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To Caress My Day

Chapter 26: Comes With A Price

Twigs was the first one to wake up in the sunlight of the afternoon. Her big brown eyes squinted for a few minutes until they landed on the sleeping form next to her. Twig’s heart began to pound as she lifted her head off her pillow to look over at the perfect specimen that was sharing her bed and who was also kind enough to shield her breasts from view with his arm. A wave of joy slowly crept across her face as her eyes soften at seeing him sleeping so soundly in her company. Seth MacFarlane was so irresistible when he was asleep, that Twigs couldn’t help but reach over and lightly caress his cheek. Seth was laying on his side facing her, giving her enough time to study him closely. His black hair had faded to a brown since she last saw him. The black bags beneath his eyes looked a little faded too since earlier that morning, and she nearly melted when she noticed a few light wrinkles in the corner of his eyes. Twigs never thought wrinkles could be so alluring, but one Seth they were! Her fingertips trailed over the tiny stubble on his cheeks as her eyes honed in on his lips. Twigs really wanted to taste those lips again. As her eyes trailed lower, she discovered that her sheets were resting extremely low on his hips, much to her delight. Twigs almost let a tortured moan slip through her lips, before urging herself to let him rest instead. Softly slipping out of her bed, Twigs glanced at her open doorway. She couldn’t hear the TV in the living room or music coming from her roommate’s room, which meant Simone hadn’t returned home yet.

Twigs shook her head before looked over her shoulder at Seth. She just had to make sure this wasn’t a dream; it felt so unreal. She smiled softly at his slumbering form, and couldn’t believe that a minute hadn’t passed yet and he still looked as breath-taking as before. She just wanted to crawl back into bed with him and cuddle in his arms, but she knew she had to get up before Simone returned so she could apologize for…earlier events. Twigs let out a sigh before pulling the rest of the sheets over his chest and then quickly headed to the bathroom.


Twigs was making tea in the kitchen when she heard the jingle of Simone’s keys coming down the hall and then the sounds of the locks on the front door. Twigs had cleaned the house of all the broken dishes ten minutes ago so she wouldn’t have to explain why the dishes had been shatter and their coffeemaker destroyed. It’s not like she wasn’t ever going to tell Simone about it, it’s just she didn’t want to tell her right this second. Maybe later Twigs will let her know. Once inside, the ladies exchanged quiet greetings to each other before Simone headed down the hallway to her bedroom, or at least that’s where Twigs assumed she was going. Instead, Simone poked a head in Twig’s room to see a slumbering Seth in her roommate’s bed. He was lying on his stomach and facing the windows, his bare back warming in the sunlight. Simone bit her lips to stop her giggles as she felt a wave of pride that her friend had finally gotten laid after so long. Twigs was sitting at the kitchen table when Simone returned and took a seat beside her.

“So, it look like Mr. MacFarlane was knocked out from strenuous earlier activities, wouldn’t you say.” Simone boldly observed, watching Twigs look away and giggle. Simone snickered before leaning over to place a comforting hand on Twig’s.

“Hey, it’s ok honey. You satisfied your man, and that’s what we’re supposed to do, and vice versa. So, how was he?” Simone wiggled her brows at Twigs, making her giggle again.

“I can’t believe you! He’s not my man, we just so happened to have slept together again, that’s all…and he was fucking phenomenal!” Twigs cried out, lifting her fist in the air in triumph, making her roommate laugh and nearly fall out of her chair.

“Oh my god, I knew it. But let me be honest here and say you two looked like HELL this morning and now you guys look like you had went on a month long spa vacation while I was out.” Simone shared, watching Twigs roll her eyes at her remark. Twigs could deny it all she wanted, but she looked radiant compared to the last few days.

“That’s because we did, sweetheart!” Twigs concurred confidently, making Simone laugh again, clapping her hands together before calming down.

“Ok, let be serious for a second. What’s going to happen now? I mean, are two going to actually start a relationship together or what?” Simone asked with a more serious tone, leaning closer to get Twig’s opinion about this juicy situation.

Twigs frowned, looking down at the table top for a few moments. She had no idea what was going to happen yet, so she gave Simone her reply in the form of a shrug.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Simone questioned, giving Twigs a doubtful look. With all the spare time Twig’s had recently, Simone would think she’d have stopped to think about all this Seth business and if she wanted to continue having a one-time-thing or a proper relationship.

“It means, I have no idea. Simone, I honestly can’t believe I’m back in this situation again. I didn’t think it would happen a second time around.” Twigs complained, laying her head on the cool tabletop for some kind of comfort from all the stress.

“Which situation? The one where you want to date this guy because you’re obsessed with him, or the one where you want to fuck this guys through the next millennium because he’s just that yummy?” Simone questioned honestly, watching her roommate look torn between those two sides. Twigs lifted her head and pouted, her hands in her hair.

“Not it’s not just that. I mean, I want to date him, but at the same time I have this bad feeling about it. I want to be able to work on my music without getting help from everybody and their grandmothers because I’m Seth MacFarlane’s girlfriend. Not to mention my life is going to be publicly put out there and into their magazines. I won’t be able to pick up my dog’s shit without blinding camera lights flashing away my retinas and being asked to pose for the camera right after I just blew my nose.” Twigs ranted away, stopping to take a breather. She had so much time to think of all these different scenarios over the time she’s been moping. Twigs found there to be too many negatives to dating Seth.

Simone raised an eyebrow. “So what you’re saying is you don’t want his fame to help construct your music career or put you out there for the world to pick apart like vultures?”

“Yes, and also because I don’t want to be famous, the thought makes me kind of sick. I want to make my music, and not have my life out there for the world to dissect so they can judge me and call me a gold-digger or something!” Simone quickly shushed Twigs, calming her down because her voice was beginning to rise and could wake Seth up.

Twigs let out a long drawn out sigh, cupping her face in her hands. “I’m sorry I just…he’s like a dream come true for me. I can feel it in every part of my body, but at the same time he comes with a price that I don’t know if I can pay. It’s complicated.”

“I know honey, but you need to promise me that if you do decide you want to be with Seth; you will ultimately hold off on the sex unless you two find another place to do it that is not this apartment.” Simone said a little sternly, gesturing to the walls around them.

Twigs tilted her head in confusion, not quite sure where Simone is getting at since she wasn’t home when Twigs woke up. Oh no, did Simone try and come home earlier, but found out they were still going at it? “W-Why?”

“Because the tenants were waiting downstairs for me when I got home to complain about sinful sounds on our floor. I told them I’d take care of it immediately if they promise to never breathe a word of this to my parents when they come back from their vacation.” Simone explain, watching Twigs hide her red face behind her hands, while repeatedly chanting, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe they heard, oh my god!’

“Look I am beyond happy for you, Twigs. But if you intend to have sex with him again in the future, it would best you do it somewhere or his place. From what was described to me by those tenants that you traumatized, you’re a super loud lover. Telling you to keep it down doesn’t sound like it’s something you’re at all capable of doing.” Simone informed her, embarrassing her further.

Twigs let out a sad moan, placing her head back on the table as her shoulders slumped.

“What is it?” Simone asked, stealing a sip of Twig’s tea.

“It’s nothing. I probably shouldn’t talk about it with him still here.” Twigs shrugged, talking a little lower.

“Sweetie we’ve been talking about him this whole time already. What’s a little more gonna hurt?” Simone said before hearing some sounds coming from Twigs room, her head turning in the direction of the hallway.

“Oh shit, sounds like your ‘boyfriend’ is up.” Simone teased, grabbing her phone out of her bag on the kitchen counter and heading towards the front door.

“Where are you going?” Twigs asked, her brows furrowed as she stood up.

“To give you two some privacy to figure out what you’re gonna do. I’ll be downstairs in my parent’s apartment. If he hurts you, text me, I’ll chop him up when he’s coming down the stairs with my daddy’s machete.” Simone said over her shoulder before blowing a kiss and leaving.

Twigs bit her lips as she filled her cup with more tea before heading down the hall to her bedroom. Seth was beginning to stir in his sleep, rustling the sheets with his movements. Twigs took to leaning against her doorway and watching him rather than slipping in beside him like a creeper and scaring the shit out of him when he came to. Then again standing by the doorway might look even creepier. Twigs stepped a little deeper into her room, but not by much. As she watched him stretch and then opened his eyes, she couldn’t help but be plagued by a nagging question.

Was there a possibility that he would ever see her as girlfriend material? Seth MacFarlane was rich, successful and gorgeous. He could have his pick of ANY woman he wanted. But…can only supermodels and actresses grab his attention or can a poor young dancer from Gloucestershire do it too?
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