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To Caress My Day

Chapter 181: Bet Your Sweet Perky Ass

Seth woke up the following morning naked and alone in his bed. He didn’t sense his girlfriend’s warm presence beside him in his queen size bed and was perturbed by that until her exodus in the early morning established itself in his dozy memory. Sagging back down onto the mattress, he left out a sullen groan because she simply wasn’t there beside him. She had apprised after dinner that she wouldn't sleep over tonight and he was fine with it at the time. But after toppling into bed together, making sweet love long past midnight and collapsing together from weariness, Seth had completely forgotten he wouldn’t wake up to her in his arms. It was fine though, really. He totally understood, he was just...a teensy weensy bit jealous was all. Hoisting his body out of bed, he trudged to the bathroom to get himself ready for the day’s venture which was...squandering the day at Twig’s parents house, he believed. So far, meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time was going superbly well! He had to admit at first he was petrified that he might make a fool of himself or say something that would offend them. Fortunately, it’s all worked out impeccably. But Seth couldn’t help but wonder while he brushed his teeth how Luther and Araceli were to feel about him if he disclosed the news that he wanted to marry their daughter and make her his wife.

Seth didn’t have any time to muse on their reception himself before his doorbell rang. Knowing exactly who it was, he hastily rinsed his mouth and dabbed a hand towel over his lips before departing the bathroom and heading downstairs. Dressed in a simple T-Shirt and flannel pajama bottoms, Seth opened his front door to a grinning Twigs holding up a small white plastic bag brimming with bakery goodies she had retrieved from a nearby cafe. “Afternoon, handsome. Are you hungry?”

“Is it seriously the afternoon?” Seth groaned in self-loathing, rubbing a hand over his jaded face. He was supposed to be spending time with his girlfriend and her parents earlier than this, and yet he found himself sleeping in again!? When would the jet lag end it’s tyranny?

“It is.” Twigs confirmed, lowering the bag to her side. “I had a feeling you’d be sleeping in today so I spent the morning with my parents instead. They too believe you’d appreciate the extra hours.”

Reaching out, Seth took the bag swinging by her fingers and stepped aside to let her on in. “One of these days I’m going to get used to the time difference here. Just you wait.”

“I have no doubt, love. It’ll probably be on your last day here.” Twigs taunted him as she entered through the open white french doors leading into the living room. She helped herself to shrugging off her coat and taking a seat on his chocolate leather couch. “But don’t you worry, you’ll get it one of these day. It just takes a lot of practice is all.”

“You’d be the expert on that.” Seth said as he followed to sit beside her on the leather couch. Opening the plastic bag, he gauged the contents inside.

“Hold on, let me get us some plates before you go opening everything up.” Twigs hampered him with a hand as she got up off the couch. “We don’t want to make a mess and get crumbs everywhere.”

Even though Seth had the money to pay for any blight on the rented stonemason cottage he was briefly dwelling in, whether it was something as meager as crumbs in the couch or monstrous like a bulldozer flattening the lovely place down, he too didn’t want to make it any worse for the next customers that rent it after him. He was usually mindful about the places he rents, but this afternoon had him especially hazy. Tilting his head to look up at his astute girlfriend, Seth apologized for his lethargy. “You’re right, Pixie. I’m really out of it today it seems. I’m sorry.”

Twigs veered down to smooch the side of his head, inhaling the whiff of his virile shampoo in his damp hair. “You’re just fine, baby. Don’t fret over it. I got this for you.” She left him to his own devices while she strolled back the way she came towards the other white french doors. She called over her shoulder. “I’ll make us some coffee too. That’ll help wake you up.”

“Thank you!” Seth hailed back mid-yawn, his large frame languishing into the leather couch as he relaxed himself. As the minutes ticked by, he found his mouth salivating for the savory scones Twigs had procured them from a local bakery. It’s aroma was so mouthwatering he wanted to say ‘screw the couch’ and volley crumbs down on it like a hailstorm.

Luckily for him Twigs returned with two plates, her black combat boots discarded from her feet, leaving them in thick socks. “Sorry, that took so long, baby. I had to get a chair to get these plates. Can you believe they were put on the highest shelf imaginable in that kitchen of yours?”

Seth took the plate she submitted to him from over his shoulder, indebted she didn’t allow her petiteness to hinder her. “Thank you, my holy Goddess, for having mercy on me today.” He plunged into the plastic bag to pop open the plastic container the scones were encased in and gingerly unloaded hers on the other plate she extended to him. “There you go, beautiful.”

“Thank you, baby.” Twigs blessed him as she fervently split a piece of the glazed scone with one hand to toss it into her mouth. Her eyes rolled back with a moan. “Wow, mom was right! This is the best scone I’ve ever tasted!”

Seth took a bite of his own was so blown away he could have sworn he felt a tear come to his eyes. “Oh. My. God.” There was nothing more he could say. The heavenly scone had robbed him off his speech, but not his perception that noted that Twigs was still standing behind the couch devouring her treat. Pouting, he whined and unfurled an arm out to her. “Pixie, I miss you! C’mon over here.”

Grinning, Twigs kissed the top of his semi-dry head again. “No can do, Mister. I’m making you coffee, remember?”

“Taaaahliah!” Seth droned again, yearning for this moment to be sublime by having his girl on his right and his scone on his left.

“Alright alright, let me go check the coffee, you big baby!” Twigs laughed, rounding the couch to set her plate beside his on the couch. Once again, she abandoned his side before he could reach out to nab her.

Seth was more tolerant now that he had his scone. Still, it didn’t refrain him from wanting to do a backflip off of the couch when Twigs returned to hand him his cup of coffee. Popping the question of marriage to her was 100% on the tip of his tongue, and so he declared instead when he took his mug. “God, I love you, woman!”

Twigs laughed again, finding his decree a little too boisterous. Curling against his side with her mug and scone, she sighed. “I love you too, Seth.” As they scarfed their treats, Twigs mind ambled off to something her step-father had said to her boyfriend the day before. She didn’t know if Seth felt impelled to return to Gloucestershire because of his bidding, in case he did, she was going to set things straight. “You know, you don’t have to listen to my step-father right?”

“What do you mean?” Seth asked her while licking his fingers clean of the last of the luscious icing. He posted his bare plate on the leather footrest before him and swathed one arm over his lover’s shoulders.

“My step-father suggested that you come back to Gloucestershire in the warmer seasons.” Twigs reminded him, snooping at him then swiftly averting her eyes when they met his. “You don’t have to listen to him. You don’t need to come back here if you don’t want to.”

Seth’s eyebrows shot upward in affront. “Are you kidding me? You bet your sweet perky ass I’m coming back here next year for sure!”

Now it was Twig’s turn for her brows to shoot upwards as she ogled him. “Are you serious? You wouldn’t mind coming back here?”

“Of course not! Why wouldn’t I? It’s gonna be stunning here or so I’ve been told.” Seth hashed delicately, draping his other arm around her waist to tow her close enough so that he could prop his head against hers. “I’ll admit it might be more tricky to fit a getaway next year. Work just keeps piling up higher and higher around me these days.”

“How come?” Twigs inquired, frowning up at his face. “Do you have another Television show you’re working on?”

“No.” Seth faltered, knowing she was going to be aggravated by the truth. “It’s actually because of you.”

“Because of me!?” Twigs exclaimed, sitting forward in her seat so she could turn her torso towards him. She looked him directly in his eyes and saw the facts for herself. She was inhibiting him back from his work, the very thing he was devoted to. He’d always been a workaholic even before he met her, but now she was getting in the way of that which meant she was getting in the way of his career.