Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 258: In No Condition

At the bar of a lucrative club in the basement of a renown Casino, Seth got hammered with the rest of the fellows that made up Frederick’s Bachelor party. Having also attended the same dimly lit club with Libby’s Bachelorette party, Avery helped herself to getting drunk with the women in the corner of the room. But unlike her ex-fiance, the classic beauty was always able to handle her drink a hell of lot better than Seth ever could.

Both parties lingered in the very intimate and hushed club, but did their very best to keep their distance from each other to uphold the old tradition of having a split Bachelorette and Bachelor parties. Not one person cared for what the soon-to-be groom and soon-to-be-bride wanted anymore, because it only served to make the couple stingily happy and spoil the fun for the rest of their groups. Electing to take the helm on this trip, the invited guests were determined to avoid the other party for as long as they possibly could in Las Vegas. Yes, it was true that they were currently in the same club together, but that didn't mean they had to acknowledge the other group.

This went on partying successfully until a very drunk Seth, Spencer and Braxton got to stumbling on an untouched stage four steps high to dedicate a love song to their boy, Frederick. The song was awful to say the least with only one of them gifted with a gifted voice. Collectively though, they were all uncoordinated not only with their words but also with their balance. Seth would’ve fallen off the stage had it not been for Harrison coming to the rescue and catching him in time. The two once divided groups all burst out into laughter one last time before the late hour began to call them to their own individual hotel rooms.

Because Seth was so drunk, he couldn’t get himself out of the armchair Harrison had carefully settled him into when he helped offstage. Lifting a finger, he hiccuped before hailing out to the few remaining stragglers. “Um…some h-help here?”

“I gotcha you, buddy.” Aaron Bates answers Seth’s plea and carefully gets him out of his armchair and back onto his feet again. However, when he tried to let him go, the man began to teeter. Quickly grabbing a hold of him again, Seth was balanced again. “Shit, you’re in no condition to go anywhere.”

“Nooooope.” Seth answered before throwing his head back to cackle at that hilarious fact.

Aaron sighed, not really wishing to have to babysit anyone else when Las Vegas and all the women it consisted of were waiting for him! Glancing around, he caught sight of Avery being the last person to make her exit from the club. “Hey, Avery! Can you give me a hand?”

Turning around, Avery spotted Aaron and the mess that was her ex hanging onto him laughing. Both of her brows rose as she retraced her steps back to them. “God, he looks like an infant learning how to walk for the first time.”

“Right! And to make matters worse his room isn’t in this Casino.” Aaron lamented as Seth began to sway in his arms again, fascinated by the way his own body moved like a worm. “Do you mind?”

“Sure.” Avery shrugged, coming around to take Seth’s arm and loop around the back of her neck. Together the duo carefully escorted him out of the Casino into the nightlife of Las Vegas with its flashing lights and sea of visitors. Because Seth was incapable of balancing on his own two feet, they had to keep a hand on him at all times as they closed their distance to the curb. “Shall we hail a cab?”

“On it.” Aaron assured her as he stuck out a hand and hollered out to one particular incoming Taxi. The driver seemed to notice them and immediately pulled up to the curb in front of them. Unfortunately, at that exact same time, Aaron caught sight of two women coming out of the Casino from his peripheral vision. They were the very same women that had performed in the Burlesque show the Bachelor party attended earlier that afternoon! With hearts in his eyes, Aaron was determined to get their numbers before he lost them forever in the throng of tourists, and so he instantly let go of a very inebriated Seth and hailed out to them instead. “HEY! LADIES! LADIES, REMEMBER ME?”

Floored that Aaron was literally ditching her to handle Seth on her own, Avery furiously yelled after him. “AARON! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING!? GET BACK HERE, YOU HORNY ASSHOLE!”

But it was too late, Aaron was completely out of earshot.

“That disgusting, sex hungry, piece of shit!” Avery growled beneath her breath, cursing Aaron’s very existence! No way was she gonna curse the two innocent women that would cross paths with that horndog, it wasn’t their fault for being born with a vagina and a pair of tits. There was no other choice for Avery but to take Seth back to his hotel on her own, literally no other option! Seth was too drunk to get there by himself even with the help of a cab driver and she honestly wouldn’t feel right abandoning him on his own especially after the way she broke his heart and dumped him last year. Carefully, she managed to get Seth into the cab on her own before closing his door and rounding the vehicle to get into the back with him.

“Where to, ma’am?” The Taxi driver inquired, looking at her through his rearview mirror.

“Hold on a second for me, please.” Avery delayed, having no idea which hotel Seth was staying in! Turning in her seat towards her drunk ex, she tried her best to calmly get an answer out of him. After a while of incoherent mumble jumble, she managed to wrangle the name of the hotel and dispatched it to their driver who immediately got them on the road.

Sadly, when they got there, Avery couldn’t physically get Seth back out of the Taxi to save her life. Straightening up from where she’d been bent over trying to haul her ex out, she huffed out to him. “Goddamnit, you heavy sonofabitch!”

Thankfully taking pity on Avery and because he needed to get back to work on the Vegas strip, the driver got out to assist her. “Allow me, ma’am.”

“Oh thank god! Thank you so much, sir!” Avery praised him, her palms pressed together in thanks. She couldn’t get Seth out of the car alone, but with the help of their driver it was possible now. Working together, they got him out and into the glamorous hotel where Avery recruited the help of the staff to take over for the driver who left the hotel with a very generous tip from her for being her Hercules.

With her guiding the way, Avery led the two men carrying Seth to his room where she held the door open for them and then proceeded to lead them to the master bedroom. “Just dump him here. He’ll be fine.”

“Yes, ma’am.” One of the men answered, following through with her orders because they assumed she was the wife or girlfriend to this barely conscious man. Lowering her lover to the bed, they backed up just as Avery handed them both a healthy sum of money in the form of a major tip.

“Thank you for both of your assistance. That’ll be all for now. Have a good night.” Avery bid them farewell, walking them to the door where she shut it quietly behind them. Finally alone, she let out a breath that she felt like she’d been holding since both the Bachelorette and Bachelor party had interrupted their chat. It had been Seth and Avery’s first meeting since they broke up and had been the most unforeseen pivotal moment of her trip so far.

Thinking she should probably check in on Seth to make sure he was good to be left alone, Avery headed back towards the bedroom where she leaned against the open entryway. “You okay to be left on your own yet?”

“Mmm, gotta take a pisssss.” Seth mumbled drunkenly as he wiggled out of his jacket from the center of the bed. Once that garment was removed, he fiddled with the top button of his button-up shirt as he scooted towards the edge of the bed. His first step off the bed was a stumble followed by a grunt when his shoulder collided with the wall by his bed. Turning to lean his forehead against the wall he had fallen into, Seth began to work on the front of his pants. He didn’t remember exactly where he was, he only knew he needed to relieve his bladder.

“Are you seriously about to piss on the fucking wall?!” Avery chided Seth, finding the sight absolutely disgusting! Not planning to stand by and allow him to get away with it, she marched up to him to grab ahold of his biceps from behind and turned him so she could guide him to the bathroom right next door. Steering him into the polished marble room, she stopped him in front of his porcelain throne that was awaiting him with its seat already up. “Piss here instead, you drunk idiot.”

Ditching him in the bathroom, Avery wandered back into the living room area and fixed her up a glass of champagne. Taking a seat on the couch that faced large panes of glass, she took in the million dollar view of Las Vegas in all its nightly glory. It was a bustling sight of lights and activity. People from all over the world went to this desert-like region to experience all it had to offer in food, shows, gambling and god knows what else. It was a familiar place Avery had frequented before in the past. But it wasn’t all that exciting to her anymore. If she’d been able to bring Clinton, then maybe it’d be a different story.