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To Caress My Day

Chapter 206: Rainbow Tiles

In the warm sunny state of California stood Twigs and Simone in a house Seth had found for her. With Simone’s career beginning to blooming like the petals of a flower opening underneath the sun’s rays, she was advised to migrate to the United States so she’d be closer to her team and their studio. Simone had agreed and so thus they were evaluating the main bedroom of her new home. Both pairs of brown eyes drifted to the end of her bed where an armchair sat next to a lanky lamp stand, and then to the double white french doors that led outside to the back patio. Beside that was a wooden table and chair with two contrasting lamps. While peering closer through the glass of the french doors, the two ladies were suddenly discontinued by Seth’s voice. “Did I forget to mention you also have an attached bathroom?”

“I don’t remember.” Simone answered, turning around to face him. He gestured to the bathroom’s open door, encouraging her to take the first look. Smiling, she entered the bathroom with her former roommate, Twigs, close behind. As soon as they got a peek at it they burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny? Oh god…” Seth exclaimed in horror as he snooped over their petite frames. The tiles of the bathroom counter, shower, and the wall opposite of the counter were made up of blue, pink, green, yellow and navy blue squares. It was so staggering to the eyes that Seth had to urgently shut his own. “Nevermind! Let’s get the hell out of this place. I’ll tell the realtors you changed your mind and that we’re gonna find somewhere else for you to live.”

“No no no! I think it’s hilarious, man!” Simone cackled, holding her aching stomach. “In fact, I’m gonna get this place AND keep the tiles just to peeve everybody off!”

Twigs merrily rolled her eyes at her before inspecting the rest of the bathroom. The shower had a roman tub, and beside it a pearly white toilet against the multicolored tile wall. On the opposite side, there was only one sink built into the wide counter and behind that grand large frosted arched windows.

“You’ve got to be joking, Simone.” Seth shuddered while giving Simone a discontented look.

“Nope, I’m not joking.” Simone ensured, winking at him. “You know how it is, MacFarlane. This move is solely for my career, not these rainbow tiles.”

Wanting to see her boyfriend squirm, Twigs popped in with a wicked smile. “I think it adds character.”

Seth vengefully narrowed his eyes at his girlfriend for siding with her former roommate. “Remind me to never buy a place with you in the future.”

Feigning a hurt gasp, Twigs reached behind Simone to smack him on the arm, compelling him to back out of the bathroom with a laugh. “You ass!”

Simone followed the couple, her eyes wide with shock but her smile whimsical. “Well, damn, Seth! Is it really gonna go down like that over some rainbow tiles?”

“If this is her idea of adequate character in a house, then yes!” Seth fibbed before opening a white door that was the walk-in closet. “Now, come check out your closet before I show you the last room.”

Both ladies stepped inside. The built-ins were all as white as the walls and ceiling. The lights were recessed lighting but the bulbs were a bit on the dim side. Other than that, there was plenty of room for Simone’s things, and future bargains. The last room Seth led them into was gigantic. It could literally be any room she wanted it to be and it had an attached bathroom too. Presently, it has a extensive black and white rug. There was a comfy brown couch against the wall with a decorative rug hanging on the wall above it. Across from the couch was a white armchair, a large wooden framed mirror mounted on the wall beside it, and between the armchair and the couch a tiny wooden table that looked more like a nightstand. Next to the couch on the left was a short black bookshelf and on the right a standing lamp beside another set of white french doors that led outside to the back patio. Outside the bathroom were shelves nailed to the wall and a white cabinet that had a black TV on top.

Having already poked his head into the bathroom, Seth disclosed to them. “You know, this bathroom isn’t all that bad compared to the last one. Maybe make this room your master bedroom instead?”

Sensing that Seth didn’t quite believe her when she stated she loved the rainbow tiles in the last bathroom, Simone repeated herself. “I said, I LOVE those rainbow tiles and they don’t bother me.”

Seth shook his head and rolled his eyes before flipping on the lights in the bathroom so they could see better. “Yeah, keep telling yourself that after you see this one.”

Twigs eyes dropped to the bathroom floor to discern that the tiles that also matched the counters were all white with perfectly spaced tiny black squares. It wasn’t overwhelming at all. Inattentively, both ladies let out a sigh of relief that Seth was indeed right, and unfortunately he took notice.

“Told you so.” Seth grinned quite smugly.

Looking around some more, Twigs noticed that the shower was only a shower, and that it had no tub. Still it was all white tiles unlike the rainbow one in the other bathroom room. Favoring this bathroom more, Twigs nudged Simone in the arm. “You know, I’d love to take this bathroom off your hands when I come over to visit.”

“I’m sure you, and everyone else that comes over too.” Simone giggled then glanced over her shoulder at Seth. “Hey, can we see the backyard now?”

“Right this way.” Seth extended, walking across the bedroom to open both French doors for them. He stood aside to let them view the property. On the patio was a little white seating area that sat only two. The backyard itself was small, but greatly secluded. The high walls surrounding the place were overgrown with plants on both sides, giving her the ultimate seclusion in such a close neighborhood. Beside one large tree in the far corner of the yard, there was an abundance of potted plants everywhere.

Both enamored by the sight of the potted plants, the two women stepped down from the patio to analyze them further. Seth followed only to indicate a white door that stood out only because it wasn’t the usual french style. “This door leads into your two-car garage that gives you direct access to the house so you don’t have to worry about parking your car further away from home.”

“Oh, baby, that’s so sweet of you to add in!” Twigs gushed, forgetting all about the plants to press herself against him for a kiss he was thirsty to reap. She felt his arms loop around her small waist and expected him to draw her close to his body, but was surprised instead when he hoisted her up into his arms, making her giggle in surprise and wrap her legs around his waist. “SETH!”

Glancing over her shoulder at the ruckus, Simone rolled her eyes and pretended to gag. “Not this again!”

“Seth, put me down, right now!” Twigs giggled, pressing a fleeting kiss to his lips.

“I can’t. There’s still something else we have to do first.” Seth told her in a sober tone.

Twig’s smile dropped as she stared at him. “What is it?”

“We have to christen Simone’s house to ward off all evil spirits.” Seth answered, wiggling his brows suggestively at Twigs and making her laugh.

“FUCK THAT!” Simone objected, jumping to her feet.

“But the evil spirits, Simone!” Seth lamented, turning a bit so he could see her past Twig’s shoulder.

“Those evil spirits are more than welcome to set up shop in my house for as long as they want!” Simone defended. “Just so long as it keeps you two from fucking in my house!”

Twigs watched Seth deliberating on it. As he opened his mouth to propose oral sex instead, she read his mind and slapped her hand over his mouth before he could speak, then scolded him for it. “SHUT IT, MISTER!”

Once Seth submitted, Simone changed the subject. “I’m hungry. We should find a place to eat soon. ”

“Do you know of a place, babe? And they HAVE to deliver!” Twigs inserted firmly. “Since we can’t be seen in public together.”

“Damn, I wanted to go out to eat.” Simone pouted. “You didn’t bring one of your many disguises with you, Seth? If not, I might have something you can borrow from my suitcase.”

Seth would rather not, considering her taste in bathroom tiles. “Hmm, I might have something...”