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To Caress My Day

Chapter 198: Moving to California?

“Hey! Enough of all this sentimental crap!” Amira intruded, then indicated at Simone with a pointed finger. “What I want to know is what's going on with you, Simone? What fascinating news do you bring from the world of the prodigious Simone?”

From her seat on the couch, Simone presented Amira a bow in gratitude. Taking in the awaiting eyes on her, Simone tarried with a drawn out response, a thrilling grin on her face. “Weeeell.”

“Oh, come on! Spit it out already, woman!” Shereen ordered her with a lighthearted grin, hoisting the couch pillow she’d been holding over her head, and threatening to lob it right at her face. “We don’t got all day here!”

“Fine, fine!” Simone appeased, throwing her hands up in surrender with a laugh. “My manager and I have been talking as of late and...she’s convinced me to move to California! That way I’ll be much closer to them and the studio instead of a plane ride away.”

Twigs hadn’t expected that kind of news, and so the beaming smile of anticipation she had on during the announcement Simone made wilted from her face. She couldn’t comprehend what she just heard, she was certain she couldn’t. But then how come her heart was hurting right now over the fact that her roommate was about to leave her, leave her family, leave her country for the States? Clearly, she understood the situation better than she wanted to believe. She’d just rather be in denial than face this loss, a loss she never thought she’d have to face anytime soon. “M-Moving to California?”

Simone looked to Twigs, and saw through to the sadness she was screening in her big brown eyes. She was hurt, and she understood why. Her heart nearly broke when she was told the first time herself, but this would only further advance her career! If she stayed in the UK, all her dreams might splinter and incinerate. It had taken several sit downs for them to wear Simone down to accept their coaxing for she hadn’t made it easy for them because leaving her family and Twigs behind would sting her. Grinning wider at her roommate who she hoped would understand, Simone nodded. “Yeah, to the states.”

“Holy shit, congratulations, girl!” Jess cheered, throwing her fists up in exultation for her friend’s success.

“This is so huge!” Asami marvelled, her eyes shining with gladness at living in sunny California. “And you of all people so fucking deserve it too!”

“You’re making it big, baby girl!” Amira lauded, clapping her hands together.

“This has to mean it’s official, right?” Shereen rhetorically stated with confidence. “That you’re part of the band, GRL!”

“I think so.” Simone surmised with a shrug. Technically, it hadn’t been made official yet if she was or not. The band seemed to be recruiting other members and dismissing them, so she wasn’t sure.

While everyone else hurrayed, Twigs sat in reticence, staring at her lap. What this news meant began to settle in and send her spiraling down into a deep hole of sorrow. When Simone moves out, she’ll be living all alone in their apartment, and Simone...well, she’d be living across the sea in the same state as her boyfriend. That was probably one good news, was that she’d be in close proximity to Seth, unlike New York or Miami, so every time she visited him she could see her too. But the drawback of her residing here alone meant she’d have to find a way to afford this place solo. Hell, paying for half of this place was already a hassle for her and now she had to sustain herself on her own meager paycheck.

“Yo, Twigs, you okay?” Asami inquired gently to her disoriented friend, nudging her lightly with her elbow to get her attention. The others had noticed as well.

Shaking herself from her rumination, Twigs flashed everyone a massive smile to hide the misery she didn't want to tarnish this merriment. “Yes! Yes, of course I’m okay! Why do you ask?”

“You were looking all forlorn there for a minute.” Asami shared, monitoring her along with the rest of the gang.

“Oh, no I’m perfectly fine.” Twigs assured them definitively. She explicitly sipped up the last of the tea in her cup before rising to put it in the sink. “Excuse me, ladies, I’m gonna put my tea cup away.”

The group fell back to toasting Simone on her achievement, all except for Amira. She had her eyes on her best friend, not believing at all that she was alright like she claimed to be. Slinking into the kitchen without alerting the others, she found Twigs moping around the sink like she was about to do the dishes, but Amira could sense she was in deep thoughts over Simone’s news. Closing the distance between them, she leaned her back against the counter next to the sink, and tenderly pried. “What’s wrong, Tahliah? I can see that you’re hurting.”

Twigs let out a sigh and set aside the hand towel she’d been fidgeting with to appear busy. Out of all her friends, Amira could read her like an open book. There was no way she’d get any deception past her, and so she turned to face her and confessed. “God, I feel like such a terrible person right now, Amira! I don’t want Simone to leave us for California!”

Amira smiled tenderly. “You’re gonna miss her that bad, huh?”

“Yeah.” Twigs conceded before adding. “And there’s also something else about it too.”

“What is it?” Amira inquired, arching a brow curiously.

I’m also worried about living here by myself. I already struggle enough to pay only HALF of the bills.” Twigs divulged with a frown.

“Wait, doesn’t Simone already know about your money troubles?” Amira asked, jerking a finger towards the living room.

“No.” Twigs answered with a shake of her head.

“How come you never told her about it before, Tahliah!?” Amira hissed at her, disappointed that this topic had not been addressed a long time ago when she urged her to.

“Calm down! I already feel bad enough that I’ve kept this a secret from her for so long, and it’s clearly too late now to do anything about it!” Twigs quibbled back quietly, crossing her arms over her chest. “Simone is gonna be moving out to pursue her dreams.”

“You can still tell her, you have time. I’m sure if you did she’d change her mind about moving and stay here to help you pay off some of these bills.” Amira proposed softly.

“No!” Twigs snapped, before lowering her voice so no one in the living room would hear her. “No, you have to promise me you won’t breathe a word to her, Amira!”

“Why not? You need help!” Amira reminded her. “Why not ask Simone? She’d understand!”

“I don’t care if she’d understand or not!” Twigs abolished with a wave of her hand. “Amira, Simone is about to reach her dreams, and I’ll be damned if I end up ripping it from her, tearing it into pieces in front of her face and throwing it at her by telling her of my hardships!”

Amira had to accept that, but ended thus quarreling with her last few words. “But if you keep your mouth shut about it then you’re gonna struggle even worse than before to ward off getting evicted. Especially since you refuse to accept help from that walking bank you call your boyfriend.”

“I know.” Twigs sighed lowly, lowering her eyes to the floor. “But I’m determined to see my struggles through no matter how bad it gets...and how much I miss the absolute fuck out of Simone.”

Smiling at the mention of their friend, Amira admitted. “I’ll miss her too. We’re lucky because our team is already close by here in the UK, unlike hers.”

“I’m grateful for that everyday, even if I don’t see you guys as much as I used to.” Twigs smiled back in thanks.

“Look, I know you probably won’t, but...if you ever need some extra cash, call me, okay?” Amira offered sincerely. “I know you won’t, but I’d feel better knowing I offered you some help anyway.”

Twigs grinned at Amira, glad that she knew her so well. No, she wouldn’t accept the help, but it still meant a lot that she was extending her aid when times got tough. “You’re right, I won't. But thank you.”