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To Caress My Day

Chapter 180: Tell Me You Love Me

So back to Cheltenham the couple went to dine from a place Seth was recommended by a colleague to go to. Pulling his hand out of his pocket because he wanted to keep his arm donned around his girlfriend, he pointed to a small segment of a far-reaching structure built along long streets that was overflowing with assorted business establishments. “Hey, let’s check out this place. A buddy of mine told me it’s owned by some MasterChef winner.”

“Sure, why not?” Twigs agreed wholeheartedly, burrowing tighter against his side as he led her up the stone steps to a cream white building with a black curved bay window. “Do you think we’ll get to meet this MasterChef?”

“I’ll make sure of it.” Seth pledged as he stepped aside to open the black door for her. As soon as she stepped inside he was right behind her to greet the waiter coming to receive them. Placing his hands on Twig’s slender shoulders, he addressed the man. “Evening, sir! A table for me and this beautiful woman, please.”

“Right this way!” The waiter with the name tag of Alby said. He graciously guided them to a seating area close to a fireplace. The place was teeming around them, but none of the customers seemed at all nosy about the newcomers. Alby pulled back Twig’s seat and assisted her in it before providing them the drink menu. “And here you go! I’ll be back in a minute to give you some time to decide on what you’d like to drink first, okay?”

“Thank you.” Seth nodded to him with his renowned smile before perusing the restaurant. The walls were light grey of color and the hardwood floor were of a light white oak. The table and chairs were dark except for the chair paddings being a stark white. The fireplace was of the same shade of cream white as the exterior of the building outside. Glancing back down into the drinks menu, he decided to keep it simple with water. Shutting it, and skidding it aside on the table, he shared. “I’ll stick with water.”

“Me too.” Twigs agreed, closing her menu too. She stretched out her hands for his when the waiter Alby manifested beside their table out of nowhere, spooking her into retracting them back.

“Have you decided on drinks yet?” Alby inquired as he distributed their dinner menus.

“We’ll both take water.” Twigs answered him as she acquired up her dinner menu and began to skim it over.

“Healthy choice!” Alby supported with a smile. “I’ll be right back with your waters then!”

Seth regarded their waiter whiz away before gazing at Twigs. “He’s a fast one, ain’t he?”

“Super fast.” Twigs concurred, not lifting her eyes from the menu. “That’s why I’m trying to decide on what to eat before he gets back. Kinda like a game to see which one of us is the fastest, you know?”

“Shit, that’s not fair! You got a head start!” Seth accused with an amusing wink as he snatched his menu up and rushed to catch up.

By the time Alby materialized out of nowhere once again, the couple were ready for him. Extracting his notepad and pen, he queried with a genuine smile. “Have you two darlings decided what you wanted to eat tonight?”

“I’d like the Pan Fried Gnocchi.” Twigs returned, shutting her menu and extending it back to him.

“And I’ll take the Shredded Ham Hock with a salad.” Seth inserted right after, presenting his menu to him as well.

Compiling both menus, Alby praised them. “Wonderful choices! Your dinner will be ready in no time, until then call me if you need anything else!”

As soon as he was gone, Twigs permeated the silence with a query of her own. “So, Mr. Macfarlane, you haven’t told me yet what you wanted for Christmas. Is there anything you can think of that you want from me?”

Reaching out, Seth grasped her hands from the table and enclosed them in his, snaring her brown eyes with his. “What I want from you for Christmas?” He nulled on it as he gazed into her round eyes, cherishing the gap between them. “Hmm, let’s see...what do I want from you?”

“And no asking for diamond rings or any such things!” Twigs forbade him with a sprightful grin, reminding him of how rigorously he tried to get her to allow him to procure a diamond ring for her earlier that day.

“Fine.” Seth agreed with a grin before sobering up to clear his throat. “I want tell me you love me.”

Struck speechless by his odd desire, Twigs inquired further. “Is that all? You want me to tell you I love you again...even though I tell you that several times a day alone?”

“Yup.” Seth confirmed with an exultant smile. “Tell me you love me.”

“Okay…” Twigs said softly before giving in to his wish. “I love you, Seth.”

Seth’s grin widened, but he wasn't satiated. “Louder.”

“I love you, Seth!” Twigs asserted a little louder, trying not to let her giggles make her falter especially when the occupants of the nearest table curiously peered their way.

“Thank you for my present, Pixie. I won’t ask you to go any louder.” Seth soothed her with a chuckle.

“Seriously?” Twigs sassed in awe. “I was expecting you to. My palms are all sweaty for nothing now!”

“I know, I can feel it.” Seth agreed but held on tight when she sought to expel them from his grasp. “No no no, it’s fine. I don’t mind.”

Twigs shook her head at him in amazement . “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that that is all that you want from me for Christmas.”

“Need I remind you that you wouldn’t allow me to get you what I wanted for Christmas earlier today?” Seth brought up with an arch of his brow.

“Seth, not that again.” Twigs sighed, then shut her mouth because Alby came by with their steaming plates.

“I do hope you two will enjoy it! Again, let me know if you need anything else.” Alby reminded them before strolling away to attend to another couple waving him over for their check.

The couple ate in silence, making Twigs feel remorseful for refusing Seth the diamond ring he truly wanted to get for her. Instead, on her ring finger was a bargain ring he was compelled to purchase her that she had chosen, and as elegant as it was, it wasn’t what he wanted. Twigs didn’t want to appear like a gold digger, and if he were to procure her a diamond ring, what would others think when they became public one day. They’ll see that ring and conclude he’s with her for love and she’s with him for his money. Still, a diamond ring was what Seth yearned to give her for Christmas, and she ruined it. Sighing again, Twigs peeked up from between her lashes and finally got up the valor to mumble out. “Alright, fine, I’ll think about your...diamond ring.”

“Really!?” Seth demanded incredulity, his brows raised in suspense. “You’re not just saying that to make me feel better, right? You’ll actually think about it?”

“Yes, I’ll think about it.” Twigs conceded softly, her eyes rising to meet twinkling brown orbs. His exhilaration emanating off of him eradicated her lasting discomforts about her decision away.

“Sweet!” Seth cheered, loving the taste of victory. Capturing a hold of her hands again, he couldn’t contain his elation. “Oh, you’re gonna absolutely love it, Tahliah. I got THE excellent diamond ring in mind! I can see it now.”

He literally meant that, because the ring he saw succeeding that low-priced ring he bought her at the mall was going to be her diamond engagement ring gathering cobwebs in it’s ring box deep within his closet of his rented Stonemason Cottage.