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To Caress My Day

Chapter 189: A Young Hormonal Couple

Seth and Twigs scampered out into the frosty winter of Tewkesbury from the ‘My Great Grandfathers’ restaurant giggling with their hands linked securely together. They took their time returning back to his rented stonemason cottage in order to tantalize each other with heated kisses, yearning caresses and passionate promises breathed in the other’s ears.

They tried to be cognizant of the few people that were also out and about this time of night. Whenever they could locate a darkened alley or the alcove of a closed shop, their bodies gravitated to them like a magnet so they could take privacy in ravaging each other’s mouth and utilize their hands to assauge the throbbing sex between their legs as much as they could through layered clothes. As soon as one of them had to come up for air, the couple took it back to the streets of the market town to advance in their journey once more.

It was the dead of winter and glacial beyond belief, but the fire they were stoking in each other’s blood kept them from hailing a cab to chauffeur them to their destination. They could hardly feel the cold until they reached the town center where the population grew substantially, making it hopeless to spur the other’s desire to a pleasurable volcanic fever again. Mutually sulking in defeat, they elected to throw in the towel and hail a cab to ferry them back home after all.

“Where will you two be heading at this time of night?” Their cab driver, Archie, asked them in a notably merry voice at this time of night.

Scooting in so Seth could get in behind her, Twigs shivered with delight in the toasty cab and answered. “The Stonemason Cottage.”

“Ah, that’s such a lovely place to stay, I hear. One time, my cousin stayed there out of curiosity. He said the back patio has an outstanding sight of the abbey on a clear day.” Archie blathered away as he turned from the curb and steered his cab in that very direction. Everyone in their small town knew he was a chatterbox, and allowed him to go on and on even when he was on the job. Tonight was no different. Unbeknownst to the couple in the back seat, Archie did what he always did. He talked incessantly.

“It sure does. It’s astonishing. I’d highly recommend it.” Seth answered while Twigs nipped at his earbloe before flicking her tongue over the soft cold flesh to warm it.

With the covertness of the dark, the couple barely listened to the driver as their hands reached for the other. Twig's hand had been massaging his thigh at first, perilously close to his genitals before she took the leap and began to daringly knead his package. Seth, in an act of retribution, slipped a hand under her many layers to cup a hand over her breast through her bra. He pinched her nipple mercilessly through the padding, making her bite her lip to keep from moaning. They did their best to conceal their behavior by appearing aware to the driver who was completely oblivious as to what was going on in his cab.

“That’s brilliant to hear, sir! I reckon I should take the wife there some time as a getaway from the kids.” Archie considered for a moment as he followed the main road that left the town center. He found himself chuckling at his scheme. “But I don’t know if you could call it a getaway if the getaway is in the same town you live in, I suppose. The darn kids can easily pop in at any given time on you without you knowing.”

“Oh, I-I bet!” Twigs agreed, trying to steady her voice under Seth’s adamant hands burrowing themselves under her bra to grope her. She closed her eyes as he worked her already hard nipples into an even tighter state. Between her legs, her soddened sex throbbed with jealousy for his attentions.

“Ah, kids. You love and dislike them at the best of times.” Archie went on, not aware that the couple in the backseat were undoing the buttons of their pants. “Especially when you have a brood as big as I.”

“Kids can be a lot of work.” Seth concurred to the driver’s statement before leaning down to whisper huskily in Twigs’s ears as his fingers undid her pants and titillate her by grazing the elastic band of her panties. “Are you wet for me down there? Huh? You’ll have something for me to slurp by the time we get there?”

“S-Seth.” Twigs barely whimpered, her hand loosening his jeans as well. “I want your cock in my mouth, baby. I want you cum hard down my throat and then make me swallow every last drop of it.”

“Jesus Christ, Tahliah.” Seth whispered, shaking his head of the exotic fantasy she illustrated for his mind. It was an eloquent picture, one he’s experienced many times but would never get dull with. Until the day he dies, it will prevail over him as potently as the first time. “You’d do that too. You’d sit there on your knees and guzzle it all down like a greedy Pixie, wouldn't you?”

“Eight kids, I have!” Archie stated proudly with a chuckle as he took a smooth turn. “I wanted to end it at three, but my wife insisted on having more. She loved getting pregnant! It didn’t matter to her what having that many kids would do to a woman’s body, she wanted to have a big brood of her own.”

“Every. Last. Drop.” Twigs emphasized, her fingers curling around his dribbling shaft in his briefs. She watched him exhale sharply then hold his breath as she leisurely pumped his cock before releasing him to withdraw her hand so she could lick the pre-cum from her fingertips. “Every. Last. Drop.”

“And if you miss a drop?” Seth implored, his darkened eyes desperate for an answerable punishment. “What shall I do to you then?”

“But that’s my Peggy if you knew her.” Archie boasted, the likeness of his enchanting wife twinkling in his mind like the world’s most prized of all diamonds in the world. “She’s always loved children. In fact, she used to babysit the local kids when we were teens, then started making a career as a teacher.”

“Bend me over on the floor and have your way with me all night long.” Twigs provocatively offered, plunging her hand back down to pump his cock in the darkness of the cab. “With your tongue.”

“Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Seth smirked down at her, his fingers skimming over her clit to submerge into the wetness her body naturally exuded. “Having my tongue lick every inch of you only for you to make more honey for me to sate my hunger.”

Twigs closed her eyes again, needing to visualize that as intricate as she could. The erotic scene made her shiver and arch her hips up so her entrance could meet his finger tip. “S-Seth…”

“She still teaches to this day, though she’s thinking of retiring.” Archie shared, turning his cab into the driveway of the Stonemason Cottage Seth was renting. “Here we are folk! I hope you have a swell evening and drink plenty of hot tea to keep the night’s chill at bay. Your payment will be-”

But the couple were out of the cab before he finished, frantic to make love now that they were brought to their limits in the confinement of his vehicle. While Twigs dashed for the door, Seth remained behind long enough to pitch a bountiful amount of money at the driver. “Thank you, sir! Keep the change!”

The driver caught some of the money before gathering the rest. The amount went well over the ride’s payment! Lifting his head, he thought to oppose the man’s wish and present the money back, but one look at the man grappling to get his key into his door and the woman vaulting up onto his side to snake her limbs around him, made him think otherwise. “Oh my!” Archie uttered with wide eyes. Seeing that he was impeding on a young hormonal couple, Archie swiftly backed safely out of the driveway to return to other customers in the town center before his shift was over.

“Stupid fucking key!” Seth growled, trying to focus with Twigs’s lips on his neck, weakening him.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Twigs asked against the heat of his neck with a charming smile. “Haven’t you ever used a key before?”

“Oh, ha ha ha!” Seth feigned, smirking at her humor. With one arm solidly around her, he managed to get the key into the lock and engage it. Grinning with victory, he exclaimed. “Finally! We’re in business!”

“Then open the door already!” Twigs demanded impatiently, grinding her hips against his with a whine. “Or I swear to god I’m gonna take you up against this cottage for all of Tewkesbury to see!”

Seth had to pause at that. Lifting a brow in challenge, he inquired with a mischievous grin. “Would you now? Shall we put that to the test?”

Twigs lightly bit his neck in punishment for thinking it was a good time to play around. It wasn’t enough pressure to do damage, but it would leave a faint little mark. “No, you lunatic! In these frigid temperatures? Your ass will freeze to the brick and we’ll have to get the authorities out here to free you!”

Aghast, Seth accepted defeat and opened the front door. “On second thought, let’s head on inside.”