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To Caress My Day

Chapter 2: Mr. Money-Maker

Brown eyes opened to the welcoming fall of the colorful leaves of the coming autumn outside. Seth rolled over to face the window so he could watch them float by his window, all the while being careful not to wake Avery up. It felt strange to linger in bed when he’s used to throwing the sheets back and heading to work. Seth knew he couldn’t take a real vacation that was meant to be a work free holiday, because he was such a compulsive worker. His compulsive got so bad at times that he was rushed to the hospital for severe exhaustion from refusing to stop working. Since then, he’s gotten much better at taking better care of himself for the sake of his health and job. His occupation has always been his passion and has become an unbreakable bond that not even the love of his life could sever.

Still, he loved Avery, and didn’t mind spending some time with her instead of working on episodes. His plan was if she was feeling better today they could go out and spend some quality time together; he’ll even take her out to a nice restaurant for dinner. Until then, Seth had promised to grab Avery some coffee this morning, and that’s what he intended to do before she woke up. Seth got out of bed and carefully left the sleeping beauty to her dreams before heading towards the bathroom. After a quick shower, Seth threw on some clothes and ran down the stairs in a hurry. Not looking where he was going, Seth nearly knocking down his plump maid when he got to the bottom of the stairs.

“Aye dos mio, senor! You could have killed me!” The head maid took the small window of chance that she had to smack him on the arm with a dish towel as he sped by her.

“Jesus, sorry, Mrs. Guadalupe. I’m kind of in a hurry.” Seth called behind him as he ran for the kitchen to search for his keys.

Mrs. Guadalupe waited patiently by the stairs, listening to him muttering about where the hell his keys were. In time, Seth turned around and ran back over just in time for Mrs. Guadalupe to throw him his keys to his black Maserati. Seth thanked her and headed out the door.

“Have a good day, senor.” The head maid called after him before heading to the living room to clean up yesterday’s mess.


“Aw, shit.” Seth cursed in dismay, staring at the sign hanging behind the glass door of the cafe. The white paint was so bright that it stung your eyes just looking at it. Seth turned away and rubbed his burning eyes in thought, trying to figure out where else he could find her coffee since her favorite cafe decided to be closed for the day. Avery was going to freak out if she didn’t get the coffee he promised her. What was he going to do? He could make a few calls to get someone to come down there to make the coffee for his girlfriend but…that just seemed like an asshole move to make. What if the reason the café was closed was because someone’s child had cancer, or their family member had gotten into a tragic accident? Seth couldn’t imagine being forced back into work when his loved one was in danger, so he wouldn’t want to do that to anyone else for his selfish wants, no matter how rich he was. Hopefully if that were the case, Avery would understand why he came home with no coffee…right?

Still he promised her coffee, so he could try and find some even if it doesn’t taste as heavenly as her expensive brew, thought he couldn’t see any more cafés and he wasn’t sure how far the nearest café was. Seth thought about it for a second more before deciding that he might want to make those few calls for Avery. He loved the woman and had always gave her anything she could ever want or need, even if it was something simple as coffee. He wasn’t going to stop his love for her now. Seth reached into his pocket for his phone to call the company and demand them to open their store when out of nowhere something pushed against his arm, causing his phone to tumble onto the concrete.

“Oh, I’m so sorry sir!” A small feminine voice apologized, handing his phone back to him and disappearing across the street so quickly he never even saw the culprit’s face.

“No problem,” Seth called out to what looked to be a small slender woman heading to! What a relief, Seth was hoping he wouldn’t have to go several miles to find another coffee shop. In the US, you’d find a cafe on every corner. Checking his phone for damages and finding none, Seth hurried across the street to the cafe. Unfortunately when he got in, he knew he had bad timing.

Entering through the front door during business hours probably was not a good idea. As soon as the little bell signals a customer entering, certain people looked up in his general direction out of curiosity. Instantly, they recognized who he was. The light in their eyes reminded Seth of how legendary he obviously was. Chairs screeched back as footsteps slapped against the floorboards towards his direction. Seth braced himself against the glass door as people began to surround him, taking pictures and shouting out questions. The billion dollar man didn’t bother answering their incoherent questions, just smiled at them while, carefully wading towards where he believed the counter was.

A tall elderly man behind the counter noticed the commotion and attempted to attract the attention of the desperate group of people. He didn’t know what got them all bothered up, but he wasn’t about to let them disturb the rest of his costumers trying to enjoy their cups of coffees and croissants.

“Hey, you younglings, get away from my front door and quick your shouting, ya hear?”

The old man’s rickety voice didn’t stand a chance against the volume of this crowd and he knew it. Grumbling under his breath, the owner headed over to the basement door, and opened it.

“Junior, get up here. We got a problem.”

Within seconds, Junior (if you could call him that) came bounding up the stairs, and began to detangle the group of loud customers. Seth walked into a wall that came out of nowhere, and realized that wall was a torso.

“Holy shit.” Seth openly cursed, taking notice that the torso came with a body, and a real tall one at that. Junior had to be over 6 feet tall.

“Now I won’t tell yall again, keep it down or leave!” The owner ordered, now having everyone’s attention. Seth stepped around the giant, and up to the counter. The group of fans not too far behind him, still taking pictures or holding out pens and notepads for his autograph.

“Excuse me, sir. I want to apologize for that. It was my fault.” Seth tried to explain to the owner, hoping the old man wouldn’t go so far as to call the police on him. He didn’t mean to cause a ruckus at anyone’s establishment, it just happens sometimes.

The old man narrowed his eyes at the people behind Seth, “Are they all with you?”

Seth turned around only to be met with curious fans, before turning back around.

“Um, I suppose. Again I’m sorry. I will pay for whatever problems they may have caused everyone here. In fact, all the drinks can be on me, sir.” Seth offered, flashing his billion dollar smile. The group behind him cheered, patting his back in thanks. Seth merely shrugged and gave them all a heartwarming smile.

“Whatever you say, sir. Junior, pour yourself a coffee, it’s on Mr. Moneymaker here.” The old man called behind Seth to the giant still standing by the door. Seth watched as Junior walked back behind the counter, again being shocked by his size. Who would ever try and rob this shop knowing there was a giant in the basement?

Seth turned around and began his usual routine with fans such as: pictures, autographs, jokes, and answering questions that weren’t spoilers. Not all the customers had gone running towards Seth out of excitement. Some fans respectfully kept their distance, but were now walking over to get some photos as well. Other tables either didn’t care or didn’t know who these people were freaking out over, such as the table by the big window. Five beautiful young women slowly drank their coffees as they watch the crowd grow.

“I’m gonna go see what celebrity just walked in. It’s killing me inside to just sit here.” The blonde curls called Jess cried, finally submitting to the temptation of meeting a movie star.

“No, Jess. You’ll scare them off!” The young Japanese named Asami teased, gently pushing on Jess with her arm.

“NO I won’t! Watch, I’ll bring someone with me just in case I get a bit overbearing. Amira, or Shereen, it has to be one of you two.” Jess looked between her friends with the half shaven head and box braids, or the one with black curly hair.

“Why can’t Asami go?” Amira asked, chewing on her straw since she finished her drink long ago.

“Because she’s a meanie, so which one of you is coming?” Jess asked again.

“Oh no, NOW I’m going. Who knows, it could be a member of One Direction.” Asami decided, pushing Jess so she’d get out of her way. Jess instantly agreed so Asami wouldn’t push her out of her seat and onto the floor.

Amira watched them go before turning to the girl next to her, “Did you want to go too, Twigs?”

The quiet girl merely shook her head, flipping through the messages on her phone. Twigs had just gotten out of a youth dance club she had volunteered for to teach the younger generation how to dance. It was amazing but always left Twigs drained. Now that the day was closing to a relaxing end with her best friends and coffee, the young dancer was hoping to just enjoy the evening before heading back to her apartment building to meet up with her roommate, Simone.