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To Caress My Day

Chapter 23: Baby Twigs

Seth felt like a MAJOR idiot and it only added to his embarrassment. His maid had solved many of the most challenging subjects Seth had ever faced in his entire life in just a matter of a few minutes! Mrs. Guadalupe was right; Seth had nothing to feel guilty about anymore. Avery had left him for good and she wasn’t about to come back. They were no longer in a committed relationship together so it’s not like he cheated on Avery. Seth supposed that the remaining guilt could still be from before when he struggled to not cheat on Avery whenever he was around Twigs, and it continued to stay even after they finally broke up. Mrs. Guadalupe had also helped Seth’s other relating problem about his uncertainty of Twig’s reciprocating feelings for him. Mrs. Guadalupe believed that from what Seth had told her about Twigs, she definitely wasn’t the type of girl to just sleep around. Twigs had plenty of chances to seduce Seth into having sex, especially believing that he was single the entire time they hung out. Seth’s maid took the time to scold him for not telling his new found love interest about Avery when he was dating her, and made him promise to tell Twigs if he intended to date her. Seth swore he would tell Twigs the truth the next time he saw her.

That is if he was ever lucky enough to see her again. The way he ditched Twigs in that studio was completely unacceptable, and he regretted it ever since. He behaved so badly that it wouldn’t be surprised if Twigs didn’t want to see him ever again. He knew how it looked, but it WAS NOT a one night stand to him at all. The guilt had caught up to him in the end and made him act like a fool! But now that he was single and didn’t have to live with that constant guilt of wanting to have an affair, he can now get to know Twigs freely so they can hopefully become something more in the future.

After the first day passed Seth had become impatient with wanting to see Twigs again. He had helped Mrs. Guadalupe to clean up the entire mess in the mansion as an apology to her for coming back to a load of extra work. Unfortunately, clearing out all the trash didn’t distract him from the impatient desire of seeing Twigs again. Seth had spent the next two days after that, out of the house, leaving his maid behind to sell the mansion at whatever price would get it off his hands. Meanwhile, he had gone to every store, café, restaurant, fast food joint, and parks for the off chance he’d walk into Twigs again. When that didn’t work, he started to spend his evenings at the local bars, and nightclubs. Seth couldn’t find any Neon Jungle gigs online so he had to keep an eye and ear out for them as well.

After five clubs in three days, he almost couldn’t believe his luck in running into one of the Neon Jungle members at a popular club. Amira had been out partying with Shereen, Asami, and Jess, but had lost them in the crowd when she had accidently bumped into Seth MacFarlane.

“Well, look we have here. I didn’t know you like the nightlife!” Amira shouted over the pounding music, watching the rainbow flashing lights pass over his relieved face.

“Oh thank god, you’re here! Wait, the other girls are here too, right?” Seth questioned, looking all around him for a colorful dyed head, a blonde curly fro or a black curly fro.

“Yeah, they’re somewhere in here. I just lost them though, but it’s no big deal. What brings you down to the clubs?” Amira wondered, noticing his behavior was a little frantic and that he wasn’t dressed at all for a nightclub.

Seth ran his fingers through his hair, trying to steady his voice. “I’m looking for Twigs, did she come with you tonight?”

Amira shook her head. “No, she didn’t want to come. She’s been pretty down after you two had sex at the studio. I’m guessing you want to apologize to her for acting like a complete dick, am I right?”

Seth’s was taken aback by her remark. “Wait, how do you know about that?”

Amira rolled her eyes. “I am her childhood friend, you know. We tell each other everything, for example: how sad Twigs is for being a one night standing whore to you.”

Seth let out a loud curse, catching some people’s attention as his face became more and more familiar in their minds. “That’s Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy!” They shouted amongst one another.

Seth ran his hands through his hair again to grip his fading black strands before letting them go. “I swear to you Amira, that was NEVER my intentions! I just-“

“HEY, YOU’RE SETH MACFARLANE RIGHT!?” Seth and Amira looked towards the group of excited fans pushing their way over to him.

“Oh shit!” Seth groaned. For once, he didn’t want to be bombarded by his loyal fans.

Amira grabbed his arm. “Come follow me. We can go talk in the manager’s office upstairs. He’s got an awesome view of the club.”

Seth didn’t bother to question how she knew the manager of the club and followed closely behind her. The group of fans split up, looking for Seth since they had quickly lost sight of him in the tightly packed club. Luckily for Seth he had made it to the stairs and into the office of the club manager with very little setbacks.

“Holy shit!” Seth jumped back at the sleeping guest behind the office chair. A man in his early forties was leaned over the desk, snoring loudly with an empty bottle of whiskey in one hand. Amira came up behind Seth and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry about him. He’s a harmless slumbering drunk. We have all night to talk in here if we wanted to.” Amira went over to a huge comfortable sofas and took a seat, ready to hear Seth’s side of the story.

“Are you sure he won’t mind us in here?” Seth asked, gesturing to the drunk manager.

Amira nodded her head in assurance. “Oh yes, I’ve done this plenty of times before. Now come take a seat and explain what in the world was going through your mind when you hurt my baby Twigs.”

Seth sat down with an amused look at Twig’s nickname. “Baby Twigs?”

Amira cleared her throat, getting impatient with him stalling. She could he felt uneasy about talking to her about what he did to her best friend, but she couldn’t care less. Her best friend was at home with Simone drowning into a cup of tea over this guy. Amira didn’t take her friend’s sadness likely, especially when it had to do with men.

Seth nodded before taking a seat across from her, and starting. “Look I didn’t mean to make Twigs feel anything other than beautiful. I know I acted like a complete asshole, and I won’t try and defend that I’m not. I was out walking when I saw her walk into that dancing studio. I needed to see her all of a sudden, I couldn’t help myself. Amira, the truth is, I’ve been going insane because of Twigs.”

Amira raised an eyebrow. “Going insane? What are you talking about? Twigs would never try and drive anyone clinically insane.”

Seth nodded in agreement. “Not intentionally, I agree. But she has driven me crazy for weeks now, and I only ever feel sane, and alive when I’m with her. I really want to- no, I NEED to be with her. Not only because I have to apologize for being a douchebag but because I want her to be my…girlfriend.” Seth mumbled the last part, now starting to feel like an awkward teenager asking permission to date someone’s daughter.

Amira wasn’t surprised but she was still a little confused. “If you wanted to date Twigs, why didn’t you ask her instead of running out on her like she was just a one-time fuck?”

Seth hesitated, refusing to mention Avery since she was no longer in the picture. “I was…embarrassed.”

“Of what? Her?” Amira demanded, waiting for him to say yes so she can stab him in the eye with her heels.

“God no, I was embarrassed because of how I approached her and what I did to her. I felt like I pushed her into it. I thought she would feel like I pressure her into having sex with me.” Seth explained in kore details.

Amira shook her head and smiled a little. “She doesn’t regret it one bit. She thinks you do. She misses you and felt like she screwed up by , in her words, ‘jumping your bones’. She doesn’t hate you or regret a single second with you. In fact, if I heard correctly, she wants more…in fact, she NEEDS more.”

Seth looked up with an astonished look on his face. “Wait what? Do you mean she…?”

“Yup.” Amira simply reply, watching him jump up to his feet in joy.

“Oh my god! Ok uh I-I-I have to see her! I have to find her RIGHT NOW.” Seth exclaimed loudly as he paced back and forth, trying to figure out which street of houses he’ll have to start knocking on first to find her.

“I can tell you where she is.” Amira offered, the smile growing further on her face. At that moment, Amira was hoping Twigs would enjoy her early birthday present that Amira was about to send her way.
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