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To Caress My Day

Chapter 191: Just a Paycheck

When Twigs got back from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, she submerged herself in as much work as she could. Particularly, on her next EP. If she was able, she would squeeze some time with her girls into her schedule whenever they dropped by, but every moment was composing music, writing lyrics, and seizing up as many gigs her manager, Mikey, could find her. It didn’t matter how often she got irked over arriving on set to do the mundane routine she’d always done before. At the end of the day, she needed the money.

Still, it didn’t stop her from slowly dwindling into madness over it though. Nearly at her wit’s end, Twigs stepped into her apartment after wrapping up an early gig and discovered Simone sitting at the table with Amira. The two were unwinding in their seats, lost in cordial conversation over hsomeot tea when they paused to notice her. Simultaneously, they grinned in greeting and hailed. “HEY, TWIGGY-BABY!”

Smiling at them, Twigs shut the front door behind her and engaged the locks. Discarding her bag along with her coat, winter hat and scarf off on the small table by the door, she let out a whine in response. “Oh my god, I missed you guys today!” Her friends laughed at her admission and stretched their arms to obtain a hug from her. Leaning down, Twigs embraced each of them before gesturing to an unoccupied chair. “Do you mind if I join you two?”

“Bitch please, you live here! Of course you can join us!” Amira welcomed her.

Simone was already pouring her a cup of tea when she asked. “How was your day, girl? You look just about through with it already, and it’s not even over yet.”

Sitting herself down, Twigs rolled her eyes at the reminder of how her day went. “That’s because I am! I had to grind on another leg again today!”

Simone couldn’t help rolling her eyes too. She used to think Twig’s career was a really intriguing one until she heard her accounts and found that not to be true. It was ALL the same thing on repeat. You either danced with clothes on or off, and humped on a guy. “Damn, girl. That shit is never gonna become old news, I tell you.”

“Twigs, don’t let that bullshit get to you. It’s just a paycheck right now, nothing more.” Amira reminded her, reaching out to pat her arm comfortingly. “As soon as your career kicks off, this will be a passing dream. You won’t have to do any of this on anyone else’s terms ever again!”

“I sure hope so.” Twigs sighed wearily, staring down into the steaming dark liquid in her tea cup. “It’s just hard sometimes to find the patiences to wait for that day to finally show up, you know? There are days where I don’t believe I’ll be able to make it till then.”

“Whoa, wait a minute.” Simone cut in, holding up a hand. “Are you saying that you’re considering quitting this video girl career you got going on?”

Taking a sip of her hot tea, Twigs shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe.” Electing to shift the subject, she looked between her two dearest friends. “But enough about my boring old life. How are you two doing with yours?”

A smile stretched Amira's red lips. “Well, other than the usual stuff, we were actually considering whether or not we want to stay in for New Years, or head out to a party.”

Tapping a finger on her chin, Simone implied. “So far we’re leaning more towards partying our asses off.” Tilting her head to the side, her eyes honed inquisitively on Twigs. “What are your plans for New Years, girl?”

Shaking her head, Twigs shrugged again. “I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t have any plans as of yet.”

“What about Seth?” Amira inquired, sipping up the last of her tea. “Y’all ain’t got plans for a romantic New Years Eve?”

“No, not really.” Twigs replied. “I think he’s gonna be too busy to come down and celebrate with me.”

“Well of course the man is busy!” Simone backed, lifting her tea cup in toast to the workaholic they knew and loved. “With the many episodes his shows are pushing out every year I don’t see how he has had time to even have a relationship with you at all! No offense.”

Amira snapped her fingers at Twigs and pointed her index finger at her. “Yo, does he have New Year Parties? Like that Halloween one? If so, we can crash that shit instead! I’m sure he wouldn't mind.”

“Yeah, imma have to say no on that scheme.” Twigs rebuffed, giggling. “We’re not ready for another one of those situations again anytime soon.”

“Why the heck not?” Amira asked, a wicked smile on her face. “We survived the first one just fine.”

“I’m guessing it’s because she’d have to be in a room full of people that could discover her true identity at any given time again.” Simone surmised, her eyes smiling at Twigs. “For all she knows, anyone there could put two and two together and find out she’s fucking the creator of Family Guy.”

“Yes, that’s the main reason why!” Twigs admitted, throwing her hands up. “Can you blame me? It was a nerve-wracking position the entire time! It was hard to let loose and enjoy myself.”

Amira sighed wearily, having just mentally put herself into Twig’s shoes. “I guess you’re right. I can see why that could be a lot to tussle with at a party. If that had really happened, it would have been impossible for you to get out without someone snapping a pic of you. Next thing you know, all of America would already know you by name and have your picture splashed all across their TVs!”

“Thank you!” Twigs blessed her for understanding. “It’s exhausting to be the only one thinking of the negative outcomes all the time especially when you want to preserve your relationship from the public eye.”

“Well, if Seth isn’t having a party we can crash this year…” Simone deliberated, her mind at work. “How about you come with us to a New Years Party then? You did say you have nothing going on.”

“Um…” Twigs began, her mind becoming sharp for the first time in days. Did she feel like going to a party for New Years? It’s not like she had anything else to do other than to stay in the apartment, snuggled up on her bed and making some beats, or scrawling down some lyrics for her next EP. That sounded like a pretty cozy night spent alone. And’s not everyday her friends had the free time to do what they wanted to do outside of their own music careers. This was a singular opportunity to spend a night partying with all of them at once! And that was a night she’d dare not pass on. A smile stretching across her lips, Twigs’s eyes flickered from one friend to the other. “You know what? I’m so fucking down to go this party with you guys! I just need to know where it is and whose place it’ll be.”

“YESSS!” Amira blurted, fist pumping the air for a minute. “Okay okay, it’s at Percy Hopkin’s apartment building. He lives on the top floor so half of the party will be in his place and the other half will be on the roof. It’s wherever you want to be.”

“Percy why does that name sound so familiar?” Twigs reflected aloud, frowning.

“He knows your boy, Tic.” Simone answered her, recalling the meeting as clear as day in her mind.

“You probably met him too.” Amira joined in. “He was at that bondage party you first met Tic at.”

“You’re probably right about that. Maybe I’ll recognize him when I see him.” Twigs nodded to herself before a vast grin brimming with excitement spread across her ravishing face. “Oh my god, this party is going to be so much fun, you guys! I can’t freaking wait! I seriously needed this.”

“After the days you’ve been having, you especially need this!” Simone concurred. “But hey, you should invite C-Yan and L.J to come too. I’m pretty sure Tic will be there anyway, but just in case you should invite his ass on down as well. The more the merrier!”

“That’s a wonderful idea, Simone! However…” Twigs lulled for suspense. “I’ll only do it on one condition. You have to invite your GRL members to come down too. Like you said, the more the merrier.”

“I’ll try but I can’t guarantee they’ll be able to make an appearance.” Simone warned her.

“It’s worth a try.” Amira spurred her, missing Simone’s band members already.

“Alright then.” Simone agreed. “I’ll do it.”