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To Caress My Day

Chapter 176: Gloucester Old Spot

The following morning, Seth and Twigs were back to meeting her parents at a prominent country bar between Cheltenham and Tewkesbury called the Gloucester Old spot. It had been voted as one of the finest places to eat in Cheltenham which was why they drove in their rental car down there to see for themselves. Wearing the same disguise he sported yesterday with the blonde wig under a cap and black sunglasses, Seth pulled up to a white building with three wooden picnic tables out in the front under large white umbrellas. It had snowed overnight, but not by much so, the pavement wasn't shrouded in it.

The couple entered the simple, but charming building, Seth being a gentleman by holding the door open for his girlfriend. Despite the glacial temperatures outside, the interior was warmed by the fireplaces they were fueling with stacks of logs. The couple discovered Twig’s parents waving at them from a polished wooden table by the window. Following his girlfriend, Seth promptly skimmed the pub. The tables were all made up of polished wood with legs carved of different styles. Some had a wooden frame with leather padding, and others had a wooden two-seater with decorative pillows on each side. The walls were what had Seth doing a double take. All along the room the bottom half was exposed red brick and the top half was smooth drywall colored in a deep burgundy. He had never seen a wall styled that way before. For added decorations, there was a sizable portrait of an unknown woman, antlers and deer heads anchored on the wall, and light sconces. The floors were of stones, and kept modest unlike the walls.

“Hey, mom! Hey, dad!” Twigs addressed, discarding herself from her dark oversize jacket with white noticeable stitching and swathing it over her chair before circulating the table to hug and kiss her parents. “How did your night go?”

“Oh, it went well until your mom lost the broom somewhere.” Luther chuckled, seating himself back down to sip his coffee.

Shooting him a glare, Araceli stressed. “I did NOT lose the broom, you were the last one to use it!” Discontinuing the bickering for another time, her eyes sought out Seth, and upon seeing him with his goofy wig again, she stood up and opened her arms to him again. “It’s nice to see you again, Seth! Did you sleep well?”

Accepting her hug, and then shaking hands with Luther, Seth briefly gazed Twig’s way with a knowing smile. “As a matter of fact, I slept like a baby.”

Twigs felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment. Last night had been a first and second round of the headboard banging against the wall thing especially when Seth had rolled her over in her sleep and had touched her from behind. At first she was positive she was having one of those dreams where she swore she could feel Seth, and so she didn’t think anything of it at first until she felt her first orgasm coming. Her eyes snapping open to nothing but darkness, she had propelled her face into a pillow when Seth had withdrawn his fingers from inside her to thrust his cock in instead. Shaking her head to disperse those thoughts, Twigs forced a smile to her face as she faced her step-father. “Have you two ordered yet?”

“Only some coffee.” Luther answered, but his eyes were perusing Seth. “Still wearing that disguise, eh?”

“Yes, sir.” Seth sighed, a bit bummed that he had to walk around with a wig on that wasn’t even credible. Still, it helped to mask his identity. Not one person had questioned him yet.

“That has to bother you, right?” Araceli asked him, warming her hands by curling them back around her mug. “Wearing a disguise every time you want to see Tahliah.”

God yes, was what Seth really wanted to declare, but he didn’t so he wouldn’t upset his girlfriend. Instead he put on a smile, placed a hand over Twigs and said. “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy, and if this disguise does it then so be it.”

“Have you ever put on a disguise for him?” Luther inquired Twigs, a light of interest in his eyes. “Or does he do all the disguising?”

“I’ve only put on a disguise to step into his glamorous world twice.” Twigs recalled, staring up at the ceiling in reflection. “The first time was so I could see his work at FOX Studios and I pretended to be the sister of one of his childhood friends. The second time was at a Halloween party he was hosting at his place in Beverly Hills for his little sister.”

The family was cut short when a young waitress stepped up to their table with an arm full of menus, and a pen and notepad tucked in her shirt pocket. She began to hand them out as she recited. “Good morning everyone! My name is Claudia and I will be your server today. Is there anything you two would like to drink?”

“I’ll take...a Thatcher Gold Cider.” Twigs answered with a sparkling smile.

“I’ll second that.” Seth added with a nod to his girlfriend.

“Did you want to refill your coffee?” Luther asked his wife.

Araceli shook her head, a sly smile on her face. “Actually, since it’ll be Seth driving us around today, I was thinking of ordering a glass of Burlesque White Zinfandel.”

“Seriously, mom?” Twigs giggled, shaking her head in feign objection.

“I love the way you think, my dear.” Luther praised her with a grin, having already selected his wine in mind. “And I’ll have the wine from Italy, the Ancora Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.”

“Wow.” Seth said, surprised that they were choosing to drink wine so early. He wasn’t judging, just hadn’t expected it. “Just so long it’s that one glass then it’ll be okay.”

“Yeah, we don’t need you two being drunk on the way there.” Twigs badgered, making everyone at the table laugh, including the waitress.

“Alright, I’ll be right back with your drinks.” Claudia insured before bustling off to fulfill their order.

Getting back to their conversation, Araceli linked her fingers together and rested her chin on her knuckles. “So, Tahliah, did you have fun disguising yourself to be a part of Seth’s life?”

Seth’s eyes were diligently browsing the menu, but his ears perked at Araceli’s inquiry. He instantly knew what she was asking, and wondered if her daughter would be able to pick up on it too. In case she did, he planned on staying out of the discussion so he wouldn’t get in trouble, for it was a well known fact that he shared her mother’s opinion.

Leery of her mother’s question, and the way she worded it, Twigs inquired. “What do you mean, mom?”

“I’m just curious to know if it’s difficult to have a proper relationship with someone that has to always be in disguise whenever you two want to step out the door together.” Araceli queried with an innocent shrug.

Narrowing her eyes at her mother, Twigs understood where the older woman was getting at. She was trying to hint that they should come out to the public as a couple to make it easier on them. Opening her mouth to say something, she was cut off by Seth’s sudden announcement.

“Well, I’m getting the Chuck Steak Cheeseburger topped with cured smoked bacon, dill pickle, celeriac slaw red onion marmalade and triple cooked chips!” Seth declared in an attempt to drop the subject. His brown eyes enlarged when he realized his outburst had been a bit too loud than he had intended, for the tables nearest to theirs went mute as they gaped at him. Not meaning to draw any unwanted attention, he silently shut his menu and gradually descended it onto the table, embarrassed.

Seeing what he had been trying to do and appreciating it, Luther slapped his menu down onto the table in good spirits and declared his own order aloud. “And I’ll be ordering the Char Grilled Calves Liver with horseradish mash, smoked bacon and onions, buttered spinach and red onions!”

Not expecting his maybe future father-in-law to put himself out there on behalf of him, Seth gave him his billionaire open-mouth grin. Heck, if the women were going to quibble today over disguises and their relationships, at least he knew he could hang with Luther and know that at least he was going to have a tremendous time!