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To Caress My Day

Chapter 20: Pant in Bliss

Seth was enjoying the chance to finally be able to touch her and he wanted to explore as much as he could.

Instead of going further down, the billionaire decided to pay a little more attention to her breasts and cupped each one in his hands. Twigs couldn’t prevent herself from moaning and pressing her breast further into his hands by arching her back. Seth watched in delight at her delicious response to him before going ahead and gently squeezing them. Beneath the black crop vest, Twigs could feel her nipples harden beneath the warmth of his hands, impatiently seeking his complete attention. Seth wanted to give them some of his focus, but not quite time yet. He wanted to touch more of her first.

The billionaire trailed both hands down to the curve of her small waist, and then back up her flat stomach, smiling as he felt her abs tense beneath his fingers. Twigs was already panting in weakness as she opened her eyes to look down and meet his. A violent storm of lust was brewing in his, drawing her back into the sexual game they were both participating in. Seth was trying to get his breathing under control as his gentle touching became rougher, forcing sounds of pleasure to spill from her ruby lips easily. Twig’s hands couldn’t sit clenched at her side anymore as Seth’s hands crawled back up the sides of her stomach, squeezing her tiny waist. She was so small in his hands that you would think he’d be gentler, but with all the pent up desire inside him, it was becoming an ordeal to retain its all behind a crumbling wall of self-restraint.

Twigs watched as he repeatedly tighten and loosen his hold on her waist as his hands climbed up her stomach, towards her breasts. Twigs let out a whimpering moan as his hands ascend to roughly grope her chest this time, earning a symphony of responsive moans as her hands slapped down on top of his, holding them there in cause he tried to stop.

Seth was in pain by then, his arousal desperately trying to rip out of its barrier in search for release. The billionaire brought his hands back to her neck, finding himself taken aback when Twigs captured his ring finger between her red lips and slowly finger jobbed the digit. Seth couldn’t stop his jaw from dropping at the audacity of this woman. My god, our clothes are still on and she’s somehow so much dirtier than any woman I’ve ever touched before, Seth thought in awe as he felt her swirl her tongue around his fingertip. The billionaire let out a painful groan as he took back the hand that wasn’t in her mouth, and pulled one of hers down to cup his rock hard cock, hoping she’d relieve some tension. Twigs mouth watered as she felt him through his pants. His size was felt absolutely perfect. He felt so much bigger than the last few guys she dated. That fact alone didn’t make her feel wary, rather incredibly excited. The dancer wanted to dominate Mr. Money-Maker with not just her pussy, but also her mouth.

Twigs surprised him once again when she went from standing in front of him to lowering into a split right in front of his cock. Seth was speechless. How on earth did she do that? Twigs flashed him an amused smile before leaning over to practically make out with his hard on, making him moan loudly. If he thought her finger job was teasing then this was about to blow his mind. Seth closed his eyes and leaned back, having nothing to grab on to as he felt her hot breath through his clothes. Twigs tongued his dark jeans, moaning like she was actually making out with someone. Seth was torn between leaning back to enjoy it, or watch her torture him until he explodes in his pants. Twigs reached her hands up to touch Seth’s chest as she continued to heavily make out with his bulge, feeling his muscles beneath his shirt.

Seth reached one hand down to dive into her long dark silky hair, panting heavily as she looked up at him with begging eyes and smudged red lips. Those big innocent eyes gave him the strength to sit up and yank her crop top over her head, exposing her small breast and harden nipples to the cool air. Twigs gasp but didn’t try to hide herself from his gaze. Instead, she worked on unbuttoning and unzipping his pants with just as much determination. Seth tried to be patient but he couldn’t help himself from lifting her up to stand before him once again, but this time topless.

Her breasts were small, but perfect. Seth let out a groan as he studied them. They were still so hard from his attention earlier. Twigs cried out as he groped them again, his mouth finally making contact on the skin of her stomach. The dancer gasp, sucking in her belly in surprise at his warm lips kissed above her belly button. That contact reminded her that they haven’t had their first kiss yet but already she could tell he was a good kisser just by how his mouth moved on the flesh of her stomach. Twig gripped the back of his hands again until he began to pinch the small nubs of her nipples, making her grip the sleeves of his black coat instead. Seth could feel her shiver as he impatiently yanked down her sweats and underwear, revealing her toned legs and soft skin. Twigs helped him rid her of her last two garments by kicking them off her feet.

Almost immediately after undressing her, Seth pulls her onto his lap, not caring that his clothes were still on. Twigs managed to lift herself high enough to reach into Seth’s briefs and pull his leaking cock from its prison. Seth took advantage of Twig’s breasts in his face by attaching his mouth to her right nipple, making her squeal in pleasure as he tasted her. Twig’s let go of his cock and brought her arms up to hold his head in place as he suckled on her.

“Oh yes,” Twig’s moaned, closing her eyes as she finally spoke for the first time.

Seth grabbed his leaking cock, rubbing his tip against her entrance, coating his head with her juices as he moves his mouth to her other nipple. The billionaire groaned at the sensation of her hot juices on the tip of his dick. After all this time, their fantasies were coming true. Seth took the opportunity of aligning himself to her entrance, and Twigs did the honor of sinking down onto Seth’s cock.

“Oh my god!” Twigs cried out as she felt him stretch her walls and slam into her spot on his first try.

“Holy shit!” Seth cursed out as he felt her squeeze him like an iron fist.

Twigs cried out in ecstasy as her first climax washed over her immediately forcing her to throw her head back. She wrapped her arms around his neck, gripping his black coat as she closed her eyes, and enjoyed riding out her orgasm. Seth was perfectly thick! Twigs didn’t realize how close she was to climaxing until she felt him hit her g-spot, making her orgasm almost knock her off the chair.

Twigs was so incredibly tight that she literally took his breath away. Seth thought he would suffocate when she clenched around him as she reached her first orgasm, but he kept her close to him anyway. The sounds she was making was almost enough to make him want to let go too, but he didn’t want to cum so early in case this was the last time they were to do this.

Seth kept it together as he felt her slowly come back to him, still panting heavily. After giving her a few minutes, he pulled her off his shoulder to cup her face in his big hands, their skins covered in sweat.

Seth stared into her big eyes for a few minutes before smashing their lips together, letting out an animalistic moan. Twigs eyes closed as she cupped his face as well, their mouths mating with tongues and lips. Twigs devoured his mouth while Seth easily conquered hers. They both had fought for dominance, and when it became obvious that Seth would win, Twigs began rotate her hips and grind against his cock, causing him to break away from the kiss and throw his head back in pleasure. Twigs licked, suckled and kissed the exposed skin of his throat as she listen to his chorus of moans, and groans while trying to muffle hers. Seth grabbed her hips, wanting her to have control by riding him. He wanted her to dominate him, and make him her bitch.

The young dancer got the hint quickly and began to bounce on his lap, making him clench his teeth and hold on tightly. This was beyond anything they’ve ever felt before. Quickly, they had both exceeded each other’s expectation. They knew they had a strong sexual connection but they didn’t think it would be this physically fulfilling. They could no longer keep their voices down and so they let their cries out and bounce off the walls, forgetting where they were. All they cared about was erasing what felt like years of sexual buildup for one another.

Twigs was a pretty flexible girl, and Seth was beginning to realize just how flexible she was when he opened his eyes for a split second to see her bending backwards with her eyes closed. The billionaire watch her with heavy lids as she continued to slowly fall backward all the while tightening her grip around him. Seth’s eyes widen in shock as he let out a choked gasp, the familiar warm build up forming in his lower region as a result of her tightening. Twig’s moans began to sound like desperate whimpers as she felt another climax coming as well.

Their eyes rolled into the back of their heads as they began to climb together. Seth quickly leaned over to wrap his arm around her waist and pull her back up against his chest. Twigs whimpered in both anticipation and impatience at the thought of her second orgasm. The young dancer threaded her fingers through his dark locks, as she held her face close to Seth’s, their lips inches from each other. They panted and moan against each other’s mouth, their eyes closed. Seth began to thrust his hips into hers, meeting her in between as she slammed herself down into his lap. A second passed before Twigs came first and then Seth. Twigs threw back her head and screamed this time with Seth’s black coat fisted in her hands. Seth buried his face in her neck and released a string of profanity moans as he held her naked body close. The dancer’s body laid limp against him in exhaustion, but was grateful for Seth cupping her ass to help her ride out their orgasm, making it all the more better. They both stayed there, soaking all the pleasure in as they pant in bliss.


After that night’s events, everything was a blur. They couldn’t remember much after they had sex at the dance studio. They remember holding each other tightly afterwards for what felt like days, until they finally came down from their high and reality began to sink in. They couldn’t look each other in the face as they searched for their own clothes; apologizing profusely to one another. Having sex with each other wasn’t mentioned in their apologies; just ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry’ repeatedly. Seth had backed out of the room with his apologies the minute he was dressed, and hurried out of the building without so much as a look back. Twigs was left alone in the studios with tears in her eyes, but she couldn’t remember why she felt the need to cry. She had finished getting dressed, apologized to Gene (who heard them) at the front desk for having sex in his dance studio, then ran home in tears. Simone had ask what was wrong when she came hurtling in, but Twigs wouldn’t talk about it. She went to bed that night repeatedly running her tongue over her lips, visualizing herself kissing Seth MacFarlane again until she fell asleep. When Seth returned home, he went on an immediate rampage. He broke every vase he came across and knocked over whatever furniture was in his way. His calmed down after he took a shower and then went to bed. Seth stared up at the ceiling for the majority of the night, running his fingers over his lips so he could somehow imitate the pressure of her mouth against his. Neither Twigs nor Seth went to bed that night completely satisfied after everything they’ve done. They had finally had sex with each other…but the same yearning for each other that was inside of them the minute they met, was still burning.
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