Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 25: Anywhere You Want

Dishes and silverware that were once settled upon the kitchen table had been smacked off, and were now lying in shattered pieces on the floor. Twig’s arms continued to swing over the table top, shoving away the last of dishes to the floor. She wanted nothing else on the table but her and Seth. With everything now out of the way, Twigs went to work on tugging at his suit jacket, demanding it off with little grunts since the couple were still devouring each other’s mouths. Seth complied by quickly breaking the kiss and ripping off his jacket like it was on fire, and then returning back to shoving his tongue down her throat. Twigs smiled a little before she let out a gasp at his hands sneaking under her shirt to roam over her skin. Seth’s hands eagerly cup her breasts through her black bra, squeezing them as much as he could. Twigs let out a loud moan as her back arched off the table and her legs tightened around his waist.

Seth groaned at her responsiveness to his touch as he impatiently tugged the oversize shirt over her head so fast she had no idea it was gone until she felt the cool air touch her stomach. Seth gave himself a second to take in her black bra and underwear. Her body looked incredible in lingerie. Twigs watched him look her over, feeling goosebumps crawl over her body as she began to feel a little nervous beneath his gaze. When he finally reached out to her, and his hands came into contact with her flat stomach, he was a little surprised to discover that she had a belly button ring. A small smirk crossed his lips before his hands roamed up to her bra straps to pull them down her shoulders. Twigs got the hint and sat up so his hands could reach around and unhook her bra. Seth fingers took their time unhooking the bra so he could kiss and suck on her exposed neck. Twigs let out a choked gasp, weakly falling back down on the table again. Seth smiled before peeling the bra off her body, revealing her bare breasts to him. He watched them harden beneath his intense stare before Twigs sat up to grab hold of the hem of his shirt, yanking it up to reveal his naked torso.

This was the first time she had ever seen him topless, and she liked what she saw. Her small hands ran over his pale chest and through the light sprinkle of chest hair. Seth wasn’t buff, but he also wasn’t a weakling either. The man had the perfect amount of muscles for her. Twigs smiled before leaning over to nuzzle her face again his warm chest with joy at finally getting him half-naked. But now she wanted to see him completely naked. Twigs trailed her fingers down towards his stomach, biting back giggles as she felt his muscles clench beneath her nails. Seth was struggling to normalize his breathing as he heard his zipper being pulled down and undoubtedly the loosening of his trousers. Instead of pulling his pants down like he thought she would do, he felt pressure being added to his hard on, making him moan loudly. Twigs palmed him for a few seconds, listening to his moans while he leaned his forehead against hers, before reaching into his briefs and pulling his hard cock out. Seth let out a loud groan, his hands tightening on her long dark hair that he had released from her bun without her knowledge.

Twigs smiled with confidence at how easily she affected him with just the simple act of holding him. It made her feel she was really powerful, which wasn’t what she was felt after having sex with the other guys before Seth. I mean yeah they liked her for a while but that was just because she was flexible during sex. Twigs shook those thoughts from her head and focused on here and now and what she’s been dreaming of doing for so long already.

Twigs got off the table, and to push Seth back as she leaned up to whisper teasingly against his lips. “Seth please, I want to taste you. I want you in my mouth so I can slide my tongue over your smooth hot skin. Don’t you want to see my lips stretch around your big…hard…”

Seth was too distracted to have any idea that she was leading him to a chair until the back of his knees gave out, plopping him on down.

“…Cock.” Twigs finished, standing in front of him in nothing but her underwear. Seth was totally up for the offer as he hurriedly kicked his shoes off and assisted her in taking his pants and briefs off. Twigs studied him for a moment before licking her lips. Seth was so hard by now that his dick was touching his stomach and leaking pre-cum. Twigs didn’t waste any time by getting on her knees and giving his head a small kiss, making him flinch. Seth watches a small smile cross her lips before she quickly sucks his head into her mouth, making him groan. She swirls her tongue over his head as she takes more and more of him into her mouth. Seth clenches his fist and focuses on keeping himself from pushing himself down her throat with a thrust of his hips. Seth closed his eyes and leaned his head back a bit as his fingers dive into her long hair to hold on. Twigs placed a hand on his shaft, moving it up and down as she continued to suck him while secretly using her other hand to touch herself through her underwear. It didn’t take long for Seth to figure out what she was doing to herself.

“Fuck, you’re so good with your mouth. Now, let me show you what I can do with mine.” Seth groaned before pushing her head off from him and lifting her up easily to place her back down on the table and yanking her underwear off. Twigs eagerly laid back down as Seth pulled her legs apart to reveal her wetness glistening in the sunlight from the windows. Seth licked his lips as Twigs began to whimper in anticipation.

“Please, Seth. Don’t tease me.” Twigs whined, almost close to tears with anticipation.

Seth smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll promise I won’t stay too long. I’m your guest so I think it’s only fair I have a sample at least, don’t you?” Seth confessed before placing his mouth between her legs, causing her to scream. Twigs arched her back as her legs began to shake with the amount of pleasure coursing through her already. Seth felt her small fingers begin to pull at his fading dark hair as he licked and devoured her like she was a delicious banquet. Twigs couldn’t keep her voice down or her hips still as she continued to scream, moan and cry out. Her hips were beginning to grind down against his face, wanting even more.

“S-Seth please! Please I-I want you! G-Get inside m-oh my god yes!!” Twigs cried out, begging for her life.

Seth pulled away from sucking on her clit. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over on the account that I was eating your pussy. What were you begging for?” He teased with a smirk.

Twigs moaned, “I want your cock inside me, Seth. I’m so wet for you. I want to tighten around you while you’re fucking me and then milk you dry. Please don’t make me wait.” She begged, her fingers sliding down between her legs to tease him by sliding a digit into her entrance. Seth was unbelievably turned on as he stood up and pulled her hand away before lifting her up in his arms. Twigs sucked on his neck before he reached a bedroom and laid her down on what he assumed was her bed. The sunlight coming through her window was shining down on her naked body, giving it a beautiful golden look. Seth crawled on top of her, feeling her wrap her legs around him as he teasingly pressed the tip of his cock against her entrance. Twigs moaned in frustration and smacked him on the chest impatiently.

“Seth!!” The billionaire laughed at her whine before capturing her lips with his once more. A thought came to him that surprisingly had never entered his mind before.

“Wait, are you on-“

“Yes, I’m on the pill. Don’t worry, just please get inside me.” Twigs whined, her brows furrowed in pain. Seth was relieved, and felt like an idiot for never asking her that question when they had sex before. That was the first time he’s ever acted so irresponsibly before.

“You have no idea how beautiful you look right now.” He whispered against her lips before pushing himself inside of her, listening to her sharp gasp. Twigs let out a moan as she arched her back and she closed her eyes, her fingers digging into his back. Seth couldn’t help but clench her sheets in his fist and let out a pleasurable moan at her tightness. He didn’t have the strength to wait before he started thrusting into her, their loud moans filling the apartment. Twigs tightened her legs to keep him from attempting to pull out of her. There was no way she was going to let him stop fucking her now that he was inside her again. Seth readjusted himself onto his elbows so he could look down at the pleasurable faces she was making until they started kissing for a minute. Twigs pulled away to beg him to go faster, urging him on. Seth quickens his pace which only made them loader. Due to his hard and quick thrusting, their bodies began to shuffle up the bed until they ran into the headboard. He didn’t want to fracture her skull by being selfish because he didn’t protect her head from the headboard, so he quickly lifted her up without having to pull out and pushed her into the corner of the wall but away from the window. Holding onto the back of her thighs, he continued to pound into her, hitting her spot instantly and making her cry out and retighten her legs around his waist. Already these two had worked up quite a sweat.

“You feel so fucking tight, Pixie. I can’t believe it.” Seth moan as he buried his face against her neck and suckled on the sensitive flesh.

Twigs moaned in response. “God, you’re so good at fucking me, I can feel you everywhere. I fucking love it!”

Twigs leaned down to sucked on the skin on his shoulder, leaving hickies behind as a reminder. As they continue to slam their hips together while making out, Seth began to feel the familiar tightness in his lower belly signaling he was about to cum. Holding onto her tightly, Seth let himself fall back onto the bed so she was now on top and in control. He wanted to see what she could do. Twigs is surprised that he wants them to do it in front of her curtain less window but sits up to look down at him in excitement at the same time. Seth places his hands on her breast no one in the apartment building across the street would be able to see them. Twigs smirked before rotating her hips for a while, then bouncing up and down on his lap. Seth watches her with heavy lids and lustful eyes while moaning along with her. While riding him, Twig began to arch herself back a bit, moaning louder as she feels her orgasm about to come.

“I’m gonna cum.” Seth moaned, tightening his hold on her hips.

“Cum anywhere you want baby.” Twigs moaned, a sexy smile on her face. Seth groaned before lifting his hips to thrust into her while his fingers found her clit and rubbed it. Twigs is taken by surprise when she throws back her head and cums, tightening her hold on his shoulder as she screamed his name. Seth watched her climax before allowing himself to give into her tightening muscles and release himself inside her. Twigs weakly collapsed onto his chest, letting him wrap his arms tightly around her to help ride out their orgasms, before ceasing all together.

They laid there panting for a while, not saying a word or opening their eyes. Seth pressed a small kiss to the top of her head before realizing that she fell asleep on him. Seth gently maneuvers around her to grab a blanket for them before gently easing his cock out of her. Twigs let out a whine in Seth’s arms as he placed a pillow beneath their heads before wrapping his arm around her. The two lovebirds snuggled close together before Seth fell asleep with Twigs wrapped in his arms.