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To Caress My Day

Chapter 24: Let Himself Go

Twigs had spent a lot of her time in her apartment alongside her roommate, who’s been putting up with her constant moping. She was supposed to be preparing for a trip to the states that was coming up real soon, but Twigs didn’t have any energy to pack, much less dress herself these days. Twigs had gotten so lazy in the past few days that she hardly puts on any decent clothes. Simone didn’t mind it since they were both females and shared the same lady parts; besides Twigs was still upset over her one night stand with Seth so Simone let her do whatever she wanted out of sympathy. Simone has also been to occupied to bother Twigs because of how busy she’s been the last few days trying to convince Gene, from the dance studio, to let Twigs back in so she could continue to practice there. Gene is severely stubborn but Simone thinks that she’s getting really close to him finally giving in to her nagging and allowing Twigs back into his establishment.

Simone was lying on the couch and texting away on her phone to their friend, Jess. She wanted her to invite the whole group over to help her get Twigs out of her depressive and pitiful funk. Twigs was still brooding at the kitchen table staring at a glass of water. She reminisced about that moment at the dance studio when she and Seth had both passionately fucked until their release and stayed wrapped in each other’s arms long after they rode out their orgasms. That memory always seemed to make her bite her bottom lip, her body all hot and bothered. She couldn’t help but replay it over and over in her head every chance she got. She’s never had sex like THAT before. It was so intense, and fulfilling, but at the same time not fulfilling, almost like it was a tease of what he can offer her. She didn’t know how to explain it. All she was certain of was that she needed more. The hunger got so bad sometimes that she’d wake up in the morning with her hands between her legs. But no matter how much she wanted it, she wasn’t about to touch herself with her roommate Simone in the apartment. It was wrong of her to even think about doing it, despite how painful the temptation to masturbation was.

Twigs got up from her chair to go into the small kitchen when a knock at the door interfered with their quiet morning. Simone got up from the couch and unlocked the front door to invite their four young girlfriends in…only they weren’t standing on the other side. Simone gasp in surprised at an exhausted Seth MacFarlane standing on their welcoming mat.

“What are you doing here? How did you find this place?” Simone demanded, her brown eyes narrowing at him with displeasure, but there wasn’t a point in giving him a negative stare. Seth wasn’t even looking at Simone to be aware of how she felt about his unexpected visit. Instead, he was looking behind her at Twigs who had just turned around to see what her roommate was so upset about. Simone followed his stare to Twigs, watching as her roommate’s eyes filled with disbelief. Simone waited for a sign from Twigs that she didn’t like the fact that Seth was the one knocking on their door instead of their friends, but Simone saw nothing but desire. Twigs and Seth’s feet were frozen to the ground as they stared at one another, lust in their eyes. Simone looked between the tall handsome Seth and the beautiful petite Twigs in alarm, instantly getting what was going on here.

Oh they can’t be seriously doing this right now with me still in the apartment, Simone thought to herself. Simone’s roommate and Mr. Heartbreaker looked like two animals waiting for the other to take the first shot. Simone was about to object to them doing anything sexual to each other when she glanced down to see Seth sporting a visible hard on in his pants. Simone’s jaw dropped in horror as she backed away as he stepped forward into their apartment, his eyes attention completely on Twigs. The man looked so tired it looked like he also hadn’t slept in days. His whole body trembled like a starving man that just discovered a ripe fruit tree. If Simone didn’t already know Seth was not a drug addict; his behavior would have clearly hint that he is on something.

Twigs had taken two steps forward, a hand slowly reaching out to him when she stopped herself before she got out of hand. If she was to get any closer to him, her roommate was going to witness things that she wouldn’t want to see. The young dancer quickly turned around and headed back into the kitchen, addressing Seth behind her shoulder as politely as she could muster.

“How nice to see you again, Mr. MacFarlane. Would you like some tea, or coffee? I’m not one for coffee but its some people’s preference.” Twigs spoke clearly, despite the ongoing struggle of wanting to tackle him to the ground and rip his clothes off. Seth was still walking towards her, leisurely taking in her see- through oversize shirt that she wore above her black bra and panty. He swallowed thickly to prevent himself from drooling from his mouth. Twigs was in the process of making her tea, concentrating on not splashing the hot water everywhere. Her hands wouldn’t stop shaking so it became a difficult challenge.

By that time Simone was already collecting her bag, phone, wallet and keys, before slipping into her boots. She could clearly tell by Twig’s nervous invitation to tea that she wanted Seth to stay there with her and with how long she’s been obsessing over him, these two were definitely going to get it on whether Simone wanted to stay or not. If it wasn’t for Twigs being depressed and shit, Simone would have demanded them both to knock it off and stop behaving like they’re hormonal teenagers. But because Twigs has been upset, Simone was going to let her get laid in their apartment alone. Simone sent Shereen a quick text for them to meet her at a nearby café and that she’ll explain the change in plans when she got there.

Twigs was adding sugar into her tea when she felt two warm hands close over her arms. She let out a gasp as one of her hands gripped the side of the counter and the other gripped a handful of tea bags, ripping some of them open. Twigs closed her eyes and tried to focus on not losing her self-control, but Twigs could only hold out for so long though; her body already beginning to tremble. She let her lips part in a loud whimper that was loud enough for roommate to hear. Simone cringed and quickly grabbed her coat and sunglasses as she tried to ignore the sounds her friend was making. My god, do these people have no sense of decency, Simone thought before she opened the door and ran out of the apartment.

Finally alone, Twigs could feel his body molding into hers and the warmth spreading throughout her small frame. She could feel him let out a long sigh against her hair as he laid his cheek against the back of her head. Twigs listens for Simone’s key jingling down the hallway before she slowly turned around and look up into his face. Seth was savoring being in her presence and so was Twigs, neither one of them breaking eye contact from each other.

Everything about their last meeting was forgotten for a few seconds as they felt that familiar euphoric sensation they got whenever they were around each other. Seth wrapped one arms around her waist and allowed his other hand to gently caress her soft cheek. Twigs places her hands on his chest as she leaned closer to take in his sexy cologne. His smell was so tempting, that it oddly made Twigs feel so guilty about how their last meeting ended.

Tahliah parted her lips to apologize for her part. “I’m sorry Se-“

“Shh.” Seth shushed her, placing a finger to her red lips before cupping her face in his hands, his thumb caressing her cheeks like he couldn’t believe she was real. It felt like it had been weeks since he’s seen her, and she was just as beautiful then as she is now. He held her heart shaped head in his hands and studied her pixie-like face. Her big brown eyes look a little far apart from beneath her thick eyebrows. Her nose was small and adorable with her signature golden septum ring. Her Cupid ’s bow lips were full and red. When they parted, you can see her two front teeth that looked pearly white against her golden skin and dark hair. He felt extremely grateful to be given the chance to see her again and wanted to spend some time taking her in. Twigs was more impatient.

Her hands had drifted over his back to grip onto the suit jacket as she yearned over wanting to taste his lips and feel his touch again. Seth was starting to feel the yearning himself, but didn’t want to give in so quickly just yet because she was just so beautiful to look at. Twigs let out a small impatient whine. It seemed like centuries since they last kissed and she needed to feel it again. Twigs pulled his body closer to hers and then she lifted herself up onto her tippy toes. Her red lips smashed itself onto his, eliminating every thought from his mind in seconds. Their kiss quickly turned into a hungry, breath-taking session where the only sounds in the room was Seth’s heavy breathing, and Twig’s desperate gasps. The smacking of their lips resulted in her lipstick smudging all over their mouths just like before. Twigs hands came up to dive into his hair and hold his head close to hers so he couldn’t easily escape, not that he intended to. Seth’s hands pulled her head closer to his so she also wouldn’t escape; smashing their nose into each other as they fed from each other’s mouths like starving animals. The more their tongues slid over each other and the more their teeth scraped against each other, the hungrier they got.

Seth let out a groan as he reached behind Twigs to swipe all the contents off the counter as well as the coffee maker. The shattering and crashing didn’t cause any reaction or interruptions to their current mission, in fact it only fueled Seth to break away from the kiss to lift her up onto the counter. Twigs whined from the few seconds of loss contact before they went right back to kissing again. The young dancer wrapped her legs around his waist and placed her small hands on his chest, feeling his muscles through the material of his shirt. Seth ran his hands up and down her back before slowly sliding them over her small breasts. Twigs broke the kiss to let out a gasp as she felt the heat from his hands seeping through her top and onto her breasts. She bit her lips as she felt her nipples harden.

“God, you feel so perfect even with your clothe on.” The billionaire confessed against her lips.

He let out a low moan before reconnecting their lips again. He wanted her clothes off. He wanted to see and feel her naked skin again. He felt like his want was becoming more like a dying wish, so he didn’t bother to ask her permission when he decided to lift her off the counter and lay her down onto the kitchen table a few steps away. Seth gently pulled her arms and legs off of him so he could step back and get a good look at her. Twigs was laid out on the table with her arms above her head and her knees bent to one side so he could see the curve of her ass.

The only sounds in the room were their heavy panting. Twigs was too impatient to wait for Seth to come back to touch her, so she decided to make the first move. Twigs slid herself down the table a bit so his hard could feel the volcanic heat between her legs. Twigs gasped a little when she felt his cock twitch against her in response. The young dancer looked into his eyes to see the hunger raging too, but was let down when she saw a different expression plastered on his face. Seth looked doubtful, like something else was on his mind. In truth, he was beginning to second guess what he was doing. Did this look like he was trying to take advantage of her again? No, he couldn’t do that to her again. All of this started because he started thinking with his dick over his brain. Seth had hurt Twigs for days, and he didn’t want to end up doing it again. They need to slow down and talk about this first, just so they’re on the same page that this is consensual on both ends.

Seth went to open his mouth and speak but was caught off by her breathy voice desperately pleading for him. “Please.”

Twigs was laying on the table in sexual pain, not knowing what Seth was thinking or what he was about to say. She didn’t want to be selfish, but she was at the point right now of tying him up and riding his dick without his help. It was taking a lot of will power to keep herself from dominating him. Thankfully her plea had weaken Seth to yield to her. Twigs watched with delight as he lean back over her and captured her lips beneath his. Their lips moved together once again in a heavy make out session, her red lipstick a faded pink smudge on their lips. Seth let out a hungry moan of pleasure alongside her joyful gasps as he let himself go, and surrender to her.
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