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To Caress My Day

Chapter 190: Easily Remedied

Stumbling through the front door of his rented stonemason cottage with Twigs wrapped around his waist in sexual hunger, Seth slammed the door behind him before depositing his clinging girlfriend onto the dresser that was the first piece of furniture to greet them upon entering. At the last minute, however, he forgot the vase and heard porcelain flounder then crash to the floor to his right. He would have severed the penetrating kiss their lips were fused into, but he couldn't think when the woman currently bewitching him with her kisses held him captive by their burgeoning desire. They had to have each other now whether that meant on the cold floor or on the dresser. Detaching from her hold, Seth snatched his dark coat off of him and began to undo his pants to get his throbbing cock out. “Fuck it! I wanted to make it to the damn bed but it’s a million miles away from here!”

“Agreed.” Twigs coincided, her messy bun tottering to the right because of his meddling fingers. Hoping to catch up with his undress, she dove past her thick pastel blue turtleneck and long beige fleece coat to go straight for her denim jeans and loosen them. Their heavy panting was all that was heard in that foyer.

Upon springing his erection from his pants, Seth stepped forward to abet her by removing her denim and panties. “C’mon here. Hold onto my shoulders.” Snaking an arm around her waist, he hoisted her up high enough off the dresser to tow the material down her thighs, her fingers clutching steadily onto his broad shoulders. He was grateful she didn’t garb skinny jeans tonight or else it would have taken up much more time to extract them. Because she donned on her combat boots, her pants wouldn’t go any further past her ankles. It was fine though, he didn’t need it to be completely off for him to fit between her legs. Leaning forward, his lips sought her as one hand reached over their heads to tentatively withdraw her hair tie from her hair so her ebony curls could cascade around her face.

Instinctively exploring down between them, Twigs curled her fingers around his thick shaft to pilot it towards her soppy entrance. She teased them both by churning the tip in her wetness then released it to loop both of her hands around his hips to grasp each of his buttocks with a squeeze. Breaking the kiss, she growled against his lips. “Get in me, now!”

Compliantly, Seth thrust deep within her with one stroke, making the dresser beneath her smack the wall behind it. Not that anyone could hear it over his deep moan as he tilted his head back and shut his eyes of the world around them. “Fuck, Tahliah!”

“Ah!” Twigs cried out, arching her back and terminating the kiss they had just resumed. Her fingers cinched like claws onto his biceps through his forest green long sleeve shirt, her legs coiling around his hips. Seth gave himself a moment to savor that first thrust before beginning a slow rhythm that resulted in the dresser to thud against the wall. With his arms draped around her, he nuzzled his face against her collar bones concealed by her turtleneck. “Seth!” Twigs let out a whine, her fingers trailing up to his shoulder to yank on the material of his shirt that still remained one of the barriers between them.

Getting the notion, Seth unraveled his arms momentarily to tug the top over his head before slinging it somewhere over his shoulder. That brief intermission pointed out to him that she was also overdressed. Running his palms down the front of her turtleneck under her long unbuttoned fleece coat, Seth groaned in discontent. “I wanna see your breasts. Help me take this off so I can see them.”

Twigs had arched her back when his hands were on her breasts, pushing them further against his palms and making her nipples harden with excitement. She moaned at his command and tried her best to tackle eliminating her long coat first, but it was stuck under her behind. “I-I can’t get a gri-”

Brought to the end of his patience, Seth elevated her back up off the dresser again but with both hands on her hips this time so she could concentrate on removing the blasted thing off. He sat her back down with a triumphant smile as he watched the coat be tossed away. “There we go.”

“Thanks for the lift.” Twigs winked at him before she plucked her turtleneck sweater up and over her head with his help. She was discarding the top to the left somewhere when she felt his fingers undoing the clasp of her bra with precision. Finally her breasts were free for Seth’s observation as he chucked the bra to his left. Moaning at the splendid perky sight of them, his eyes twinkled as he visually traced them like the artist he was with a pencil and paper. He took the transcendence of them in before allowing his hands permission to intrude themselves to fondle. Her already tight nipples responded by becoming tighter under the ministrations of the pads of his fingers. He hadn’t realized he had stopped moving inside her until she tightened her legs around him, pushing him an inch further and making them both moan in response. “Seth! Fucking move or something!” Twigs beseech him, her nails digging into his shoulder as she propelled her hips back and forth to attain some form of motion out of desperation.

Not needing to be coaxed, Seth got back into the rhythm they had before with the motive of picking up the speed. Slipping his hands underneath her to cup her behind in his large palms, his hips started to accelerate, making the dresser thump even louder against the wall in a fast sequence. Throwing her head back, Twigs belted out a symphony of moans to the ceiling. She wasn’t keen on keeping it down when he drove her so pleasantly into the hurricane that would be her orgasm. Leaning down, Seth caught one nipple between his teeth and jerked on it. The action pulled a cry from her deep within her body and teleported her orgasm to present time. Nearly choking on his own moan, he felt her already tight grip on him clamp down to milk him dry only he wouldn’t let it. He didn’t want this night to end this early yet. With her nails biting into his back, he gritted his teeth and helped her ride out the lingering waves of her orgasm before lifting his head to growl against her parted lips. “One more.”

Twig’s body had been going lax before he issued his command. She only had time to give him a submissive nod before she gasped at the sensation of him moving faster than before. In the afterglow of her orgasm, she lazily moved in excellent sync with his. Accepting her small effort, Seth made his return back to her small brown nipples to pay them tribute. Occasionally, he would wander to shower kisses on her perky breasts, but he would always return to the tightening buds that were always so devotedly responsive to him. His ears were deaf to the dresser pounding against the wall. Unbeknownst to him, the pictures on the wall were shattered on the floor where they had bounced clean off the wall. Feeling her second climax approaching, Twigs grabbed the back of his head and pulled it back so he was forced to look up at her. With flushed lips, she whimpered. “I-I’m cumming again, baby!”

It turned out her response was all he needed to hurl him over the edge himself. Seth’s pace faltered as he stuttered out. “Shit, I-I think I’m already there!”

Taking over, Twigs locked eyes with him as she securely fastened her legs around him, and used her palms on the dresser to lift her hips to meet with his faltering ones. “Fucking cum for me then!”

Seth began to curse in warning before he threw his head back and came with a shout. “TAHLIAH!”

Shrouding her arms around him as much as she could, she whispered encouragement to him as he rode out his orgasm to the last drop. It was only when he ceased and began to physically go lax on her did she finally speak again. “Hold onto me, baby.”

Recalling that she too was about to cum, Seth righted himself and got his hips back in motion again. It didn’t take long before he had her climaxing. Once sated, the couple drapped their arms around themselves and began to lower down to the floor of his small foyer, heedless of the broken glass awaiting them until Seth let out a sharp hiss and his body recoiled with a jerk from the floor. “SHIT!”

“What!? What’s wrong!?” Twigs demanded, her eyes opening wide and inspecting around.

Surveying the floor, Seth spotted their dangerous plight. “Oops. I hope this doesn’t constitute banning me from coming back to Tewkesbury next year.”

Following his gaze, Twigs felt a bit guilty for the broken glass everywhere. “It’s just broken glass. I’m sure this can be easily remedied.”

Having glanced over their shoulder at the dresser, Seth winced. “Yeah, I’m no longer talking about just the glass anymore.” Indicating the wall behind her, a corner of the dress had gone through the drywall.

Eyes widening too, Twigs whispered. “Oops.”

“Oops.” Seth nodded. “Let’s hope they’ll accept my money and apology without any hard feelings.”

“Me too.” Twigs said. “I can help pay for it since I was involv-”

“That’s for another day. Right now is for us.” Seth cut in. Straightening back up, he began to carry her to the stairs with that familiar look in his eyes.

“Aren’t you too tired for more?” Twigs inquired with a wicked grin.

“Nope.” Seth answered. “We have a few hours left and I plan to use them to the fullest.”