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To Caress My Day

Chapter 182: Making it Worse

Yeah, Seth should have kept his mouth shut. It was blatantly engraved across Twig’s face that she was timid and a bit bothered with his admission. He hadn’t meant for it to disturb her though he knew it would. The one thing he adored so much about his girlfriend was that she never EVER wanted to come between him and his job. Unfortunately for her, their relationship would never be if that was the case. Seth was a renowned workaholic to the degree where he had to go to the hospital once due to sleep deprivation, that was how grave it had become. He put his work ahead of his health and still didn’t regret that decision. If it wasn’t for his family stepping in, he probably would have done it again. So how in the world would he be able to have a relationship without it getting in the way of his work? The answer was he couldn’t. Whether he was dating Twigs, Avery or any other woman on the face of the planet, they would have obstructed his work either way. Seth gave Twigs a shrug and looked away to drink the coffee she had brewed them in his kitchen. “Pixie, don’t get upset. From the beginning, I’ve never been able to physically date a woman without our relationship disrupting my work. It’s inevitable.” He wavered as she relaxed herself back against his side again. His gut was telling him to shut his mouth before he made the situation any worse. Stupidly, he didn’t heed. “With you, however, it's much worse!”

Twigs observed him cringe as her body stiffened up again. Hurtling forward in her seat, she gaped at him all over again in horror. “I’M WORSE?!”

And there HE went making it worse. Seth wished he could knock himself upside his head for his big mouth. Internally rolling his eyes at himself, he locked eyes with her and scrambled to explain. “Like I said, it was inevitable that you would! I find myself thinking of you when I’m in a meeting or going over scripts to record. You’re the first thing that pops into my mind every morning, dancing in the back of mind throughout the day, and the last thing I think about before I go to bed.”

Twigs couldn’t lie, she was genuinely swayed that she infested his every thought in the same manner he did. But no matter that being the case, she never wanted to be what stood between him and his career. Never! He was respectful of hers, never demurring to her shaking her behind on the TV or rubbing up on another man’s leg on camera. He knew what it was and she idolized him profoundly for it. He never tried to curb her hustle and she didn’t want to be the reason for his career hindering either. The guilt on her face was visible as she morosely lowered her eyes to her lap. “Oh Seth…”

Crushed that she in dismay, Seth leaned forward to set his nearly depleted mug of coffee onto the floor beside the couch and turned to draw her into his arms. With his lips by her ear, he whispered warmly. “Hey, don’t go thinking those foolish thoughts you always do. Stop blaming yourself for me being behind at work. None of it is your fault, you hear me?”

Parting her lips, Twigs was set to refute his premise of what she was saddened over, but the look on his face told her he wouldn’t believe it. Plus, it was an outright fabrication he’d see right through. But she couldn’t help herself. It was one thing that their relationship would have averted him from his work a little bit regardless of how hard she tried not to, but to find out she was the ONLY partner that he ever had that had been this selfish with his time made her feel dreadful. “Seth, please. You have to believe me when I tell you I have NEVER wanted to get between you and your art.”

“And I would feel the exact same way if our roles were reversed too.” Seth assured her. He wasn’t peeved at her because she’s been frequenting his mind day in and day out. He was fine with it. “Take right now for could have had a hasty visit with your parents and already be on your way to London for another gig. But you’re not, you’re here with me. How do you know that I don’t feel some type of way about that?”

“You’re right.” Twigs smiled, seeing his point. “I have been putting you over work a lot more often than I’ve ever put anyone else before.”

“We both have.” Seth agreed with a smile of his own. “And as wrong as that is in some measure, I don’t regret a single second of it.”

“Me neither.” Twigs whispered, her pixie eyes flitting between his brown orbs and his lips.

Ending that subject, the couple leaned forward to passionately dissolve in a deep penetrating kiss. Their arms came tightly around each other as their lips clung before parting to apply deeper pressure. This ritual of kissing expedited rapidly to Seth hoisting her up onto his lap so she straddled over the bulge through his plaid pajama bottoms. He caught her by surprise when he grasped the hem of her bright fire engine red turtleneck sweater and elevated it upwards, but she was swift to aid in getting the rest of it off. Wearing nothing but a flesh color lace bra underneath, Seth groaned before lurching forward to latch on her nipple through the padded material.

Twigs let out a gasp when he possessively gripped her behind in her jeans and kneaded the flesh there with his extensive hands, evoking her harder against his erection. His mouth was ruthless with it’s ferocity on her bra as if he was trying to suckle her nipple through it. It didn’t work at first until the warm saliva from his mouth exuded through and tightened her nipples into smaller buds. Her dainty but eager hands craved to feel his flesh against hers, and so while his fingers trailed up her back to the clasp of her bra, hers swooped under his simple T-Shirt and hiked it up, intruding his task.


Seth let out a groan at the sound of her phone getting a message. Nuzzling his face between the tops of her breasts peeking out from her bra, he grouched as his fingers located the clasp behind her back and undid it. “Who the hell is that!?”

Veering away to seize the phone from her coat sprawled over the couch, she read the device while Seth slithered her bra straps down her arms, exposing her breasts to his insatiable burning gaze. “It’s my mother.”

At the mention of Twig’s mother, Seth tensed beneath her. What they were doing suddenly felt blasphemous and so he held both of his hands up in the air to avert touching her and drooped back into the couch. “Talk about a boner killer. Is your mother psychic and somehow knew I was about to get it on with you, or does she have perfect timing?”

Letting out a laugh at his joke, Twigs shook her head as she dragged her bra completely off of her and slung it over her shoulder. “No, she just wanted to let us know what she’s making for dinner, that’s all. Tonight's menu will be Spanish mixed Green Salad, Spanish Chicken and Rice, and for dessert Spanish Cakeroll. Step-dad is bringing in the ale. Is that up to your standards, Lord MacFarlane?”

“That’s a lot of Spanish.” Seth bantered with a grin. “But honestly, I’m really touched that your parents are going to this much trouble for me.”

“My parents like you. You’ve impressed them, so they want to impress you.” Twigs whispered to him lovingly while leaning down to kiss along his bare shoulders.

“They’ve already impressed me. They raised you into the woman you are today.” Seth glorified them. Her lips were liquifying his bones though so he whispered huskily near her ear. “I’m gonna need to shower before we go.”

“Let me escort you there.” Twigs played along with an innocent smile. “Just in case you forgot where it was.”

Grinning, Seth rose from the couch with a half-naked Twigs wrapped around him. Her squeal of surprise made him chuckle as she fastened herself tighter to him. Heading up the stairs, the couple deserted the last of their cold coffee for the pleasures of the flesh.

In the confinement of his shower, Twigs had bent over the shower’s bench for him. The warm water cascaded down their bodies as he surged into her at a brisk pace, her splayed hands braced down onto the surface of the shower seat. He’d have preferred to take his time with her but they were expected at her parent’s house very soon since he slept his entire morning away. With his hands gripping her hips, he pounded himself into her, their moans intermingling as they rebounded off the walls and probably reverberated throughout his stonemason cottage. That didn’t deter them from reaching their climax, however. Twigs came first, screaming his name at his demand. Satisfied, Seth rudely wrenched out of her, forbidding her from riding out her orgasm and smacked the dial on the shower to shut off the water. Snatching her up, he swung her up into his arms to ferry her into his bedroom where he launched her drenched form onto his bed.

Instantly freezing, Twigs was taken aback by his brusqueness until he rolled onto the bed with her and made love to her so profoundly she cried from it. Seth was about to trail away from her but then she utilized her strength to flip them over so she was on top. Imprisoned, she taught him a lesson when she wildly rode him. Temporarily blinding him with a volatile release, they breathlessly settled beside each other and slept.