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To Caress My Day

Chapter 173: Kiss Ass

“So tell me, Mr. MacFarlane, how did you two meet?” Araceli, Twig’s mother, summoned him from across the table. Her skin tone was lighter than her daughter, and her dark curls much looser, but she had her child’s eyes, and shape of her head as far as he could tell.

“Mommy, I already told you how we met.” Twigs prompted her with a smile. They were in the Berkeley Arms Pub in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England meeting her parents for the first time. So far, the union was going fabulously. Her parents already admired her acclaimed boyfriend.

“I know, my dear. I just want to hear it from the man himself, that's all.” Araceli disclosed innocently, then beamed him a smile. “He has such a splendid voice.”

“Thank you, ma’am.” Seth received with a nod before beginning the account of how they met. “I met Tahliah in a cafe in London. I was planning to get some coffee and head back out when some fans asked for an autograph. Two of those fans were Tahliah’s friends who ended up introducing me to her.”

“Oh, you’ve met her friend?” Araceli spouted, finding that to be a reprieve. Their relationship was already so secretive to begin with. She’d imagine her daughter having a rough time not discussing it with anyone, and so was satisfied to hear that she did with her close friends.

“I have. They’re some pretty cool ladies, and passionately devoted to Tahliah.” Seth commended with a grin.

“Did they ever mention that Amira and Tahliah grew up together?” Araceli uncovered.

“Yes, they have.” Seth confirmed before wavering so the waiter could set down their coffees and check up on them. Upon his departure, he continued. “Does Amira’s parents still live around these parts?”

“No, they moved when we were just teenagers.” Twigs responded with a frown. “Luckily we got in contact when we were older and met up by the time I was living in London.”

“And they’ve been inseparable ever since.” Araceli added. “Amira’s parents keep in touch from time to time with us as well.”

The entire table fell silent when their waiter, Rory, came back, but this time with their meals. Seth barely took the time to review his Steak & Ale Signature Pie, he was too famished to care what was in it. He rapidly dug in with the rest of the occupants at the table. He found the meal Twigs had chosen for him to be heavenly, and was fascinated by her impeccable selection. Some time during the meal, he wiped his mouth on the napkin, and sipped his coffee before inquiring. “If you don’t mind me asking, what brought you two here to live in Tewkesbury? Have you lived here since Tahliah was born?”

“Tahliah wasn’t born here. She was born in Cheltenham.” Araceli corrected him with a charming smile. “We came to live here afterwards.”

“She wasn’t born here?” Seth echoed with a frown, then looked to his girlfriend. “You weren’t born here?”

Twigs shook her head. “No, but I was most definitely raised here.”

“Oh.” Seth nodded then shrugged off his misinformation. “Well, then how about Cheltenham? What’s it like over there?”

“It’s much larger and heavily populated than it is here.” Araceli educated him, sipping from her coffee.

“And there’s a whole lot of stuff to do over there than here in this market town.” Twigs included.

“Museums chock full of information and history, broad accessible parks and opulent gardens, secure walking trails, and even some breweries.” Luther, Twig’s step-father, listed off on his fingers.

“And unlimited options of various foods too. It doesn’t matter if you’re eager for street food, or fine dining. Everything is there.” Twigs included before taking a tremendous bite from her divine Vegetable & Mushroom Signature Pie.

“There’s also animal parks if you want to take your dog out.” Araceli sped on. “Cinemas, Theatres, Bike Tours and relaxing Spas.”

“Cheltenham was actually known to be a Spa Town back in the day.” Twigs shared.

“Really? The WHOLE town was a Spa Town?” Seth queried, his brown eyes scampering from each of the parents to his girlfriend beside him.

“Since as far back as 1716 Cheltenham was renowned for being a Holiday Spa Town.” Luther simplified. “There were mineral springs here that were said to have healing perks.”

“If you want, we can partake in some of that water.” Twigs offered to Seth with a nudge of her elbow. “It’s at the Pittville Pump Room.”

“Which is also the grandest and last Spa structure to ever have been established.” Araceli replied.

“Do they still hold festivals there too?” Luther challenged the two ladies curiously.

Araceli deliberated on that with a frown. “I don’t know. I remember the music festival used to hold their concern halls there some time ago.”

“We can figure that out another time then.” Luther shrugged it off. “How about we concentrate on our breakfast before it gets cold, shall we?”

Everyone conceded, and simultaneously swung their focus on their respective meals. Other than curt adulation to the dishes, the four remained reserved only until Seth contended on paying their bills. Everyone at the table exploded into affable unwillingness, but he wouldn’t have it. Ultimately accepting defeat, the family thanked him abundantly all the way from the table to outside of the pub. Seth was cursory to set them straight. “How about this? You all can make it up to me by walking off this breakfast with me.

“We’d love to.” Luther granted, extending his arm to his wife. Once she looped her arm through his, they set off alongside the younger couple.

The conversation was densely saturated with laughter caused by Seth’s humor, and brief stories of Twig’s childhood. After an hour passed, Araceli and her husband slackened their pace to say their farewells. “Well, we’d better get going now. We have some errands and grocery shopping to do. We hope to see you two soon.”

“Alright, mommy.” Twigs nodded, straying from Seth’s side to hug her parents. “We’ll let you two go for the rest of the day.”

After hugging and kissing Seth on the cheek, Araceli looked to her daughter. “Tahliah, will you be coming back to our home tonight or will you be staying over Seth’s place again?”

Under Luther and Seth’s snickering, Twig’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she let out a whine for being put on the spot. Her mother had caught her sneaking in last night after she left Seth sleeping in his bed. She had sputtered to explain but her mother shushed her away to bed, well aware of where she’d been. “Yes, mom, I’ll be staying with Seth tonight.”

“Perfect!” Araceli supported with a nod of consent. “Then we will all meet up to go to Cheltenham together tomorrow.”

“I’m counting the seconds as we speak.” Seth spoke charmingly, winning a smile from her mother.

As they watched her parents walk away, Twigs smacked Seth merrily by the arm. “Kiss ass!” She let out a giggle when Seth dragged her into his arm for an enchanting kiss that muzzled her.