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To Caress My Day

Chapter 19: All They Needed

Seth had decided to take a walk around town that night after he woke up to the unwelcoming color of peaches and the painful reminder of an empty mansion. Avery had left him a few hours ago, leaving behind the reminders of their time together in every piece of her custom made furniture. I guess it’s not so bad, Seth thought, I don’t feel it like sitting in a corner and wasting the rest of my life away.

It’s terrible to end a long term relationship, and the pain could sometimes feel like it is literally killing you…but Seth wasn’t going through any of those intense emotions at all. Sure he was upset but it was because he felt like he lost a close friend rather than a girlfriend. Seth wasn’t beating himself up at all about letting his girlfriend to walk out the front door for good without fighting to his last breathe to keep her there. Seth shook his head, not wanting to dwell about the past few hours anymore. At that moment, what he preferred to focus on was the unwanted furniture sitting in his house.

Seth knew he didn’t want to drown in the reminders of his failed relationship for the remainder of his life, which meant he only had two options for his situation: he would have to clean the house out completely and redo the entire place or move out. Avery may be gone forever, but Seth MacFarlane was still alive, and he was not going to waste a single second drowning in the memories of their ‘good times’ while being surrounded by her shit. Avery had it easy since she had left behind everything Seth ever bought her. She didn’t have anything that held memories of their time together. Seth was the one left with memories and he wanted nothing more than to throw it all away in a pile on his front yard…and torch the damn thing.

But not tonight.

Seth had driven himself over to the nearest town to begin his evening walk. He didn’t want to be anywhere near that mansion, and needed some fresh air and a new surrounding to think. Seth didn’t want to think about Avery anymore as he allowed the night air to crawl into his thoughts and carry away anything relative to her. Sometime during his stroll, he felt at peace with Avery’s decision to leave. He thought it was because he must have finished going through the healing process from being dumped when in fact it was because a special person had already taken root in the center of his focus, and was beginning to blossom.

The image of this special person was a symbol of pure sin that was born into this ugly world perfect from her head to her toes. Seth couldn’t help but wonder where or what this special person was doing at this time of night while he was out walking. He imagined she was in her bed, reading from a book and sipping on some tea. Her long dark hair would probably be piled on top of her head in a messy bun, her face makeup free, and her slender frame covered in an oversize shirt. Seth felt the first smile since his breakup, begin to form at the corners of his lips as his thoughts started to turn inappropriate. Perhaps instead of wearing any old oversize shirt, she’ll be wearing one of my shirts, Seth imagined, or better yet, she could be wearing nothing but his shirt and a pair of thick wool socks. Seth pictured himself walking into her bedroom, leaning against the doorway, as he watched her brown eyes scan the letters on the pages. In this scene, he would have just returned from a cold walk in the neighborhood to find her warm and waiting. Seth would step towards her, catching her attention before placing a cold hand on her warm right kneecap, making her gasp in surprise as her body heat seeped up into his freezing…

“HEY, TWIGS!!” a voice called, breaking Seth from his fantasy. The billionaire glanced across the street to see a group of people standing by the doorway of a dance studio. They were waving to a young woman who greeted them back before slipping past them and into the building. Wait a minute…Seth stopped in his tracks and watched the young lady through the tall windows walk up to the front desk, take off her coat and head down a hallway. Seth couldn’t have known for certain but his heart was telling him that that was his Twigs. The way the young lady walked, and the fact that she was wearing the same coat, boots and backpack confirmed it for him.

Before he could think about it any longer, his feet were already running across the street; nearly getting him hit by two cars. When Seth had reached the door he yanked it open, and rushed into the studio like a madman without even signing in at the empty front desk. All he knew was that Twigs was somewhere in that building. The usual tugging sensation he got whenever she was in the same room with him was relentlessly pulling at every single molecule in his body. He had to see her right then and there, and no one was going to stop him.

Seth didn’t care to search and interrogate any staff members as he began to look through the small glass window on each door for Twigs. I have to find her, Seth continued to repeat to himself, starting to feel his heart pounding in his chest at the tantalizing thought of how much closer he was getting. He couldn’t really explain why he was starting to get nervous the more ground he seemed to cover. All he knew was that he needed to see her as soon as possible. After a while, Seth was beginning to think he was never gonna find her after already looking through majority of the rooms inside the building.

Luckily, he caught a glimpse of what looked like her slender frame through one of the last few doors, before she disappeared around a corner. Seth hastily turned the door handle but slowly pushed against the door, releasing the sounds of a sexy slow song.


Twigs didn’t notice Seth as she danced in front of the big mirrors attached to the wall in front of her. She was so caught up in her concentration of being a perfectionist that she didn’t see his reflection behind hers. Seth’s face was completely blank as he watched her dance so you couldn’t tell what he was thinking. If you could looked deep inside his soul, however, you would see what looked like almost a lifetime of self-restraint beginning to break. A trickle of euphoria was spreading through him the second he had stepped into that room. All the strength of resisting his desires, and the pain of losing his best friend had gone away like a flame fighting against a strong breeze. For the first time, Seth wasn’t in a relationship anymore, and it felt incredible. He didn’t know how long the feeling would last until he had to go back to being miserable in the mansion, but he was going to enjoy it while he could.

Twigs had no choice but to come by the local dance studio that evening to practice some moves for an upcoming music video. Simone had gotten tired of her constant rants about Seth and whether or not Twigs will get to see him again, that she kicked Twigs out of their apartment. Twigs felt bad because she usually isn’t that annoying when she was crushing on a guy. She was going to have to figure out how to make it up to Simone before she headed back home later tonight. Twigs was thinking of getting her some cupcakes by the nearby bakery across the street when she looked up and saw a figure in black watching her. The young dancer had been bent to the side with one foot in the air and balancing on the other when she noticed. Twigs let out a gasp in fright, nearly losing her balance as she brought her other foot down to the floor. The figure remained unmoving and quiet as Twigs turned around to face the man that’s been responsible for plaguing her mind many times since they met.

Seth watched her red full lips part, no words coming out. He had been watching her for a good ten minutes with desire flooding his eyes and a growing bulge in his pants. They stared at each other in silence, slowly taking in each other’s presence as the familiar desire began to build up inside of them at the same time. When they couldn’t stand it anymore, Seth took a few steps back, his eyes not breaking contact with hers. Twigs watched him reach for a teal plastic chair, and drag it along behind him to the center of the room. The young dancer watch him plant the chair down in its final spot before taking a seat, one arm over the back of the chair and his legs spread just enough for her to fit between them if she dared to try. Twigs would have been confused as to what Seth was doing to if she hadn’t been under the same heavy dose of sexual longing as him. It was like every single thought, or decision was snuffed out except for dreams about what she’s been wanting to do to him since they met.

Seth ordered her to dance for him with his eyes, waiting patiently for her to follow. He knew she wouldn’t object nor walk away from his demand. Seth has never felt this certain about a woman needing him in the same way he needed her, until he met Twigs. It was like they were connected to each other to the point where they didn’t need words like everyone else does. Twigs could feel how much he wanted her, and Seth could feel how much she wanted him. In the end, that was all they needed to confirm what they were about to do.

Twigs slowly raised her hands up to the ceiling as she gently swayed her hips side to side, her brown eyes refusing to leave his. Seth didn’t try to hide his obvious interest to her seductive dance. He didn’t feel like he was being too bold at all when all the blood in his body rushed to his groin; making it known to her what she was doing to him. Twigs bit her lip as she felt a throbbing sensation between her legs, knowing that her juices were already beginning to flow in response to seeing him so turned on. The young dancer raised her hands to pull her tie out of her hair, allowing the dark tresses to fall down her shoulders. Seth sucked in a breath, never having seen her hair completely free before. Twigs teasingly licked her lips as she lets her hands caress down her neck, and linger over her breasts, drawing his eyes to what her hands were doing. Her red lips formed into a sexy smile as she continued to explore down her body to teasingly pull at the elastic band of her dark sweats. Seth exhale sharply, his body tensing up from her torture. This woman was out to kill him.

Twigs slowly turned as she began to moves her hips dramatically, her arms moving up and down like waves. She was utterly hypnotic and was definitely working her powers on Seth. Twigs took her time to dance provocatively for him, shaking her hips, showing off her sexy ass, and constantly giving him the ‘fuck me’ look. It was only after she danced around his chair that he couldn’t handle it anymore and finally made a move to touch her.

Twigs was taken by surprised when a hand grabbed the back of her neck and steered her to stand between Seth’s legs. The dancer stayed completely still as his other hand came up to grip her neck lightly, watching her eyes slowly close, and her full red lips part to let out a small gasp. She looked so perfect to him that he wanted to take as much time as he could to explore the curves and edges of her body. Seth trailed his fingertips over the soft sensitive flesh of her neck, watching her swallow in anticipation. The tips of thumbs touched at the hollow of her throat, before running over the length of her shoulders, and down toward her chest. Twigs bit her lower lip to prevent herself from being too loud as his fingertips ran down her breasts. The young dancer didn’t want to seem too responsive just in case he might not like that in a lover, but she also knew it wasn’t going to be easy.
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