Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 226: Last Day

It was Twig’s last full day on the private island of Coco Prives and it was taking everything in her to not show how abject she truly was inside. Her reality was awaiting her just beyond the island’s gorgeous horizon to deface this magical dream that made her so overjoyed and fully relaxed from her troubles.

With a despondent pout on her face, Twigs gazed off at the ocean in the direction they’d just come back from during their swim earlier that day, dispirited. She was held up on the second floor of the resort in the same bedroom that had a bed on the balcony in the shallow pool. She sat there with her legs drawn up to her chest while Seth slept in the lush bed behind her.

This birthday vacation Seth had organized for her had been the best liberation ever conjured up in history. At times she was positive that she had summoned it from some dream of hers in the past and would privately pinch herself to be sure. This week had felt like a month of paradise for her mind, body and soul, but now it was over, and finally time for her to return to her chilled London alone without her affectionate boyfriend who’d be across the ocean from her in his sunny California.

God, it was such a disheartening reminder!

But Twigs didn’t want her last day in paradise to be dismal. Rather she wanted to cherish every drop of this marvel with the man she loved before it was truly over.

The sound of footsteps padding along the bathroom floor to Twig’s right interrupted her from her thoughts, and diverted her attention. She was expecting to see her man going into the bathroom to her right, but couldn’t get a clear view of him with zero blockage due to the height of a few plants that were growing between her pool bed, and the hot tub. It was probably meant to act as a separation between the two areas without erecting an entire wall but right now, it was the biggest annoyance ever designed.

Yearning for a nude glimpse of her man, Twigs rose to her feet on the bed and openly grinned at the magnificent sight before her. She had no idea how he had gotten up from the bed behind her and into the bathroom without her knowing until the last minute, but he had, and now he was now standing in front of the bathroom sinks completely naked and dripping wet from his shower. Twigs resented the drops trailing down his bare skin as Seth checked himself out in the bathroom mirror, unbeknownst to her snooping, praising gaze taking in every detail of his nude form. The man didn’t have the body of a trained wrestler or athlete, but Twigs definitely lusted after what she saw. She imagined it was with the same intensity he lusted after her dancer’s body that was much toner than his.

If so, they certainly made quite a pair!

Having caught Twig’s eyeing him from the pool bed on the balcony behind the plants, Seth grinned to himself and asked her. “Like what you see?”

“Oh, you know I do.” Twigs giggled, biting on her lower lip as her brown eyes dropped to spy a glimpse of his flaccid cock that was in the midst of hardening back to life. She didn’t have to ask if her observing him aroused him. Her grin expanded at how sexy this moment was between them. “Mmm, looks to me you seem to be enjoying it too.”

Not wanting to withhold the evidence of it anymore, Seth turned to face her, letting his erection be fully beheld as he leaned his hip against the edge of the counter. “I absolutely am. In fact…wanna know what’s on my mind right now, wife?”

Tilting her head to the side to feign deliberation because she already had a good idea, Twigs presumed. “Hmm, let me guess. The hot tub?”

“The hot tub!” Seth confirmed with a smile, eyeing her corset mini dress that was much too short for the public eyes. “Oh, and by the way, there’s a ‘no clothes’ policy there so…you know what that means.”

Giggling at his inventive ways at trying to get her naked, Twigs rolled her eyes at him. “Oh, of course there is. Guess I’ll have to meet you there then.”

Rounding the glass walls that surrounded the bathroom sink area, Seth lowered himself into the welcoming heat of the hot tub right outside on the wooden balcony. Leaning back with his arms stretched out, he patiently awaited for his ‘wife’ who made her appearance a short time later…utterly naked. Taking in her small brown tight nipples, Seth let out a groan of weakness to her already dominant female charm. “Get in here, woman!”

“Hey, it’s still my birthday week, Mister! So I’ll be the one calling the shots here!” Twigs affectionately scolded him before complying to his demand. She stepped down into the relaxing warm waters of the hot tub with a sigh of delight. “Oooo, this feels nice.”

Not giving her any time to lower her derriere into the built-in seats, Seth reached out with both arms to greedily ferry her onto his own lap, facing him so her breasts and his eyes were at eye level. With a soft groan, he nuzzled his face against the small Jasmine scented mounds, murmuring against their graceful flesh. “Mmm, I missed these while I was asleep.”

Biting back another giggle, Twigs combed her fingers through his short wet hair while reminding him. “Husband, you fell asleep with a nipple in your mouth last night. What more could you miss?”

“I did tap out pretty early.” Seth admitted with a shrug, delving his face deeper into her breasts so his stubbles would scratch over the delicate skin and make it red from his rough handling. He heard her sigh blissfully at his attention and so he raised his eyes in time to see her close hers. “But can you really blame me? You woke me up in the dead of night to seduce me, if I recall correctly.”

“I only recall a storm brewing nearby last night.” Twigs playfully eluded, a smile growing on her face as she skimmed her hands down his neck to the back of his shoulders.

“And?” Seth coaxed her on before giving in to his greatest temptation and popping one of her nipples into his mouth.

Throwing her head back, Twigs let out a gasp. One hand dug its nails into the flesh of his back while the other cupped the back of his head, driving his face into her breasts. Licking her lips, she swallowed back a moan to confess to her crimes. “I-I thought it would be fun to have s-sex during a tropical storm. I-I’ve never done it before last night.”

“Me neither. It was insane.” Seth pulled back to say before dragging his hot tongue across her other pebbled nipple that felt neglected.

Twigs moaned softly, arching her back a little. “S-See? It wasn’t so bad.”

“Can’t argue there. I’ve never screamed like a girl so loudly during sex before in my life.” Seth recalled, gorging his mouth with the other nipple to keep himself from laughing at the hazy memory. Who knew if it was the mind-blowing sex that did it to him, or the wild storm clashing outside last night?

Twigs let out a laugh, her hand still holding his head to her breast as he suckled on her. As a warm sensation swarmed her, she felt Seth’s hand on her hips, shifting her here and there. Waking herself from the languish pleasure of his mouth on her breast, Twigs felt Seth’s erection poking near her entrance. At first, she thought he was asking for permission to enter because they made love enough times for him to know how to find his way in even in the dark. But then she realized by the way his hips were moving against hers that he was teasing himself to madness…which means she’d follow close behind him. It was both an exhilarating and frustrating ordeal. Running a hand down his back as far as it would go, Twigs inquired to him sensually with a smile. “What are you looking for down there, sport?”

Joining in her play, Seth quipped back. “A way in. Lead the way, captain, my captain.”

Giggling, Twigs reached down between them for his large satiny flesh that was his cock. Rather leading him to where he would enter her, she selfishly toyed with him by stroking him with silken fingers under the water.

Under her, Seth jerked a bit before relaxing against her, his arms embraced her to hold her as close as he could while she touched him. His face buried back into his favorite place, her breasts as her fingers lightly pumped him. With the hot water and her hold on him, he could almost pretend that he was already inside her, making love…almost. Needing more, Seth raised his hips, driving himself through and back out from her hold. Moaning at the euphoria it caused in him, he latched back onto a nipple and suckled while driving his cock back in again. This went on until he couldn’t settle for anything less than the real thing. Releasing her nipples from his mouth, Seth let out a whine. “Tahliah…”

Not needing to be lured for she too was on the verge of losing it, Twigs led him to her entrance and immediately lowered herself onto him. Both cried out in ecstasy, his muffled against her perky breasts.