Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 196: Don't Underestimate Me

The couple went silent for a long time on the rooftop of Twig’s apartment building in London, long enough at least for Seth to fall asleep. His head lazed off to the right and bumped against his girlfriend’s shoulder. Twigs glances at him to see he was indeed snoozing, and so she gives him a few light nudges on his arm with her elbow to wake him. As soon as his eyes fluttered back open again and he jerked his head upright, Twigs broached an idea. “Hey, why don’t we head down to my apartment? We both need to get some sleep soon.”

Seth let out a groan, and rubbed his face with both hands. He didn’t want to go inside and spoil their first New Years together. It was 2013, a time of celebration of another new year filled with unconditional love between them! However the flight over to the UK had withered him out immensely, and it was a battle he wouldn’t win tonight. Reluctantly accepting defeat, he gave her nod. “I guess. It’s freezing out here anyway.”

Twigs straightened back up onto her feet and fished inside her coat pocket to retrieve her apartment keys. Upon unearthing warm metals, she presented them to him. “Here, sleepy baby. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable. I’ll take care of everything up here.”

“No, I should give you a hand. It’s my mess.” Seth opposed, turning his head to take in the airport blankets and candle sets he’d procured on his way out of the airport to set up here on his girlfriend’s rooftop as a surprise to her. He’d instantly regretted his plan when he felt how brisk it was in London at the moment, but stuck with it anyway because he was too sapped to think of another one at the last minute.

“Don’t worry about it, Seth. I got this. Just head back into my apartment and get to bed.” Twigs encouraged him, bending down to blow out each of the candles he had lit to add a romantic ambience.

Too fatigued to argue, but not inclined to leave everything to her, Seth reached down to grab the burdensome blanket that would cause her the most stress and took it with him when he went down the stairwell.

Extinguishing the last of the candles, Twigs rounded up the last three airy blankets left and stepped through the metal door Seth had left propped open for her with a large rock. She mentally thanked him for that, considering the door could sometimes be a hassle to re-open.

Upon reaching her apartment, she unloaded the bundle of blankets on the living room floor and began to discard her coat, bag and shoes. Setting these items aside with more care than the blankets, she delved deeper into her apartment in search for her lover who she presumed would be laid out across her bed. She smiled in adoration at him when she walked into her bedroom and found him sitting on her bed with his back against the headboard. The weariness in him had drooped him halfway down the headboard by the time she arrived. “Much warmer here than it is up there, isn’t it?”

“It is.” Seth agreed, his sluggish brown eyes watching her walk to her dresser to withdraw her clothes. He didn’t want her to do that. Not yet at least. He stretched out a hand to beckon her to him. “Wait, Pixie. Come over here.”

Complying, Twigs crawled onto her bed to sit beside him with her back against the headboard. Her pixie eyes cherished him, committing his face to memory like she did every time she saw him. “What’s up?”

With his eyes heavy, Seth reached a hand out to slowly trail it down her chest. He gazed down at her chest, visualizing her naked. Despite the debilitation blurring the lines between sanity and insanity, he reacted to that image ingrained in the back of his eyelids, his jeans tightening around his crotch. He moaned with desire for her, and lifted his eyes to issue an order. “Pixie, take off your clothes for me.”

“I WAS taking my clothes off before you interrupted me.” Twigs reminded him with a smile.

“You were taking your clothes off to REPLACE them with more clothes.” Seth clarified, his hand coming back up to cup over her breast to highlight where he was getting at. “I want you to take your clothes off for me, and keep them off.”

Twigs sucked in a breath when his hand closed over her breast, the heat of his palm permeating through her bra to kiss her bare flesh and compelling her nipples to pucker with mutual lust. Her smile dropped as she stared down at him, and reminded him. “Baby, you’re barely even alive for sex right now. You’ll pass out before I get halfway naked.”

“Don’t underestimate me, Miss Barnett.” Seth warned her huskily, his once dim brown eyes beginning to flare a craving that was as old as time. “Or yourself.”

Twig’s lips curved into a smile as she rolled her eyes at him. Deciding to indulge in his wishes, she rose up out of bed to round it until she stood by his side of the bed. Then, she disrobe herself for his viewing pleasure. She hadn’t expected him to curb back his fatigue to undress himself as well. He was astonishingly aroused for a man so drained, and when he lowered himself back down onto her pillows, he reached out a hand towards her again.

Closing the distance between them, she bit her lip when that same hand soared to skate down her chest like it had before, only this time flesh met flesh. Under his eyes, her flesh shivered and broke out into goosebumps. He especially reveled in watching her nipples harden for him with anticipation. Her body was striking, and Seth felt she needed to know this. “You’re so damn beautiful, Tahliah.”

“Seth.” Twigs managed to say, finding speech becoming more tricky with every recurring touch. Her breathing was coming faster as his hand trailed lower and lower. When his fingertips grazed over her sex, she was taken aback by the sensation of those probing digits thrusting themselves between her drenched folds. Twigs threw her head back and cried out in excitement. “SETH!”

“Spread them.” Seth ordered her huskily, his eyes locked on what his fingers were doing rather than her reaction. Sometimes even he enthralled himself by what he did.

Twigs spread her legs without delay, and closed her eyes at the feel of his fingers having better access to touch her. She was already wet enough for him, but Seth dallied anyway, varnishing each finger with her sweetness. When he felt sated, he tenderly stroked his fingers over her clit before seeking out her entrance to dip teasingly into. He did this several times to drive her crazy, and it worked. His fingers navigating back to her clit again didn’t ease any of her aches, it only made her let out a needy whine and move her hips in rhythm with his fingers..

Yearning to please him too, Twigs leaned forward to curl a hand around his erected cock and to steady herself with the other on his shoulder. She felt him turn rigid in her hold before emitting a deep moan. As he continued to touch her, she pumped his length and moaned his name. “Seth…”

Seth upped the stakes by inserting two well-lubricated fingers into her sex, compelling her to gasp out in pleasure and her body to seize those two digits. He had a fantasy he’d illustrated in his mind from seeing her this way, and wanted to see her enact it out for him. “Ride them.”

Bending to his will, Twig braced one knee on the mattress and clasped the wrist making love to her with both of her hands. She rode his two fingers like she’d normally ride his cock. Simultaneously, his fingers pumped into her, making her moan and cry out from the euphoric feelings only he had ever invoked in her. It was all so extraordinary and an addicting urgency of ecstasy, and so she wildly worked her hips on his fingers. She didn’t stop and plead for his cock when she felt her orgasm on the horizon, instead she galloped for it and climaxed so profoundly she began to collapse to the floor.

Seth was nimble, and hauled her onto his lap before her legs gave way. His other hand readily aligned his cock to her entrance, and nearly cried out when she blissfully sagged down onto it. “TAHLIAH!”

“SETH!” Twigs echoed lovingly, throwing her head back as her hands pressed into his chest.

“Hurry, Pixie!” Seth implored her, needing her to take the reins. “I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna be awake, but...I have to have you.”

Twigs didn’t need to be told twice. She rode him energetically despite all the dancing she had done at Percy Hopkin’s apartment with her friends. It was only when she climaxed again and heard him cum did she finally feel depleted herself. Carefully, she lowered herself down beside him to catch her breath. Peeking at her boyfriend, she saw he was already lost to the clutches of slumber and wouldn’t be awakened anytime soon. Tired herself, she crawled out of bed to clean herself off before returning to his side, naked as before. Grabbing a spare blanket, she swept it over them both, kissed Seth’s cheek and snuggled down against him. She was so happy. So in love. She had her man back beside her, if only for a little while. Still, if a little while was all she was gonna have until she saw him again, then she’d gladly take it. She loved this man like no other before him, or after him, and so she’ll savor every second of him.