Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 3: Mysterious Pixie

Jess and Asami held hands as they approached the crowd, hoping to not lose one another when they ease their way in. They both wondered what famous celebrity could have walked in their favorite coffee shop. Could it be the famous Halle Berry, or one of the Kardashians? Asami and Jess shared a look of playful wonder before politely weaving their way through the bodies of excited fans. What they both saw only left them confused. A gentleman with ebony black hair, brown eyes and a billion dollar smile was signing autographs in the center of the crowd that started to slowly disperse.

“Oh my god, it’s Seth Macfarlane!” A squeal the girls recognize as Amira, who, it turns out, decided last minute that she did indeed want to know which celebrity was in their mist. Who knows, it could be her favorite. When she finally got a glimpse of the star, she recognized him to not be her favorite, but a walking genius all the same. The group was getting less and less crowded so Seth was able to easily see the young lady who squeal his name and flashed her a warm smile that could melt any woman’s heart.

“Oh man, I know that name from somewhere!” Jess cried out, looking up at the ceiling in desperation as she tried to search her memory to recall where she heard that name before.

“Does it matter? He’s smoking hot.” Asami whispered to Jess, as she watched him take a picture with a short female fan.

“He’s the genius behind Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show!” Amira blurted out, ruining Jess’s chance to figure it out for herself.

“Oh my god!” Asami and Jess squealed together, instantly knowing who Seth MacFarlane was. Who in the UK didn’t enjoy his shows? It was as popular in America as it is across the ocean.


Back at their table, Shereen nudged Twig’s arm while pointing to their friends who were jumping and squealing in delight. “Look how crazy they’re acting!”

Tahliah finally looked up from her phone, and watched her friend’s excited display, but couldn’t see why they were behaving that way. Did someone famous just walk in?

“Why are they squealing? Did someone important just walk in? I can’t see who it is from here.” The crowd was separating slowly, but not enough to give Twigs a glimpse of the famous star.

“It’s some kind of celebrity. I saw him for a split second. He was flipping cute. I don’t know where I’ve seen him from though.” Shereen answered, giving Twigs a clue as to who their friends were fawning over.

Twigs raised an eyebrow at her remark. Cute? As close as she was to her best friends, they didn’t exactly share the same taste in men. In fact, Twigs didn’t really know what her taste was. She’s always been a busy girl so she’s never really cared to sit and think it over before.

The crowd started to shift away again, giving Twigs a chance to identify the celebrity. Looking back over in their direction, Twigs instantly felt like she had an out of body experience; that’s how good this man looked. Heading towards the counter, Twigs watched as the sexiest man she had ever seen before began to order coffee, all the while talking with her friends. Twigs knew for certain that she had never been so blown away by any man by simply seeing him. What she felt the minute she saw him was something so new and intense she had no idea what it was. The man looked like a god to her with his short silky ebony hair, deep brown eyes, and his remarkable smile that could grant world peace. Twig’s breathe caught in her throat when she heard him laugh. Oh god, why must his voice must be equally sexy too, Twigs thought. Who was this flawless man?


“I’m sorry, Mr. Macfarlane, you probably have so much to do right now then listen to us blab.” Amira apologized, trying not to steal another hug from him like a total creeper. He already hugged her three times.

“No no it really isn’t a problem. I don’t mind if you want to talk, I just would rather hear about the three of you. What do you ladies do for a living?” Seth asked, waiting for the two coffee he ordered to go and making conversations with his fans. Turning around, Seth gave his full attention to the three remaining left. The other fans either went back to their seat or were standing around taking more pictures of him and posting them online or sending them to friends and family.

“Oh well, we’re kinda in a girl’s band together.” Asami bragged, letting out a ridiculous girlish laugh.

Seth eyes widen, “A girl band? Really? What do you call yourselves?”

“We’re called Neon Jungle.” Jess replied, clasping her hands together behind her back as she tried to wipe the creepy smile from her face.

“Yeah, we’re a four member group. We’re working on some music right now.” Amira informed him just before the bell on the counter dinged, signaling a complete order. Seth turned around to see two hot coffees ready to be served. I hope Avery likes her coffee, Seth thought before he turned around with the two coffees in his hand and met the eyes of a mystical beauty. Sitting in a booth by the window sat a very young woman magical brown eyes, full red lips, and long black hair French braided into low pig tails. Seth wasn’t sure why he felt the way he felt so quickly, but all he knew was that he was instantly attracted to her. She was so beautiful and enchanting to him that he couldn’t tear his eyes away as easily as he could with famous beauties. Twigs realized that she was staring at him too long, but couldn’t look away when their eyes met and locked on to each other. She went right back to staring at him, as he continued to look at her. None of them took notice of anything in their surroundings, just each other. You could say it was like they were the only two people in the room together. Seth has met other women he’s been attracted to in his line of work all the time, however he’s never met one that could completely erase all his memory of their beauty and replace them with her own. Who was this magical pixie?

Shereen was too busy texting her mother to notice their staring contest going on from the booth. Jess and Asami were too busy blabbing away to notice either, as they counted down on their favorite episodes of Family guy. The only one to notice was Twig’s childhood best friend, Amira, who had followed his gaze to her best friend. She wasn’t stupid, so she knew they both must have liked each other by the look on their faces. For as long as she had known Twigs, she has never seen her captivated by any man before. This made Amira happy that her friend had finally found a guy she liked, since she’s been so preoccupied with dancing and singing to anyone the time or day. Twigs deserved to relax and enjoy the blessings of romance with a really great guy. All Amira knew about Seth, was that he was a really rich guy! Was he the type of rich guy to just mow through women and break their hearts? Unfortunately, Amira wasn’t a celebrity stalker that would know this kind of information. All she knew was that if any man ever breaks Twig’s heart, he gonna wake up one morning in a tub full of ice with several of his organs missing.

“Well, we’re gonna leave you to your coffee now. It was so nice meeting you, Mr. Macfarlane.” Jess spoke up, grabbing Seth’s attention away from his mystery crush. Twigs took the opportunity to stop staring, and focus on sipping the rest of her drink. Calming herself down, Tahliah concentrated on slowing down her racing heart and taking deep breathes so the flush in her cheeks would go away. What was wrong with her all of a sudden? Her body felt so hot and aching. Was she coming down with something? Yeah, that had to be it. It couldn’t be from looking at some rich guy across the room.

Seth gave Jess and her friends a nod, and his infamous smile before watching them head over to the same table as his mysterious pixie. Ain’t that funny, he doesn’t even know her yet and he already has a pet name for her. Pixie. Seth shook his head and chuckled at that. He took a look at his coffees, and knew he should be heading home now.

But then…

Seth looked over at the table again to see his pixie concentrating really hard on her drink, her blush now fading. Did he cause that flush to her cheeks? For some reason, he hoped he did. Seth looked back down at the coffee in his hands, thinking to himself. Didn’t he have a few more minutes to spare to sit and enjoy a conversation with new friends? Checking his watch, Seth saw it was just reaching 8AM. Avery would be asleep til around 9, since she’s on vacation. I think I can spare five minutes, Seth thought before heading over the Neon Jungle table.

The girls looked up as he reached their table. They all welcomed him with excited smiles and with Shereen’s squeal of happiness after finally being reminded of who he was. Twigs only glanced up for a split second before recognizing his green coat, and staring back down at her coffee again. Oh my god, it’s him, was all she could think before her cheeks bloomed pink again.

“Excuse me, but I was wondering if you ladies can tell me more about your music and which one of you are in a band again?” Seth questioned, raising one of his eyebrows.

The girls randomly giggled in their hands.

“Sure, we’d love to tell you more! Would you like to sit down?” Jess offered, scooting aside so he can sit next to her. Seth smiled and sat down.

“Thank you, I would love to join you ladies for some coffee.” Seth thanked them gratefully, his eyes flicking over to his quiet pixie sitting on the other side by the window, still staring at her drink. Up close he noticed that she had a small gold septum piercing in her nose, and four lobe piercings on her left ear and a helix piercing as well. I wonder what she has pierced on her right ear, he thought. Secretly, he couldn’t wait to find out.