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To Caress My Day

Chapter 179: A Good Rubbing

Progressing on with Twigs and her mother’s, Araceli, shopping spree, the group came across a massive toy store in the mall. It consisted of fascinating toys from various notable brands from the UK and the US. Before they could pass it by, Seth stopped in his tracks as the image of his niece Bella came to mind. “Wait a minute…”

“What is it?” Twigs asked him, her arm linked through his. Becoming aware of her parents who hadn’t perceived they had paused, she hailed out to them. “Mom! Hold on a second!”

Rotating back around, the couple returned. Luther reviewed the prestigious toy store as well with an arched brow. “What’s up?”

“I just remembered that I haven’t picked out enough presents for my niece this year.” Seth shared, nodding towards the store. “Are any of you familiar with this place? Is it any good?”

“Is it any good?!” Araceli recited in astonishment, a smile on her face. “Why don’t you step inside, young man, and figure it out yourself?”

“If you can’t find anything for her in there, you won’t find it anywhere else nearby.” Twigs assured him, tugging on his arm as she led him into the extensive store.

Seth followed closely, keeping his niece in mind as he browsed the shelves of toys. In the middle of this shopping spree, he had almost forgotten that he still had to do his own Christmas shopping for his family as well. Grateful that Twigs nor her parents minded in assisting him, he managed to round up a beautiful intricate jewelry box for his sister, Rachel, as well as a coffee maker and a luxurious limited edition perfume that he was positive she’d never heard of before. For Spencer, his brother-in-law, he procured a few button up shirts, a black leather briefcase, and one of the latest laptops on the market since he had just received notice via text message that Bella spilled her chocolate milk on his last one. For his mother-in-law he purchased a thorough sewing kit that covered everything, and some art supplies. His father got an unlimited amount of funny novelties he could use on Bella to make her laugh, something that doubtlessly made his heart merry.

“What kind of toy does she like? Something like this maybe?” Araceli interrogated, presenting a box that had a Unicorn Princess doll inside with long baby pink hair, a rainbow pastel dress, and a unicorn horn coming out of her head. She examined the box once more. “She even has a cute pink ruffled purse too.”

“Or maybe something more like this?” Luther cut in, recommending a singing doll with a wide creepy smile.

“Eww, dad!” Twigs balked to it as she plucked it from his hand to analyze it. “No way, this is way too disturbing for a little girl!”

Luther took a gander over her shoulder and shuddered uneasily at the smile. “Ah, you’re right. Nevermind that one then.”

“Ooo, how about this Barbie PlayHouse set?” Araceli pitched in, stepping aside to reveal it in its glory.

“What’s a house if she doesn’t have Barbie dolls to put them into?” Luther criticized with a frown.

Twigs turned her attention to Seth. “Bella has Barbies, doesn’t she?”

“Of course, she does. But I’m not here just to get her a Barbie Playhouse set, and a couple of Barbies.” Seth conspired, tapping his chin as he swivelled around. “I’m thinking an outdoor play set for her as well...and colorful playdough, and stuffed animals, and some gooey slime, and assorted board games, and something that’ll help her master basic numbers and such educational things.”

“Goddamn, son, that’s a lot of toys!” Luther exclaimed in awe, his eyes wide with a childlike jealousy.

“Are you sure she’s gonna need all that?” Araceli questioned. “Why, when Tahliah was growing up s-”

“Mom, it’s okay. Seth has got the money.” Twigs soothed her mom gently, taking her hand in hers. “How about you appoint us to a toy and we’ll do our best to pick out the finest one for little Bella.”

“And not anguish over the price tag?” Seth teased, reminding her of the ring she insisted he not to buy but was now embellished on her ring finger. Hopefully, one day he’ll replace it with the real thing.

Twigs rolled her eyes at him and smiled. “Yes, if you so wish it.”

Seth nodded and spun to face them, his hands on his hips. “Alright, then. Ms. Avarado, since you already located the Barbie Playhouse Set, I’ll appreciate it if you can find Barbies to go along with it, a vehicle or two and some additional clothes.”

“I’m on it!” Araceli declared, flying away to complete her task, and making the other laugh at her competitiveness.

“Luther, you can get as many board games you’d think she’d like, the substantial playdough bundle they got, and as much slime as I can legally smuggle out of this country.” Seth bantered, scoring a chuckle from the older man.

“Say no more, I have just the board games in mind!” Luther boasted as he zoomed off.

“And my beloved sex Goddess, you can retrieve me some stuffed animals of your choosing and anything educational you can get your hands on.” Seth assigned her as he closed the distance between them and leaned down to whisper. “And feel free to give me a good rubbing before you go for good luck.”

“Enough, you!” Twigs gasped, prodding him away with a laugh. No way was she gonna fall for rubbing his dick in the middle of a toy store! “You just wait til you get home for that!”

Seth held up his hands as a gesture of peace and backed up with a wicked grin. “Fine fine, I hear you. I’ll be checking out what they have for outdoor playsets.”


Once the treasure hunt was over for the Christmas presents for Bella, the family converged and went over their findings. Finding them all respectable, Seth purchased them all and had them all held while he took a cab back to the rental car to drive it all the way there. Meanwhile Twigs and her family spotted a cute little cafe across the street to have tea at called the Huffkins Bakery. Seth met them there after loading all of Bella’s presents in the trunk. While the others had indulged in their teas and some pastry goodies, Seth scarfed down most of the pastries much to everyone’s merriment. All this shopping was giving him an appetite.

After savoring their snack break, the group departed the bakery to continue the ladies shopping spree. Twigs had no idea what she was gonna get Seth and hoped it would come to her at some point during the closure of the spree, but it never came. It was time for her parents to go and she hadn’t had a clue on what to get him. Driving them back to the Gloucester Old Spot to their car, the couples bid their farewells.

“I’m telling you, Seth, next time you come around these parts you have to plan it in the warmer seasons.” Luther urged him, shaking his hand. “You can see the true beauty this country has to offer then.”

“I promise you that the next time you see me it’ll be then” Seth vowed with a grin, taking his recommendation.

“Luther and I have also been thinking of inviting you two for dinner at our place tomorrow night.” Araceli reported, coming over to swiftly hug Seth and then her daughter. “In fact, we insist you come! We’ll need most of tomorrow to relax after today’s busy events.”

“Us too.” Twigs concurred, embracing her step-father. “We’ll see you two tomorrow now.”

Once her parents were driving out of sight, Seth elbowed her in the arm and gestured to their rental car. “C’mon, we’re headed back to Cheltenham.”

“What? Why?” Twigs inquired with surprise. “We just came from there.”

Seth spurred her back into the car anyway. “For dinner.”