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To Caress My Day

Chapter 27: Allow Me

Seth opened his eyes to the remarkable sight of seeing Twigs leaning against her doorway with a cup of tea, watching him. He would have smiled and gave her a good morning if he hadn’t recalled last night’s events and wondered if they had indeed happen or if it was another perverted dream of his. Did they really have sex? They must have, why else would he be in her apartment…naked. But still…

“Did last night really happen? It wasn’t a dream, right?” Seth questioned a little too franticly, worrying Twigs. Was he already regretting this again, she wondered before looking away and shifting her body so she was standing half in and half out of her room. If he dares says that this was all a mistake, she would threaten to call the police if he didn’t leave her apartment fast enough. She was NOT going to be able to go through that humiliation again without hurting him! So for his safety and her best interest, the cops need to be here to restrain her and save him.

“Y-Yes, it did happen. We had sex.” Twigs managed to say before waiting for his reply back.

Seth closed his eyes and exhaled slowly. He couldn’t believe it, they had sex again. Seth was glad that it wasn’t a dream, until he remembered what his purpose was for coming over in the first place. Shit, Seth cursed as he also remembered how he had waltzed up in her apartment and took her right there and then without so much as a ‘how do you do?’ He’d done it again! Why is it that he isn’t capable of starting a simple conversation without trying to take off her clothes?! Seth couldn’t fathom what Twigs was thinking of him right now. She probably thought he was one of those men that were only selfish and dominant with their lovers, and expect their women to be willing and submissive to their needs. Did she think he was really that kind of a control freak? Or did she believe that he thought so little of her and had no respect for her to ask her if she would have sex with him? Whatever the case may be, he couldn’t have either one of them be what she thought of him.

“Look. I-I’m sorry.” Seth mumbled so softly, forgetting that he was naked as he sat up, exposing everything to her as well as sporting half a hard on.

Twigs was seconds from running to the nearest phone when she made the mistake of glimpsing at his hard cock temptingly reaching out for her touch. Her knees turned to jelly and her mouth had closed to prevent herself from licking her lips provocatively. God, she wanted him all over again just like that. Twigs shook her head and tried to resist looking at his crotch so she could form a complete normal sentence. Sadly, it didn’t work.

“N-No please. Don’t a-apologize.” Twigs said, meaning to tell him that it was all her fault but her voice box shut down as her eyes were pulled down to his throbbing cock again. She nearly moan as she took her time to lick her lips, wishing she could taste a drop of his cum.

“No please, I am truly sorry. This is the second time I saw you and I took without your consent. I shouldn’t have assumed you were willing to just because I was willing. I am unbelievably sorry for that.” Seth apologized, refraining from using the word rape, despite the fact that Twigs didn’t care for his apology. In her eyes, the apology wasn’t really all that important to her at the moment. What really mattered was figuring out happened to them that morning, besides the fact they had sex. Seth came into her home and immediately went straight for her, if she recalled correctly. It was clear that he had something to tell her before he stepped into her apartment. Twigs was beginning to wonder what exactly that was.

“Please Mr. MacFarlane, your apology isn’t important right now. Instead can you just tell me what happened this morning? How did you find me and why were you even looking for me? Why did we do…that again?” Twigs started out so boldly, not wanting to mention how she obviously had no problem with welcoming him into her bed without so much as a handshake. Twigs knew it was a bold question but she wanted to know his side of the story. Does what happen to her, also happen to him? Does she affect him like she affects hers, because Twigs couldn’t quite it out? The way he acted, and the way he response to her seem to be a mirror her exact feelings and behavior. It’s was almost like how a butterfly wing is symmetrical except they were the wings.

Seth let out a long sigh and ran a finger through his brown hair, ready to admit it all. “I’ve had the shittiest couple of days after we last saw each other. I felt the worse I have ever felt in my life. There was never a second that I wasn’t feeling like an asshole for what I did to you, you know. I never got a moment of peace. I knew it had to do with the last time we saw each other, without a doubt. In my mind’s eyes, I knew I had to see you again and make things right. Trouble was, I couldn’t find you anywhere, so I ended up searching around town for Neon Jungle in hopes they could tell me how to contact you. It turned out, they weren’t playing any more gigs, which meant at that point, all I could do was hope that I would come across any one of you girls anywhere I went. I wasn’t getting any luck until I entered a club and ran into Amira. She wasn’t thrilled to see me, but eventually she gave me your address to come see you…and here I am.”

Twiugs fiddled with her cup, not looking at him. “Can you tell me what happened this morning, please?”

Seth frowned, trying to recall what went through him when he saw her standing by her kitchen table. “To be honest, I’m not sure what happened myself. I was here to talk with you and apologize for my rude behavior at the studio, but then…I saw you and…I don’t know. Something happened to me that I can’t explain. But if you are in any way, shape, or form insulted by my actions this morning then I will gladly apologize a million times over for my behavior. I hadn’t meant to come here and ever touch you like that again without your consent. My only intentions on coming here was to ask for your forgiveness.”

“I got banned from that dance studio.” Twigs randomly informed him. She didn’t quite get the answered she was looking for from him, but decided that she’ll ask him at another time. Right now, she hoped she was feeling guilty for his rude behavior.

His eyes widen in shock. “What? You’re banned from the studio?”

Twigs nodded, her face expressionless as she watched his closely.

“Seth let out a groan and covered his face. “Oh my god, I am such a dick!”

Twigs chewed her lips for a minute before speaking. “Look, I’m not so sure if I’m at all offended by this morning, so don’t be so quick to apologize for that. I admit I did get a little upset before about being banned from the dance studio closest to my apartment, but I’m not so mad anymore.”

Seth looked up at her in awe, an idea coming quickly to his mind. “Let me make it up to you. Allow me the honor of taking you out to dinner. ”

Twigs was taken aback for a moment before she began to chew on her lips, wondering what on earth she should say. She wanted to say yes so she can finally go on a date with Seth MacFarlane, but she was also scared of the stubborn paparazzi. She also didn’t want her face plastered on magazines that would label her a gold digging whore, but at the same time she also couldn’t stomach the thought of declining his invitation. Twigs wasn’t sure what to do, and Seth could see her struggling over it. He got up from her bed to stand in front of her with his pleading brown eyes imploring her to consider his offer.

“Pleas-“Seth started to rant off but was interrupted.

“Okay!” Twigs decided, enjoying him standing in front of her completely naked with his intoxicating brown eyes staring into hers.

“Really!?” Seth verified, his billion dollar smile stretching across his face.

Twigs nodded, a big smile crossing her lips at the result of his infectious smile.

They smiled at each other before remembering how close they were to one another. Seth’s stare changed into hunger for her lips against his, and vice versa. Many voices at the back of Seth’s head told him to slow it down and not just jump into sex with his young lady for the third time. But all those voices shut down instantly when Twig’s hand closed around the shaft of his cock, making him gasp and harden.

Seth leaned forward to slam his lips onto hers, but her small hand stopped him before he could.

“I don’t want your tongue in my mouth, Seth. I want something much heavier and thicker against my tongue.” Twigs whispered hotly, looking up at him with lust in her eyes before gently pushing him back onto her bed. Twigs pressed a hand onto his chest, telling him to lay down as she kneeled down between his legs. Seth obeyed, staring up at her ceiling as he felt her warm breath teasing the smooth skin of his cock. He felt his entire body shiver with anticipation for what was to come. Twigs pressed a gentle kiss on the beads of pre-cum on his tip before sucking him into her wet mouth, hearing him groan. Seth gripped her sheets as she continued to take more of his shaft into her mouth, her other hand coming up to grip the base of him. She was torturing him, the little minx.

“Pixie.” Seth moaned out, making her stop and pull him completely out of her mouth.

“Did you call me pixie?” Twigs asked, precum shinnying on her lips.

“Ummm, yeah?” Seth answered, waiting for her to embarrass him about her stupid pet name.

“Mmm I knew I’d love it.” Twigs moaned liked a whore as she licked her lips.

“The name?” Seth questioned, his brow furrowed.

“No, the taste of your cum.” Twigs said before taking him back into her mouth and giving him the best satisfying blowjob he’s ever had.
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