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To Caress My Day

Chapter 21: It's Getting Worse

Two days later, Simone came home from the bakery to find her glum roommate sitting on the windowsill seat, looking out the window. The young dancer had been withdrawn since she had come home from the dance studio the other night, and it was beginning to worry Simone since she still didn’t know what had happened. Yes, she kicked Twigs out because she was annoying the hell out of her with all that ooey gooey Seth MacFarlane talk, but she didn’t mean for her to come back upset over something. Simone sighed as she placed the groceries on the dining table in the center of the apartment. She felt responsible for whatever was upsetting her roommate and she intended to make things right by first finding out what happened and then try and fix it. Simone took off her cardigan before taking a seat across from Twigs, placing a comforting hand on her roommate’s knee to get her attention.

“Twigs, I need you to tell me what happened the other night. You left this house in a good mood but came back upset like someone hurt you. What happened out there? You can tell me anything, sweetie, you know that.” Simone begged softly, trying not to let her eyes show fear that maybe someone had indeed harmed her beautiful friend. If anything like that indeed happen to her best friend then Simone would probably die from the guilt of kicking Twigs out of the house and into the arms of some predator.

Twigs glanced at Simone, forcing a smile on her lips for the sake of calming her friend down. “Please, I don’t think I can talk about it, Simone. It still hurts so much, especially when I think about it.”

Simone paled in horror before she launched herself at Twigs, looking for any sign of bruising that would indicate an attack on her friend. “Oh my god, where does it hurt!? Who fucking touched you honey? I swear to god I’ll fucking chop his dick off and feed it to the animals at the zoo!”

Twigs stared at her best friend in horror while also being confused as to what Simone was blabbering on about. “Wait, what? What are you talking about, Simone? Calm down!”

Simone stopped, and raised her eyebrow in question. “What do you mean what am I talking about? I’m asking if some lowlife on the street tried to rape you!”

“What?! NO! No, of course not!” Twigs exclaimed, denying the false story Simone thought was true.

Simone sighed with relief and plopped back down in her seat, too happy to get be pissed at Twigs for misleading her. “Oh thank you God! I thought the worst when you said you were hurt!” Simone quickly pulled Twigs into a hug, so grateful that she hadn’t been raped last ngiht. Twigs patted her back before pulling away.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to come out like that. I wasn’t attacked physically by anyone.”

Simone was confused. “Well, then why are you upset, sweetie? You told me you were heading to the dance studio to practice last night, am I not right? Oh god, did someone make fun of your dance routine or something?”

Twigs shook her head. ”No, I was dancing alone in one of the private rooms.”

“Well in that case, you need to fill me in so I can help your miserable ass out.” Simone pushed on, wanting to help her friend anyway that she could.

Twigs sighed and closed her eyes. She didn’t want to have to recall last night’s events. She was still trying to heal from being humiliatingly discarded from Seth, and having to explain to Gene that she didn’t mean to have sex in one of his private dance room. My god that was the most embarrassing part! Someone else HEARD them, and chose to step out of the store until they were finished before confronting them about it. What would Simone think of her if she knew? Perhaps she should tell Simone and find out for herself. They’ve been on and off roommates since she was seventeen, and have been close friends. Twigs would be shocked if Simone brutally judged her over an accident. Besides, Simone’s done worse.

“Well, you know last night I went to the dance studio to practice my dance routine for that upcoming music video, right?” Twigs reminded Simone, who already knew.

“Of course, and?”

“I got a private room to practice alone…when someone walked in and decided to watch me dance.” Twigs revealed, fiddling with the hems of her shirt.

“Who? Did you know them?” Simone questioned, wanting to know who this mystery person was.

“Yeah, in fact he was the main reason I got kicked out of my apartment last night.” Twigs explained, watching Simone’s eyes widen in bewilderment.

“No fucking way.” Simone rejected. What were the fucking odds, Simone thought to herself.

“Oh yes indeed, it was him. He was watching me for some time before I finally noticed him standing there. I turned around and…we just stared at one another. He then grabbed a chair and…oh my god I can still remember the look he gave me…I-I started dancing for him. I couldn’t control myself it was like I was possessed by my own hunger for him. I think he felt the way, because…all of sudden he started to…touch my body an-“ Twigs tried to explain in the exact order everything happened but it was becoming difficult trying not to get turned her on in front of roommate.

“WHOA WHOA WHOA! Hold on right there, young lady. Are you trying to explain to me that you two had sex with each other?” Simone exclaimed in disbelief, standing up in both disgust and shock. Twigs wasn’t known to just sleep around with a guy she barely knew, so this was like World News to Simone. But it was also kind of gross because Twigs was like a sister to her, and Simone didn’t need to know about her sex life in that much details.

“Yeah, we did. Oh my god Simone, we fucked right there in that plastic chair and Gene heard us!” Twigs painfully admitted, covering her face with her hands in humiliation after finally getting it off her chest.

“No way in hell can I believe this story of yours, Twigs? This isn’t like you at all. First of all, you’ve never had sex in a public place before because you’re one of those private people that don’t do those kinds of things!” Simone watched Twigs grab the nearest decorative pillow and stuff her face into it, letting out a whine.

“I know!” Twigs cried from beneath the fluff.

“Second of all, you don’t have sex with every guy you have a crush on until you get to know him first!” Simone continued, hearing another muffled whine from Twigs from somewhere in the pillow. Simone decided to give it a rest since Twigs obviously felt ashamed and embarrassed about the whole thing already. She didn’t need Simone making it worse by scolding her like she was her mother.

“What happened afterwards? Why did you come home upset? Was it something he did?” Simone asked, taking a seat.

Twigs pulled her face out of the small pillow, letting out a sigh as she wiped a small tear away from her cheeks. “After we had done what we did, something changed. It’s like he regretted what happened. I felt like such a whore already that it didn’t exactly help when he started to apologize for having sex with me. I felt so dirty for what I had done, that I found myself apologizing to him too. We got dressed, apologize the whole time. He didn’t stop until he left the room and ran out of the studio.”

Simone’s narrowed her eyes, a little confused. She had only met Seth a few times, so she didn’t know him that well. But something told Simone that ditching out after having sex wasn’t something Seth commonly did. “That’s unbelievable.”

I know. I tried to leave too but Gene was horrified that I was obviously having sex back there in his private studio. He was so upset I thought he would call the cops on me. Eventually, he let me go after banning me from dancing there ever again.” Twigs mumbled regrettably.

“Jesus.” Simone hissed, shaking her head at the thought of her beating Gene’s ass the next time she comes across him at a club.

“Want to know the worst part out of all of this? Twigs added.

Simone was afraid to ask. “What is it, honey?”

Twigs held back tears in her eyes as she looked at her roommate. “I still want him, Simone. I still want Seth, and now that I had him, I just want more! This stupid obsession for him is only getting worse.”
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