Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 187: My Great Grandfathers

Their last day in Gloucestershire was spent with the couple meandering throughout Seth’s rented stonemason cottage nude and submitting to their laziness. Every single curtain was drawn tight so not even a sliver of sunlight could find a crack to trickle in through much less meddling eyes trying to steal a peep inside. This was their last day in this small town in the UK and after investing most of their time around Twig’s family for Christmas, the couple wanted to be locked away from the world to be together. They wanted to squander the rest of today touching and tasting their partner’s bare skin as often as they could which was why they were naked. When they weren’t sleeping, Seth was inside her. When they weren’t eating, Twig’s legs were snaked around his waist. There wasn’t a section in the cottage that had been left unscathed from their passion. Every second of every moment was depleted in a sexual daze that dominated their minds and became their only purpose. When the evening drew near, the couple finally broke the spell by departing from their haven for an early dinner at some restaurant. Having made love one last time before washing up, the couple sauntered down the streets immersed in each other’s arms until they came upon a small white restaurant with yellow cream accents by the town center. It was called ‘My Great Grandfathers.’ Twigs suddenly stopped in her tracks, nearly causing a disguised Seth to stumble out of his fixation with nibbling at her ear. She pointed to one of it’s three windows. “Here! Let’s have dinner here.”

Inspecting the place’s exterior, Seth gave her arm a squeeze from where his was draped over her shoulder. “Sure, I have no objections.” Entering the crammed restaurant, he noted that the walls were all white, the floor a dark hardwood and the seatings crafted with black leather that contrasted with the white tablecloths. Tilting his head back, he discovered several exposed beams overhead. Nodding to himself, he said. “Nice place.”

All of a sudden they were accosted by an animated waitress with the name ‘Maisy’ pinned to her crisp white button up top. “Afternoon there! Are you here to eat or are you just checking the place out first?”

“We’re here to eat.” Seth answered her with his appealing smile, placing his arm back around Twigs to draw her back to his side. “It’s my last day visiting this town so I’m planning to go all out tonight with a three coarse meal!”

Maisy’s eyes widened with excitement. “Is that so? Well, I hope you had a good stay here in our small town. If a three-course meal is what you’re looking for, sir, you’ve come to the right place! Will there be more joining you two?”

“No, just me and this gorgeous woman.” Seth answered, winking at his girlfriend who grinned up at him.

“Splendid! If you’ll just follow me I can get you to a table and get started on your drinks.” Maisy offered.

“Absolutely.” Twigs replied, linking her fingers through Seth’s hand that dangled off her shoulder.

In seconds, Maisy had them seated in one of the tables in the corner and left them with the drink menus while she went to get them glasses of water. Seth barely gazed at the menu, his eyes were busy gandering over it, in fact, to take in his girlfriend’s face. He wondered what she’d prefer to drink tonight, because right now he was in the mood to pamper her instead of himself on his last day in Gloucestershire. “See anything you like?”

“A few things.” Twigs replied, not peering away from the menu as she chewed on her bottom lip. “How about you?”

Seth shrugged, closing his menu and pushing it towards the end of the table where Maisy could easily retrieve it from. “I’m more interested in what you want to drink.”

“Why? You’re thinking of paying for it or something?” Twigs bantered with a giggle, not realizing she got him.

“Yeah, actually.” Seth answered after a minute of being appalled that she was accurate. “I want it to be on me. It is my last day, you know?”

“Seth.” Twigs began, lowering the menu down to give him a disapproving look.

“Please, Pixie.” Seth begged, pouting childishly. It was a preposterous sight to see, he was sure, but he knew his puppy dog eyes might have a shot at winning her over. “It’s my last day.”

Twigs hated when he did this. When he used his good looks for his own evil gains. Knowing she didn’t exactly have the money to buy her own drink much less a three-course meal, she had no other option than to comply. “Fine, but just the drink! Nothing else!”

“Have I ever told you how magnificent you are, babe?” Seth gushed, cradling his cheek in his hand as he idolized her for a few short minutes before Maisy materialized beside their table to set down their glasses of water.

“Anything else to drink for tonight?” Maisy inquired, glancing back and forth between the couple.

“We would like the Bollinger Special Cuvee NV.” Seth informed her before passing her their drink menu before Twigs could look up the price of the $62.50 bottle. He was positive the pale gold champagne from France would be impeccable alongside their meal.

Maisy wrote the order on her notepad before compiling the drink menus and replacing them with the food menus. “Perfect choice! Now I can’t wait to see what you guys decide for your three-course meals! I’ll be back around in a few minutes just to check and see if you’re ready to order your dinner.”

“Thank you!” Twigs thanked her before opening her menu. Her eyes browsed the selection as she probed. “So what exactly did you have in mind for your three-course meal.”

“I’m building it as we speak.” Seth notified her from behind his menu before throwing the question right back at her. “What about you?”

“I think I’ll just do a simple salad tonight.” Twigs opted, not having the money for anything else right now. Hell, she probably didn’t even have enough in her bank account for a simple salad!

“A simple salad!?” Seth balked, hampering her from setting aside her menu because she was now vigilant. Slapping his menu down, his eyes narrowed in on hers as he went off in a lecture. “Tahliah, need I remind you that we just hit a milestone in our relationship that we were certain we’d never reach? Meeting your parents, and stepping into the world you grew up in was no mundane trip we took at the toss of a coin! It meant everything to you as it did for me when you met my family.”

“Okaaaay, but I don’t quite get what you’re trying to get at.” Twigs answered with a perplexing shrug.

“We deserve to eat like Kings tonight! It’s a celebration!” Seth encapsulated with a hint of playfulness. “This isn’t just a three-course meal for me, it’s one for you too! So pick up that menu and get searching for some more food or else this trip will have been for nothing!”

“You can’t be serious.” Twigs protested, her hands reaching back out to recapture the menu anyway.

“Dead serious.” Seth confirmed with a steely look. “Let me have this, Pixie. For all the times you never let me win. It’s just one meal anyway, what harm can that do?”

Twigs sighed wearily again. There he went again trying to procure everything for her. Giving in because she didn’t want to wreck this evening and their last day together, she slapped open her menu in defeat. “Fine, I’ll find something else.”

“Thank you, Pixie.” Seth murmured, biting back a smile of victory. There was no way he was going to let her go with a routine salad.

A few minutes later after making up their minds on what they wished to order, Maisy emerged with her pen and notepad in hand. “Have you two decided on what you wanted for this evening?”

“Yes, I’ll order the Smoke Salmon and Citrus Salad with Yuzu and Sesame Dressing for starters, then the Beef Filet Mignon with the Twice Baked Cheese Souffle and Brandy Peppercorn as the main course and for dessert...I’m craving chocolate so I think I’m gonna go for the Baked Dark Belgian Chocolate Souffle with Vanilla and some ice cream.” Seth listed before closing his menu and handing it to Maisy.

Twigs did the same, glowering at her boyfriend who merely beamed at her. “And I’ll order the Deep Fried Brie Wedges with Caramelized Strawberries and Apple Balsamic Dressing first. Then the Champagne and Mozzarella Risotto, Wild Mushrooms and Asparagus, Parmesan Crisp, Balsamic Boilie Cheese, and Grape salad. For dessert I’ll have the Sticky Toffee Pudding, with Vanilla Ice Cream, and Butterscotch Sauce.”