Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 172: Quite the Fan's Favorite

Scoping out the Berkeley Arms Pub in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England, Seth noticed the interior decorator had swelled the black and white theme into the interior of the restaurant except for the right wall that had been sectioned into shapes washed in red, blue, yellow and green. Straight ahead stood a bar, but between them were three short vertical lanes of tables with menus, cutlery, and coasters on top and four wooden chairs clustered around them. Directly to his right was the first white fireplace he sighted and it was much larger than the second. All of the occupants inside were enthralled by a game going on on the small TV mounted in the corner above the entryway that led into the hallway right beside a wood burning brick fireplace. Squinting his eyes, Seth combed the many faces for any females that would resemble his girlfriend. The last time he saw her mother was in a downtown club in Soho for his girlfriend’s EP release party. The whole place was lit in red, and so he couldn’t get a really good look at the woman. “Okaaay, where is your mother, Tahliah? I don't see anyone here that looks like her.”

“Oh, she’s not in this room, baby. She’s in the back. Here, follow me.” Twigs answered before curving around him and seizing his hand again. She led him past the small tables and engrossed patrons, and towards the hallway. The bartender raised his head just in time to shoot her a greeting nod before scrutinizing her boyfriend up and down due to his distinctive hair. Once in the slim hall with cobblestone floors, she conveyed over her shoulder. “They should be down here where there used to be a barn area. Since then it’s been modified into another dining spot for customers.”

“Oh yeah? Are there not gonna be any pigs or goats we’re gonna be feasting with today?” Seth quipped as he accompanied her down the black and white hallway, then into a courtyard, and finally making a turn into an enormous barn. Both of his brows raised in shock at how grand this medieval dining room was. There was enough room to fit several wide dining tables with four padded chairs circling each one. The ceilings were clothed in red and gold drapes with a huge wrought iron chandelier dangling from above. Shields of several varieties were installed on the dark trimming of the room. Along the walls were pinned pictures that weren’t all set straight. It was a murky place if not for the few windows that let in the winter light. This restaurant was absolutely not on the list of sites he’d typically dine at, but that didn’t take away how extraordinary and authentic it felt. Not to mention the deep history breathing in every stone, corner, and antique wood invested into this place. “Wow…”

Twigs promptly led him straight to her parents, and grinned upon reaching the older couples chatting over coffee. Hauling her boyfriend up before them, she grinned. “Mom, Dad, I officially present to you, my boyfriend!” She appreciated how they cut their conversation and respectfully gave them their undivided attention. Curling her arms through Seth’s arms, she introduced him to her anticipating parents. “Seth MacFarlane...though he doesn’t look like his usual self, I know, but he has to be in disguise. Seth, these are my parents, Araceli Avarado, and my step-father, Luther Vere.”

“You're right, he doesn’t look a thing like Mr. MacFarlane!” Araceli marveled, impressed by the contrast between this man and the man she had researched on the internet. She was fully informed why he was in guise, and so she didn’t find it at all perplexing. “One would never know under that wig.”

“That’s the feedback I was wishing to get.” Seth grinned before tilting over to shake the couple’s hands. “It’s nice to finally meet you both. I’m sure Tahliah has told you how often I’ve been pressuring her to set up a meeting between us.”

While his wife tipped her head this way and that to detect the billionaire beneath his disguise, Luther had totally forgotten why he required the disguise in the first place. Frowning, he inquired about it as the young couple took a seat before them. “Forgive me, I absolutely forgot the reason why you attired up like this. Could you remind me again?”

“I want to live a confidential life.” Twigs began to explain. “I’m not ready for my every move to be splashed across every magazine from here to America.”

“But we don’t want to break up either, and so I conceal myself when we go out in public in order for us to be together without having to be harassed by fans or paparazzi.” Seth concluded, gesturing to his long blonde cosplay wig and sunglasses. “Until she’s ready to go public, I’ll continue to dress up whenever we go out.”

“Oh, I see now.” Luther nodded, finally putting the fragments back together again. Personally, he saw all that endeavor to be too much work. He couldn’t envision having to live a life where he had to obscure himself every single time he went out with his girl. He didn’t think it was worth it, but clearly Seth felt his daughter-in-law to be so which led him to consider that this man was serious about her.

“I’m just happy to finally meet you face to face!” Araceli enthused, her grin pasted to her face as she looked him over. “Even if you’re in disguise as someone else. My daughter has told me all about you, Mr. MacFarlane. The girl never refrains from babbling about her superb boyfriend.”

“Oh, she doesn’t, does she?” Seth gandered slyly at his girlfriend beside him, a pompous smile on his face.

“I’ve told them ENOUGH about you, not EVERYTHING.” Twigs preserved herself. “And I wasn't babbling either.”

“She told us enough to get me fixed on that Family show of yours.” Luther informed him with a chuckle. “I can’t stop watching the thing now!”

“I’m always happy to make an admirer out of someone.” Seth nodded haughtily, not admitting that he felt he got even more cool points since the fan named was her step-father.

“You got one out of me, that's for sure. I love that talking baby of theirs!” Luther raved, nudging his wife’s arm in reminiscence.

“Ah, Stewie.” Seth replied before swapping into his Stewie Griffin voice to say. “Yes, yes, he’s quite the fan’s favorite, I should say.”

The couple nearly choked on their coffee with laughter. Swallowing hers, Araceli indicated to Seth as she expressed to her husband. “Wait, doesn’t his voice also sound like that other character? Who was it? The son, Brian?”

“Oh yes, most certainly the son.” Luther nodded in agreement, confident they both had it right.

“Actually Brian is the family dog.” Twigs remedied, adhering to Seth’s arm, their hands linked under the table. “The son is Chris.”

“The dog then! He sounds just like the family dog, Brian, just now!” Araceli accused with certainty.

“That’s because I use my actual voice for Brian.” Seth answered.

The returning waiter by the name of Rory cut into their exchange by clearing his throat. “Sorry for interrupting, but can I get you two something to drink?”

“Coffee, it’s pretty cold.” Twigs responded with a slight shiver.

“I’ll second that.” Seth concurred.

“Great!” Rory said with a grin before quizzing the table as a whole. “Is anyone ready to order yet by any chance?”

“We are.” Luther confirmed, and reopened his menu to educate Rory on what they yearned for breakfast that cold winter morning.

In the meantime, Twigs and Seth were scampering to figure out what they preferred to eat cause they were starving. Seth eventually thought it would be cool to authorize her to choose for him since this was her country. “I have a better idea, how about you pick what I eat. I trust you to prescribe the best.”

“Challenge accepted!” Twigs closed the menu and looked to Rory. “We’ll have some of your Signatures Pies. Specifically the Steak & Ale with mash potatoes and peas, and the Vegetable & Mushroom with chips and peas.”

“Couldn't have chosen better myself!” Rory commended before compiling all the menus for his exit. “Give us a few minutes and your plates will be ready to serve.”