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To Caress My Day

Chapter 175: Age Like Fine Wine

Dispensing Seth’s random joke about them getting married in the Abbey Church of St. Mary the Virgin in her town of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England, Twigs pointed upwards to their right where the organ was situated. Her man loved to play his piano anytime it was near, so she knew he’d have an interest in the organ within the Abbey Church. “Look up there, baby. That’s where they keep the organ.”

“Now, that’s what I’m talking about!” Seth supported with a grin at the dark timeworn instrument. He wondered how old it was. “Do you think I’ll get in trouble if I tried to climb up there and play it?”

Elbowing him, she faintly criticized him. “Yes, you most certainly will!”

“Fine, then! Be a spoiled sport about it!” Seth playfully lamented before snatching her hand in his and leading them to one of the many wooden chairs so they could sit privately together. Other than themselves, there were only three other people in the Church, and they were spaced far apart in their sections. Settling in next to Twigs, he enclosed an arm around her shoulder and bundled her close to his side. His brown eyes scoured the sublime historical Church again, his mind going back to his earlier thoughts. He wanted to marry his girlfriend here. He could visualize it so clearly right now. The aisle would be blanketed with a long rolled out carpet strewn with rose petals, he wasn’t sure what color the rug or petals would be yet though. The stone columns would be adorned in flowers and vines similar to each chair on the very end of the aisle. The steps leading to the altar would be bedecked with tall candles stands with the fat candles encased in decorative glass. There would also be tall candelabras encircling the perimeters of the church. Bouquets of flowers would be organized on the altar as well. Should they incorporate a flock of white doves to be released afterwards, or was that weird for a wedding?

Sitting beside him just as hushed, Twigs evaluated what their life would have been like if she had jumped the hurdle with Seth and became a public item together. Cameras flashing everywhere she went would have to be a new normality for her. Never being able to do simple errands alone without a thousand eyes observing her the whole time would also be a new way of life. Being condemned for everything she did, wore, and said would also be a frequent trial she’d have to live with. She probably couldn’t be witnessed in public with her bandmates without the magazines spinning a story of erotic flings. Would Seth believe them? Would he always strode through the door accusing her of sleeping with another man? Would she if she scoped an article stating that her boyfriend was having sex with one of his co-workers, or some other starlet of Hollywood? Twigs didn’t want to think so, but she had almost jumped to that very same conclusion that one time he was strolling the red carpet with his elegant little sister whom she hadn’t yet met or seen before. Her mind continued to wander and wander until her stomach brazenly thundered out in hunger, tearing her concentration, and making her boyfriend chuckle next to her. “Oop.”

“Hungry, are we?” Seth rhetorically asked as he got to his feet and stretched a hand to help her up. “Don’t worry, I’m starving too. I think it’s the suitable time for dinner, don’t you?”

“Absolutely!” Twigs concurred, marching back down the aisle with her hand in his.

Upon exiting back out into the wintry late afternoon, Seth shivered underneath his coat. “God, it’s freezing here.”

“You’re no longer in California anymore, Mr. MacFarlane.” Twigs teased him as they walked down the concrete path away from the Church. “So, what do you have a hankering for?”

Seth shrugged as he withdrew his hand from hers to drape his arm back over her shoulders. “I don’t know. Somewhere. What are you feeling?”

“I’m thinking we can try out the Nottingham Arms for dinner.” Twigs proposed.

Arching a brow down at her, Seth inquired. “And which direction would that be?”

“The way we came. It’s actually closer than The Berkeley Arms Pub.” Twigs informed him. Earning a nod from him, they walked in peace, taking in their surroundings that wouldn’t be seen once the night shrouded the town into darkness.

Upon coming upon the building, Seth frowned, positive his girlfriend was playing a ruse on him. The place resembled the exact pub they ate for lunch with her parents. Wavering in his step, he gave her a sly grin. “Ah, I see what you’re doing here. You’re trying to be devious with me. This is the same place we had lunch at!”

Twigs laughed as she stepped up to the door. “I totally get why you think so, and you know what? The inside isn’t going to help my case either.”

“Do I need to ask why?” Seth inquired as he entered behind her to spy that the interior also looked almost exactly like The Berkeley Arms Pub. The small contrasts were very few. They had the same tables, and chairs. But the bar was actually erected on the right wall instead of the back, and the red brick fireplace was a detached wood burning black stove instead. “Wow, I see what you mean now.”

Taking a seat in the back room which had a rug cloaking the frigid floor, Twigs glanced at Seth. “Why don’t you decide this time on what we eat. I already picked out our lunch.”

“You can count on me, Pixie. Tonight, you and I will be scorching off a feast fit for a King and his Queen.” Seth guaranteed her as he picked up the menu and selected the Hunter’s Chicken for him which encompassed a charred chicken breast topped with bacon, melted cheddar and mozzarella, and a bourbon BBQ sauce, salsa salad and some chunky chips. For his girlfriend he chose the Scampi and Chips with a salad.

Before Twigs could reply, their waitress, Heidi, came by to take their drink orders and then their meals since they were already ready. Once she was out of view, Twigs arched a brow at him. “Scorching off a feast?”

“Exactly.” Seth confirmed with a devilish grin as he held out a hand to her. “What did you think we’d do? Go back to my place and sleep dinner off?”

“We do have a big day tomorrow.” Twigs reminded him, setting her graceful hand in his to hold, then extended her other. “We can’t exhaust ourselves too much before the real fun begins.”

“I won’t exhaust you too much.” Seth vowed as his other hand took hers. Leaning forward, he stared into her big marvelous eyes. “You on the other hand…”

“I what?!” Twigs gasped in hilarity, not believing he was pinning their sexual marathons all on her as if she was the only horny one.

Seth chuckled to himself then shrugged it off with a brilliant smile. “Oh, you know precisely what you do, you sex Goddess, you!”

“Oh, please!” Twigs protested, rolling her eyes with a smile. “Everyone that knows you probably know how much of a horn dog you are! I can’t even kiss your cheek without receiving your hands all over me!”

“Don’t forget my lips.” Seth spouted after Heidi came back to set their drinks before them then departed.

Lowering her voice to a provocative level, Twigs leaned over to whisper. “How could I forget those lips and what they do to me?”

“To you and your other pair of lips.” Seth wiggled both eyebrows as his eyes descended to the table where her sex was located. “Who needs a scrap of food when all they need is your body to survive?”

Deliberately taking the immoral route, Twig appeared taken aback. “Good god, man! I hope you’re not suggesting cannibalism!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t go that far.” Seth shook his head. “...but then again you shouldn’t knock it if you haven’t tried it, I hear...and I haven’t.”

“Do NOT even think about eating me, Seth!” Twigs threatened him with her fork. “Or I’ll fork out your eyeballs!”

“I’m only kidding, Pixie.” Seth laughed, raising one of her hands to his lips. “Why eat you in one go when I can spend the rest of my life sampling you as you age like fine wine?”