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To Caress My Day

Chapter 204: Running Out On Me

So there they were on Monday, on a private jet to California all paid for by Twig’s boyfriend. She had been so irritated by how this whole plan had come falling together that she didn’t bother to select her outfit with precision. Arousing Seth was not on her mind anymore so she tossed her curls up in a messy bun, put on some black circular sunglasses, loose acid wash jeans, a long dark sleeve shirt and her signature black combat boots. There was nothing sexy or girly about her apparel and she didn’t give a damn about it.

Across the polished dark wood table between them sat a very joyful Simone in a pair of dark tight jeans, an acid wash button up top and some very high-heeled boots. She had styled her braids during the flight in a half up and half down style, and was humming a tune as she gazed out the window, seething Twig’s mood even further to the point where it must've tainted the air around them because Simone shot a glare her way and said. “Do you mind? I’m trying to enjoy this experience in peace!”

Glowering right back at her, Twigs opened her mouth to snap at her back when a stewardess came by with their lunch. It was a long wooden platter brimming with seasoned seafood of jumbo shrimps, lobsters and fish, and white glass trays filled with assorted sushi and dips. Flutes with champagne were served along with a small fruit salad, and a motley of seasoned slices of toasted bread. It tasted as satisfying as it looked, but that didn’t stop Twigs from letting go of her animosity against Simone the moment the stewardesses left. “I still can’t believe you got me into this, woman!”

“Believe it, honey!” Simone mumbled around a jumbo shrimp, resisting a moan of delight at the taste of it. “Cause you’re about to be kissing my feet as soon as you get your mouth on these shrimps!”

Twigs shook her head in denial before sampling a piece of shrimp. She stilled, her eyes widening slightly as the tsunami of flavor overflowing onto her tongue nearly sent her back in her own seat. In that instant she was seriously considering kissing Simone’s feet. “Oh my god…”

“Right! Now shut your mouth and put it to better use by helping me finish this!” Simone commanded her, circling the tip of her fork over the spread of food before them. “It’ll be a damn crime to the entire flight staff if we leave even a speck of pepper behind!”

For once, Twigs was able to let bygone be bygones...for now. Turning her attention to the banquet before them, she burrowed in. Before she knew it, there was only two hours left until they landed in California. The plane touched down safely, and the ladies were escorted out by a staff of the airport to Derek who awaited them in his black chauffeur uniform. He bowed in greeting to the two Londoners. “Ladies. I hope you had a pleasant flight.”

“We did!” Twigs confirmed, elated to see him. She wondered if Seth was nearby disguised as someone else, and peered over his shoulder to see if she could pinpoint him in the teeming airport by herself.

Aware of who she was scouting for, Derek said. “He isn’t here, Ms. Debrett. But you’ll see him soon enough, I can promise you that.”

“Okay, so...what now?” Simone asked him with a shrug, her hands curled on the handle of her rolling suitcase. “Do we wait for him to show up?”

“No, we go to him.” Derek amended, stepping close to take their rolling suitcases for them. “Here, let me take those for you and walk you to the car.”

While Derek set their suitcases in the trunk, the ladies slid into the backseat of his black Bentley. In minutes they were on the road to Simone’s new house. Soft classical music played on the radio as he drove in silence while his two passengers fell asleep off and on in the backseat while the California sun warmed their skin through the windows.

When they finally rolled up along the curb of the property, the ladies were already wide awake. Simone gaped at what little she could get of the place as she excitedly got out of the car with Twig’s following suit after her. Just as Seth has proclaimed it was a cute white Spanish style home with ivy grown across the front. Most of the view of the place was blocked from her eyesight by the elevated green box hedges that fenced the property and gave it isolation from passersby. The walkway was made up of red brick, and where it met the sidewalk two hip-high flat posts were made of the same material. Potted plants were perched on top of them in floral greeting.

“Wow. So this is it. We’re finally here.” Simone murmured to herself before turning towards the trunk of the car to fetch her suitcase.

Derek was already there popping it open, and waved her away. “Don’t worry, I got this, Ms. Battle. You two head inside and check the place out. The front door should be unlocked.”

“Aw, thank you so much!” Simone acknowledged him graciously. As she walked by Twigs she caught her by the wrist and tugged her along behind her. The two were enamored as they walked the brick walkway and took in the four soaring trees that had been concealed by the hedges among other things. The front door had three square panels designed in a row of seven, but had no peephole to peer out of. The bushes out front and the lawn were mostly green and had been mowed quite recently.

“Girl, this place is actually super cute! I love the green of the vines against the white!” Twigs treasured with a smile before a movement to her right caught her eye. Through an enormous arch window to the right of the door, she saw what she thought was an unfamiliar shadow moving inside. Squinting her eyes in a little, she quickly identified it as her boyfriend, Seth, roving around while chatting on his phone. “Oh my god, Seth!”

“What?” Simone inquired before Twig’s tore away from her side. Darting her eyes towards her friend, she watched her race towards the front door. “Whoa, wait a minute, girl! Where you going!?”

But Twigs wouldn’t listen as she shoved the front door open to enter into a skylighted hallway with the same brick as the walkway outside, and a few potted plants. She was met with an old school glass box wall that had a wavy neon light featured on it. But that didn’t give her much pause. She was on a mission to find her love!

Despite barely sparing a glance to her right, she was still able to take in a circular room at the end with a glass table in the center. She chose to ignore that direction for now to go to the left instead where she knew Seth would be. She didn’t acknowledge Simone as she entered the home behind her, but had to wait for her to close the front door first because there wasn’t enough room in the hallway to walk past.

Simone waved a hand in front of Twig’s face as she began to shut the door behind her. “Helloooo? What’s going on with you, girl? You running out on me like that was not cool.”

“I’m sorry but I have to see him.” Twigs answered rapidly, her mind trained on getting to Seth. As soon as the path was clear, she strode past Simone and into the living room with it’s hardwood floor and white walls. By the entryway was a long brown wicker chair sitting beside a glass table with blue decorative vases of varied sizes, and a small lamp. Above her head, the ceiling was barreled. The windows were large and arched, and the curtains were light beige and parted to let in the sunlight. In the center of the living room was a large cream couch with brown pillows facing the fireplace and two matching armchairs flanking either side of it. In between the two armchairs was a long tan footrest and above the fireplace was a large mirror framed in dark wood. Twigs counted three different lamp styles within the room. There was one tall brown one and two short ones but of different style and coloration. Every piece of large furniture sat atop a zebra printed rug.

Seth spun around the second he heard boots thudding onto the hardwood floor behind him, and grinned his billion dollar smile at his striking girlfriend and her roommate. Today he decided to throw on a grey T-Shirt, dark jeans and his all black converse shoes. Swiftly ending his call and cramming his phone into his pocket, he opened his arm to his petite lover and greeted them. “Morning ladies!”

Twigs was brisk to close the distance between them and hurl herself into his arms. Latching her arms around his middle, she nuzzled her face against his chest and whispered out. “I missed you, Seth! So damn much.”

Closing his arms around her, Seth hugged her tightly to him and breathed into her jasmine-scented ebony curls. “I missed you too, Pixie. I can’t even begin to express how much.”

Lifting her head stare up at him, her eyes lowered to his lips, mutely begging for their treatment. She was blissful when Seth didn’t disappoint her. Relinquishing them, they promptly descended upon her mouth and welded with hers like they were made for each other. Simultaneously, they forgot all about Simone and the fact that she was there in the same room as them, expecting to be given a tour of her new place. They ravenously parted their lips, and got down to nourishing each other’s needs that had been left untended to since they last saw each other.