Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 188: How Many Kids Do You Want?

“I love you, Tahliah.” Seth murmured over the rim of his champagne glass, his brown eyes smoky as he watched her extract her spoon glazed in toffee pudding from between her full lips. Dipping his own utensil into his souffle followed by his ice cream, he extended the delicacy for her to partake in next.

Brown eyes sailing up to meet him, Twigs gave him a sexy smile as she swallowed her dessert. His eyes were overshadowed with desire for her, it was a look that was regularly in his eyes and was hard to miss even in a dimly lit restaurant in Gloucestershire. Just simply knowing he wanted her revitalized her own desire for him that was always waiting dormant just below the surface. With her eyes locked on his, she leaned over the table and parted her lips to sample his provided dessert. She moaned lightly the instant the coolness of the ice cream touched her tongue, and made sure to lick her lips to entice his eyes to her mouth. “Mmm, I love you too, baby.”

Defeated by his own dominating lust that struck him down with the power of a tidal wave intermingling with the yearning to one day make her his wife, Seth blathered without thinking as he gazed at her lips. “How many kids do you want?”

Having been sipping on her champagne, Twigs nearly choked on the golden liquid at his startling question. She heard him let out a soft curse as she snagged a napkin and held it to her lips in case the expensive liquid spouted forth. Giving herself a moment to swallow it down properly, Twigs aimed her wide eyes at Seth in awe. Their longing had been trampled. “Seth, w-what...what did you just say?”

Damn, Seth hadn’t meant for that to come out at all! He hadn’t yet gotten close enough to ask her to marry him for crying out loud! He should at least get there before asking her how many kids she’d wish to conceive in the future. He supposed this trip was to blame for the topic of kids. Meeting her family and being accepted by them had his mind looking towards the notion for the first time in his life. Before Twigs, Seth wasn’t sure he ever really wanted to have children of his own even if he met the right woman! His life and the way he’d operated has always been too tumultuous for him to pause and raise a family, and yet now these thoughts were sprouting up whenever he was with his girlfriend.

What was this multi-talented woman doing to him?

“I...I’m sorry I worded it that way. Please don’t get the wrong idea that I’m on some covert pursuit to get you pregnant or anything like that, because that is farthest from the truth!” Seth sputtered to say, his mind racing in alarm for ensuing into a topic he hadn’t yet fully wrapped his head around. Shifting in his chair and deflecting his eyes over to the other occupied table in the restaurant, he took a deep breath and attempted to restore the situation. “What I meant to ask was...have you ever thought about starting a family of your own one day?”

“Oooooooh, okay! Let me see...hmm.” Twigs giggled with an accepting smile. Raising her gaze upwards to the beamed ceilings, she contemplated on his question for a minute. Instantly a vision of her arms around a toddler sharing features of Seth and herself came to mind and warmed her heart. Her smile turning fanciful, she returned her eyes to him and answered. “I don’t believe I’m at all against being a mother though I imagine it would be difficult with my active schedule these days.”

“I can’t agree more.” Seth nodded. She had a brilliant point there that he could easily relate to. They’re both very busy people. So busy in fact he struggled to fit her into his daily life as often as he could. How could he fit a child of their own making if he couldn’t even fit the mother in first?

Spooning up some of her dessert, she offered it out to him like he had done before. Only this time there was nothing sexually underlining about it. “What about you? Do you see yourself being a father one day?”

“Hmmm.” Mulling over it for a second longer only to end up back at the same mental fork in the road as before, Seth leaned over to indulge in her dessert choice. In an attempt to make her laugh and lift his spirits again, he threw his head back and moaned loudly in response to her delicious dessert. Almost a little too loudly.

Twigs erupted into giggles, her already ravishing face looking even more so as she placed a finger to her lips to signal him to shush. “Seth!”

“If I have to be frank with you, being a father was never on my list of priorities while becoming a man.” Seth shared, his laughter dying down but his billion dollar smile remaining. “My animation was and has been ever since though. It was difficult for me to find the time to have a decent relationship with anyone when I was so consumed by my work. Not a lot of women like to be put last to their partner’s career.”

“I can see that being very arduous.” Twigs agreed in understanding, a dismal smile on her face for him. She believed he’d made an extraordinary father. “Do you see that changing as you get older?”

Ensnaring her eyes with his penetrating gaze, Seth’s smile softened. “They have, actually. How and when it suddenly did, I can’t tell you, but it’s definitely something that has crossed my mind every so often.”

Twigs bit back a smile straining to come to the surface. Deep within the farthest reaches of her mind, she pondered if meeting the right woman was the whole reason he changed his mind about possibly being a father one day.

She didn’t know what was going on with her when an insane imprudent thought popped into her mind that she never experienced before in the company of another male. Maybe it was the pale gold champagne, her splendid date across the table, or being back home in Gloucestershire again. Whatever it was, it made her feel like tonight would be an excellent time to go back to Seth’s stonemason cottage with him and conceive a baby.

Dismissing that thought with a shake of her head, she turned her head to stare down at the crisp white table top. She needed to regather herself and cleanse her mind, because gazing at Seth wasn’t helping. The man was making her think of having a baby with him tonight for goodness’s sakes!

Tilting his head to the side, Seth’s eyes traced the curve of her jaw as he murmured to her. “What are you thinking about, Pixie?”

Taking a deep breath, Twigs turned her face back to his, feeling more like herself again. But just in case she kept her eyes averted to be sure. With a shrug, she reminded him. “We leave Gloucestershire later on tonight.”

“Yeah, we do.” Seth sighed, his eyes scouring the dim restaurant she had directed him to for an early dinner. “Even with the frigid temperatures here, it’s been a wonderful time being with you and your family. I’d love to see them again next year if I can make the time.”

“I’m sure my parents are counting on it.” Twigs grinned, recalling her mother and Seth pouring over her baby photos like two best girlfriends.

“And what are you counting on for tonight?” Seth asked her in a husky voice, making his intentions overt.

Lifting her eyes to his, Twigs confessed. “I want to make love with you one last time before you go back to California.”

“You read my mind, Pixie.” Seth grinned then nodded to her pudding. Compared to his, he was only one spoon away from being done. “Finish your dessert.”

“Yes, sir.” Twigs replied with a smile before finishing the last few spoonfuls of her dessert under his heated gaze that felt like a thousand cloned hands of his were groping all over her body through the layers of her clothes. She cherished that sensation that always made her body itch for his touch, and her nether region flow in preparation.

Vigilantly, Seth observed her deplete the rest of her dessert, his eyes occasionally roaming over her figure saturated under her oversized clothes that made it troublesome to discern the slender form below. Luckily, for him he had seen her naked enough times to remember it for a lifetime, and was paid billions for his vivid imagination. While sitting across from her, he began to envision her naked.

Their bodies were on fire. They physically ached for the other.

As she swallowed her last bite, Twigs returned her eyes to his, barely able to speak with how much she needed him to release the sexual tension tightening within her. She breathlessly whispered. “Seth.”

Not waiting for any further notice, Seth raised a hand and shouted for a waiter. “CHECK PLEASE!”