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To Caress My Day

Chapter 29: Paparazzi

On the night of their first date, Twigs was a nervous train wreck from hell. Her friends had helped her find a dress for her special evening which she was now looking over in her bedroom mirror. Originally, Twigs opt for wearing the same black dress that she wore when she was performing at that fancy restaurant that Seth just so happened to be dining in, but her girlfriends freaked out and told her no. Something about this being their first date together so he can’t see her in the same dress twice. Twigs couldn’t really remember their reason other than it sounded totally silly at the time. Twigs had no idea what restaurant they would be headed to, but she assumed it was going to be something fancy and expensive. But what if she was wrong? What if he was taking her to Olive Garden or McDonald? In that case, this dress might be a little too much. Maybe a shorter dress would be better, something simpler. Twigs quickly turned around on her heels and headed to her closet only to stop halfway. Her friends spent their own hard earned cash on her dress for tonight. If she didn’t wear it, wouldn’t that be a slap in the face to them? Twigs frowned at the thought of disappointing her girlfriends after all they’ve done for her.

Knock Knock

Twigs let out a sharp gasp before her knees turned weak and she collapsed under her weight, making her fall back onto her bed. The young dancer pressed a hand to her chest and concentrated on calming herself down. Without a doubt, she knew the person at her front door was Seth. Twigs knew she couldn’t answer the door in the state she was in. Knowing her, she’d make a big fool of herself in front him. There was no way, he’d go out with her again. Twigs inhaled slowly, and exhaled slowly repeatedly, hoping it would calm her nerves that were going off like fireworks. When that didn’t work, Twigs was left irritated and disappointed in herself.

Knock Knock

Twigs sat up in her bed, looking towards the door. That second knock only made her more panicked than she was before. “God, I’m acting ridiculous! It’s only just Seth, the man I’ve been crushing on since we’ve met at the café and…have slepted with twice already.” Twig’s bit her lip, thinking how strange this must all look from another person’s perspective. They had sex twice already before their first date. Does that look scandalous or what?

“It doesn’t matter right now!” Twigs exclaim out loud, getting back to the point. She got up and quickly checked herself in the mirror before rushing to the front door. She gave herself five seconds to get herself together, before opening the front door. Her breath was stolen for a minute when she saw Seth standing there in a tux. The man looked incredibly sexy, especially when he flashed her that billion dollar smile as his brown eyes took their time to look her over as well. Twigs couldn’t wipe the nervous smile off her face, as she felt his eyes roam over her slender form in the long black dress, her dark tresses in a simple elegant bun and her few gold jewelry. Seth ended his visual adventure at her red lips, as he felt the need to smudge her perfectly painted pout with a kiss.

Seth shook his head from his selfish fantasies so this evening could result in him putting his hands on her body again, and forgetting his reservations. “I’m sorry for staring like a idiot but you look so elegant. I’m used to seeing you as you.”

Twigs frowned, her expression turning to concern. “Do I normally dress that bad?”

Seth held up both hands in apology. “Oh no, no that’s not what I meant. I think you dressed comfortably, and sexy at the same time. Right now, you look like you might be dining in the white house tonight.”

“More like with a billionaire. I can’t be seen looking anything other than elegant tonight.” Twigs said, laughing nervously as she tried not to fiddle so much with her clutch.

The way she said that made Seth’s brows furrow in concern. “Does the amount of money I make, make you feel like you should dress out of your comfort zone? Because you don’t have to. You can go back in and put on some sweatpants and a stained oversized shirt and I’ll still take you out.”

Twigs was flattered, forcing herself to look away so she wouldn’t try and kiss him for his remark. Besides, she knew once she had tasted his lips she wouldn’t want them to go anywhere else but back to her bed. Twigs didn’t know how Seth MacFarlane did it, but he always manages to make her want him without making any effort!

“I’m fine, thank you. I’m not changing out of this dress even if I wanted to. The girls all chipped in to buy this for me.” Twigs explained, taking out her apartment key to lock up as they moved into the hallway. Seth held out his arm for her to hold on to so he could escort her to his car. Twigs accepted, her grip beginning to tighten the closer they got to the first floor, where a commotion could be heard from outside. What was going on out there? Twigs began to piece together the probable situation outside pretty quick, but at the same time praying that whatever was going on had nothing to do with what she predicted it could be.

Seth notice her tight grip, and her decreasing speed as they got to the first floor. He turned to look at her to see her brown eyes had widen and her complexion had paled since her apartment floor.

“Are you alright, Tahliah?” Seth asked, concern written on his face as he blocked her view of the flashing lights and overlapping shouts outside the front door. Twigs didn’t reply as she realized her prediction had become a reality. For some reason, the thought of entering into that tiger’s den of a crowd was making her nauseous, and causing her to hesitate. Did they have to go out through the front, she wondered?

Seth watched her expressions and figured out the group of camera men outside must be making her uneasy. In that case, he had to figure out a solution to ease her discomfort. The last thing he wanted her to say was that they should reschedule.

“Hey, it’s ok Tahliah. You don’t have to let them see your face unless you want them to. Here, you can cover your face with my coat if you’d like.” Seth shimmied out of his tight tux to carefully cover her head without frizzing up her hair. Twigs snapped out of her thoughts to watch Seth try and help conceal her identity from the paparazzi’s. She couldn’t help but feel a grateful warmth in her heart for his thoughtful action.

“Thank you so much, Seth. I’m sorry I’m a little nervous, I’ve never been through this kind of group.” Twigs thanked, tugging it far down over her head to hide her face from every angle so the cameras wouldn’t be able to capture her face at all.

“What have you dealt with before?” Seth asked, placing a hand on her back as he led her to the front door.

“A few people recognizing me as one of the dancers from the music videos I was in.” Twigs replied, feeling Seth wrap his arm around her to keep her close to his side before he opened the front doors of her apartment and rushed them both towards his black Maserati. Twigs didn’t see anything but her heels, and the flash of lights from the cameras. Seth didn’t respond to the paparazzi as they followed close behind him, questioning who the woman in his arms. He knew she was already uncomfortable with the stalking group of camera men so he wasn’t about to answer their many questions about Twigs. She was his pixie and he wasn’t ready to share her with the world just yet so they could pick her apart. Seth wanted Twigs all to himself like the greedy bastard he currently was.

Once in the car, Seth quickly maneuvered his car through the sea of cameras before leaving them behind to stand outside her apartment. Twigs kept Seth’s jacket over her head, letting his cologne calm her down from her fright. Unfortunately, it also turned her on at the same time. His scent was enticing to her senses, making her want to crawl into his lap and kiss his lips even though he was driving. Of course, Twigs knew better than that.

“You can come out now, Tahliah.” Seth assured her, smiling at how cute she looked hiding from the paparazzi under his big jacket.

Twigs blushed, realizing that she was hiding for too long as she slowly pulled his jacket off and avoided his stare out of embrassment.

Twigs sat still, admiring Seth’s interior as he drove them to dinner. This wasn’t the first time she’s been in a sports car before, but it was the first she’s been in one with a gorgeous man at the wheel. The entire ride to dinner was spent with Twigs dreamingly staring at him from the corner of her eyes while fiddling with her purse on her lap. She couldn’t believe she was going out with Seth Macfarlane! She didn’t care about the Billion Dollar Man. She cared about the perfect being that is Seth MacFarlane.

Seth was able to pay close attention to the road as his mind jumbled over the idea of holding her hand or not. He didn’t understand why the littlest decisions that came to him were the most difficult to decide whenever it came to Twigs. All the other woman Seth’s ever been with had never made him feel like it was his first time doing anything, but tonight he was feeling like a teenager on his legitimate first date.

Seth’s eyes kept glancing at her small soft hands resting on her purse, and then back at the road. After the near fiftieth time, Seth decided to be a man and take a chance. Carefully, he held out his hand for her to accept she wanted to hold his. Twigs bit her lip to stop her smile from growing any bigger, in fear of her skin being torn. With a much courage as she could muster, she gently placed her hand into his. Seth’s hands closed over hers as he also tried to fight a proud shit eating grin. He was so glad that she didn’t reject his offer, and left him hanging there. Seth didn’t want to have to go through that embarrassment for the rest of the night.
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