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To Caress My Day

Chapter 199: We'll Still Love Her

Disinterested in the conversation Simone, Shereen and Asami were having, Jess angled her head in the direction Amira had been sitting only to discover she was gone. Frowning, she peeked around the corner to the open kitchen and spied her communing clandestinely with Twigs by the kitchen sink.

Inquisitive as to what they were murmuring about, Jess hollered to them. “Hey, you two! What are you whispering about over there?”

Everyone in the apartment went quiet and glanced at the two friends as they stared right back.

Amira glimpsed at Twigs to find her mouth opening and closing, but no words were coming out. She didn’t know what to say to them. As her best friend, Amira resolved to come to the rescue by thinking of a quick lie. Smiling, she jerked her thumb towards Twigs and enlightened them. “Oh nothing, just this one getting all horny again over her boyfriend. She misses the hell out of that guy, it’s disgusting!”

Twigs let out an appalled gasp and gaped at her best friend for proclaiming such a lie! Well, a semi-lie. Okay, maybe it was the truth, but still! She hadn’t exactly revealed that confidential secret to her, and for her to just somehow psychically know it and broadcast it to the group was embarrassing for her.

With cheeks burning from humiliation, Twigs swung her hand to blip Amira in the arm only to miss when she skipped off back into the living room, out of her reach.

Letting out a whine due to her friends laughing at her, Twigs covered her face and oddly found herself laughing too. Lowering them, she cursed her best friend out. “YOU SNITCH!”

It took a few minutes for the laughter to die down, and by that time Twigs had made her way back to her spot on the couch again. Her eyes locked on Simone who was grinning from ear to ear. She was gonna miss her smile, her presence, her warmth, and her laughter.

Yes, moving to California was a tremendous arrangement for the both of them and would further Simone’s singing career in the GRL band, but...that didn’t mean it was going to be an easy process for Twigs back in London. They’d been roommates since she moved here and had tackled every snag that came with surviving on their own together. Not once did they ever not have the other’s back.

Sadly, that was all about to come to an end. Simone was moving to California, and Twigs had no idea if their relationship was going to expire from the long distance or if they’ll remain firm friends.

Clearing her throat, Twigs inquired softly. “So, do you know what area of California that you’ll be moving to yet?”

“Don’t tell us! Let me guess!” Shereen cut in before Simone could open her mouth. Everyone looked at her as she rubbed her hands together with animation. “You’re gonna be living right next door to Twig’s boyfriend, ain’t you?”

The group burst out laughing, wishing that to be so. If Simone was blessed enough to live close to Seth MacFarlane then they’d be able to rest easily. No matter what turmoil unfolded in the state of California, Simone would be well taken care of by him.

“Actually, I’ll be in West Hollywood.” Simone revised Shereen before her eyes darted to Twigs who she could tell was afflicted by her news. She’d been somber ever since, but was fighting to not appear so. However, Simone knew her roommate better and could easily read her. “But anywhere in California is close enough to Seth, I’d say. It’s not as far as London is so we can totally hook up anytime you stop by to see him.”

“Oh, she’ll be stopping by alright.” Amira swore to Simone for Twigs with a smile.

“And you better be ready for me to arrive, because I plan to hold you to it! ” Twigs ordered with a grin. “Every time I touch down there, I’ll be coming over to see you, Missy. I don’t care if I can only spare five minute or ten for you, you best expect me to show up on your doorstep.”

Simone knew her vow to be true. She could always trust her at her word. “I’m the happiest girl in the world to know you will. It’ll be like having a small piece of home every time.”

“It will. If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’re gonna find yourself missing cold old London while you’re over there.” Amira sighed, her eyes scanning the gray winter afternoon outside the windows.

Nodding to herself, Simone blinked back the misty tears from her eyes. She didn’t want to get emotional right now, they’ll be time for that later. Starting a whole new life in another country would be scary for most people, but because her music career meant everything to her she was more than thrilled to pack up and leave London for it. The only omission would be the fact she couldn’t bring her friends with her. They had been tight for so many years, California wouldn’t be able to fill that void in her heart.

Following Amira’s gaze outside the windows, Simone smiled weakly. “This country, this apartment, it will always be home to me no matter where the hell this career of mine takes me. California is nice and all, but it won’t ever be able to hold a candle to this place.”

“With their warm ass beaches.” Asami mumbled in disdain when really she couldn’t wait to visit there again to luxuriate their oceans again. It was so nice!

“And their unusual constant weather!” Shereen voiced, rolling her eyes in aversion. “Not a grey cloud in sight over there last time I checked!”

“Just sun, sun and more sun!” Jess added with a derisive shake of her head. “How could they stand that same bland weather everyday?”

“And all those Hollywood stars milling about!” Amira added with a shudder. “It’s just too populated of a place with too much to do! Just UGH!”

Simultaneously, the six women all glanced at each other before bursting out laughing once again at their silly satire towards the Sunny state of California. What had been said in feign denunciation had actually been envious in all that that place had to offer.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Amira caught her breath. “Ain’t that some shit.”

“Simone, do your parents know that you’re leaving?” Twigs inquired with furrowed brows.

Simone shook her head. “No, not yet. I wanted to tell you guys first because I knew I wasn’t gonna drown in tears afterward.”

“Aww, that is so cute!” Asami gushed. “I freaking love your parents!”

“Seriously, girl, you need to go down there and tell them!” Jess prompted her, pointing to the apartment door. “Like right now!”

“Yeah, get the hell out of here!” Shereen inserted vigorously with a cheerful smile.

“Alright alright!” Simone said, holding her hands up to calm them down as she rose from her couch. “I’ll be right back. If not, call in the rescue squad to come and extricate me from my mother’s clutches.”

Twigs and the others watched Simone go before she finally expelled a long mournful sigh. “God, I’m gonna miss that beautiful Queen!”

“Jesus Christ, I know!” Shereen lamented, covering her face with her hands as she sunk into the couch. “It took everything in me not to cry when she said she was leaving for California.”

“I think I bit right through my bottom lip when she said it!” Asami added, her tongue licking at the very spot and tasting that familiar metallic blood. “I just about fell out of my seat next.”

“It’s gonna be tough, you guys, but Simone REALLY wants this.” Amira sighed, closing her eyes in sorrow. “And if we really care about her, we’ll support her decision and not...stand in her way.”

“No matter how much we wanna kidnap her and force her to live in this apartment just to keep her around.” Jess sighed with a pout. “It’s not what she would want, and she’d hate us forever for it.”

“Letting her go isn’t easy either even though I know we have to do it.” Twigs ached, reaching out to take Amira’s hand for support. “But we’re gonna do it, because we love her. Even if this means we stop being friends a few years later because fame swiped her soul from us. We’ll still love her, no matter what.”