jean jacket, dark plaid pants and her black combat boots. She also sported chunky black sunglasses too.

Accelerating his steps, Seth closed the distance between them just in time for the young man to receive the ladder from her and give his thanks before returning into the restaurant. Twigs had whirled back around to face the street, peering this way and that for any trace of her boyfriend that was supposed to show up, and show up he did as he halted right beside her and grinned down at her as he conveyed in a modified voice. “Morning, ma’am.”

Sensing his presence beside her before she heard him, Twigs slowly peeped out of the corner of her eye at the tall gentleman that was unquestionably a tourist. She grasped he required something or else he’d have been on his way instead of beaming down at her as if he knew her. Frowning, she cordially asked him. “Morning, sir. Do you need help with directions, or are you…” Halting, she surveyed his smile. That smile looked familiar to her. Taking a step back, she thoroughly looked him up and down, trying to get a bearing of what made him feel so familiar to her. “I-I’m sorry, sir, but do we know each other from somewhere?”

“Yes we do, in fact, know each other.” Seth confirmed with that same grin. With a tip of his head towards the pub, he responded next in his regular voice. “Today is the day I’m finally going to meet your parents in person.”

Instantaneously recognizing his voice as her boyfriend, Twigs burst out laughing at how goofy he looked. “Oh my god, Seth! You look kinda crazy right now, do you know that?”

Seth couldn’t be offended. He did look silly. “I can’t argue with you there, Pixie, I do look rather odd, but that’s the point of wearing a disguise. I’m not supposed to look like my conventional amiable self.”

“I wouldn't really call you amiable.” Twigs fibbed, trying to pull back her smile to appear convincing. “You always looked pretty odd to me even without a disguise.”

Not falling for her trickery, Seth bluffed shock before lunging forward with the aspiration to discipline her with tickles. Shrouding an arm around her, he held her ensnared as he used his other hand to tickle her belly through her thick hoodie and black and white striped turtleneck. He overlooked her squeals as he demanded. “What did you just say to me!? Huh, woman!?”

“Alright alright, you win!” Twigs giggled as she strove to wrestle out of his hold and then departed for the pub’s doorway. Setting her hand on the handle, she trailed it open for him to step in first. “Now, it’s time to get back to business. We don’t want to keep my parents waiting all day, do we?”

And just like that, the nerves were back like a sequence of fireworks going off in his stomach. He had no idea how this day was going to turn out, and so he was nervous about initiating it. Stalling for time, Seth asked her. “Do they know about me yet? Do they know we’re together?”

“They do.” Twigs reassured him, trying to mask her own nervousness from his eyes. She automatically knew her mother would welcome Seth with open arms and zero judgement, but despite that she was still restless about them meeting each other. Closing the door of the pub so as not to freeze any of the customers, she tried to assuage him. “It’s gonna be okay, baby, you know that, right?”

Avoiding her question, Seth went on to inquire about another of his own. “Can I still touch you if I sport this disguise in Tewkesbury? Or would you prefer us not to have any PDA in public here?”

“No, Seth, we can touch each other here.” Twigs replied, reaching a hand for him to accept. She smiled when he linked his finger through hers. “Just so long as we keep the PDA down to a minimum in front of my parents, I don’t care what we do in front of everyone else.”

Caressing her hand in his, Seth granted her a naughty smirk. “You’re such a bore, Pixie.” Feeling a revived strength within him now that he was able to at least hold her hand through this, Seth towed her along behind him as he stepped into the restaurant.

Before she entered the restaurant behind him, she playfully snuck a smack on his bottom, giggling in pleasure. “You're packing a nice booty today, baby.”

“Hey, keep your hands to yourself, woman!” Seth tried in vain to warn her sternly, but couldn’t obliterate the grin off of his face. “Or I won’t be culpable for what happens next, if you get my meaning.”

“Then don’t call me a bore.” Twigs contended with delight. “Cause I’m sure we can both agree that last night I verified a bore is absolutely not what I am.”

“You got a point.” Seth nodded in compliance. “But last night’s exertions probably shouldn’t be brought up right before I meet your parents. I’d die on the spot if I address them with a raging boner and have to put the blame on their exceedingly malleable Sex Goddess of a daughter for it.”

Horrified by that picture, Twigs gasped with distaste. “Ew, you wouldn’t dare!”

“Don’t try me, and I won’t.” Seth teased her before preparing himself for the most significant meeting of his lifetime.