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To Caress My Day

Chapter 30: Completely Enthralled

The restaurant Seth had decided on was a place he’s always wanted to try, but Avery thought it was below her taste to give it a chance. Twigs wasn’t Avery, so now he could check it out with someone that wasn’t unbearably selfish. Seth rolled on up to the valet to see a couple of wandering paparazzi waiting for the next big thing to enter the celebrity hotspot restaurant. They had their cameras ready for anything.

“Bad news, they’re more of them out there waiting.” Seth muttered, as he watched them skulk around like vultures.

Twigs sighed to herself as her shoulders slumped. “Really?”

Seth looked at her, nodding slowly before giving her a smirk. “If you want you can use my jacket still. You seem to really like it.”

Twigs couldn’t stop the smile spreading across her face. “Your jacket smells nice, and thank you. I’ll probably use it again.”

“You ready?” Seth asked after Twigs had finished positioning the material so it would hide her face from the cameras. The dancer gave him a nod before he got out of his car and went to her side, ignoring the oncoming commotion he was about to cause. The paparazzi stared at Seth until they recognized who he was which took only seconds. The woman Seth was helping to conceal was a mystery to them, and fueled their curiosity. ‘Who was the young starlet Seth was dining with tonight’ was what was going through everyone’s mind at that point. The paparazzi ran towards him and began to take pictures, shouting questions inquiring the identity of his date, and how long they have been together etc. Seth kept his head down and a strong hold on Twig’s waist as he hurriedly ushered her into the restaurant, not stopping to acknowledge the desperate group. Once the double wooden doors were closed behind them by security, Twigs popped her head out from underneath his jacket, her hair a little frizzed up from the material. Seth smiled warmly down on her as he put his jacket back on, wanting to kiss those sexy red lips of hers. The couple was tended to immediately by one of the staff members that was waiting by the door for Seth to arrive.

He was their waiter and was an elderly man that led them to a darker secluded booth instead of one of the more extravagant tables. Seth originally predicted that he would most likely want to touch or kiss Twigs several times during the evening. If that were to indeed happen, he’d want to be able to freely do that in a more private setting. Twigs followed closely behind the waiter while taking in the whole place. The restaurant was as big as a ballroom and had high ceilings like a museum. The lightings weren’t too bright nor too dim depending on where you sat. The most expensive tables were on platforms around the huge statue of a woman and a man in an intimate embrace in the very center of the restaurant beneath the crystal chandelier. It was remarkable, yet made her feel a little out of her element since she was surrounded by the most perfectly flawless people she’s ever seen, wearing costly clothes and covered in diamonds from head to toe. She couldn’t help but gawk at every single diner they past.

“Have a seat, sir and madam and I will return once you are ready to order.” The waiter bowed before departing for the kitchen. Seth allowed Twigs to take a seat in their booth first before sliding in after her. The couple wanted to sit close together if not on each other, but they didn’t want to be tempted to act inappropriately in public. They decided to keep a safe distant from each other, before they were served an expensive wine paid for by the owner of the restaurant.

Twigs leaned over towards Seth after the wine waiter left. “Are you friends with the owner?”

Seth chuckled before shaking his head. “No, no I’m not. In fact I don’t even know if the owner is a woman or a man.”

Twigs tilted her head in confusion. “Then why did they pay for your drink?”

Seth shrugged as he stretched his arm over her side of the booth so he could face her. “I suppose he or she is a fan of my shows or know who I am. I don’t know. What I do know, however, is that this isn’t the first time a stranger has bought something to me on the house before, and I know it won’t be the last.”

Twigs nodded, thinking that was kind of strange, but decided to enjoy the evening anyway. After a while, the waiter eventually came back for their orders for the evening. The couple laughed together as they remembered that that they had wasted all their time talking and giving each other flirty looks when they should have been figuring out what they wanted to order. The couple made their own quick decisions on what to have for dinner before the waiter took their menus and walked off towards the kitchen.

Seth and Twig’s first date was spent eating, talking and laughing together. Neither one of them remember scooting close to each other as Seth got on the subject of his TV show, Family Guy and the different episodes he had recently been working on with his team. Twigs couldn’t remember a time where she almost died laughing several times in such a short time. Seth felt such pride being able to make her laugh that heartily. He even went as far as sharing a few ideas for future episodes with her, which was something he had never done for another woman before. Twigs admired the passion in his voice and the strength it took for him to do so much with his life in such a short time.

“Enough about me, I’d rather hear more about you. Tell me about Twigs.” Seth asked, giving her his undivided attention. Twigs recalled her past a second time to him, much to Seth’s delight.

“Well, I guess you can say that Twigs is a quiet and private person. I can be very hardworking at something I’m passionate about and I love improving on things. For example, I love the feeling of learning to dance a new choreography for the first time and spending hours and days on perfecting the moves.”

Seth nodded, already done with his meal as he watched Twigs finish the last of hers. “Didn’t you say you were born on January 16th?”

Twigs nodded, carefully patting her napkin on her lips so she wouldn’t smudge it.

“You’re a Capricorn.” Seth concluded with a smile.

“People say I’m pretty calm, and mellow, so I guess I am.” Twigs shrugged with a cute smile, making Seth melt inside.

“So your mother was a dancer too, huh? She must have been proud of you then.” Seth replied, wishing he could scoot closer even though there wasn’t any more room left. He felt so far away from her that he wanted to close the distance between them even more. At this point, their knees were touching, and their bodies were facing each other.

“Not really at first. I wanted to do ballet when I was younger, but my mother wouldn’t let me because dancing had broken her heart and she didn’t want it to break mine. Unfortunately for her, there came a time when I had to go to the doctors because I had a problem with my knees or ankles, and the doctor there said that doing ballet would help. I started dancing when I was 8 to a lot of classical music, until I was around 10 or 11, which is when I gained a little more freedom to dance to whatever I wanted to dance to.” Twigs looked over to see Seth was too enthralled into everything that she was saying, that he didn’t notice a waiter coming up to whisper something into his ear. Seth looked away from her to listen closely to what the waiter was saying before he departed from their table to return to the kitchen.

Twigs frowned. “Is everything ok?”

Seth nodded, looking back at her with a bit of surprise in his eyes. “Yes absolutely there’s nothing wrong. The owner just invited me to sing a song for his guests tonight, if I would like to do the honors.”

Seth was being asked to sing for everyone including Twigs? She couldn’t help but squeal softly in excitement. Finally, she’ll be able to hear Seth sing in person! Yes, she knows she could always listen to him on the internet if she really wanted to, but she refuse to do it. She wanted to hear him with her own ears instead of being forced to listen to his voice over headphones and such. There’s something different about seeing someone sing on stage in person rather than through a pair of headphones.

Seth planned on declining the invitation so he wouldn’t have to leave Twig’s side tonight, but the second he saw the look of admiration and excitement in her big brown eyes, he knew he’d gladly sing all night if she asked him to.

He smiled at her softly. “I take it you would like to hear me sing tonight?”

Twigs bit her lips in sympathy. “I’m sorry if you’re not in the mood to sing tonight, but I would really love to hear you in person rather than on a computer. But of course if you don’t want to, then it won’t ruin anything. I’m still going to have a great time.”

Seth took his time to look her features over before lightly brushing his thumb over her cheek, making her blush and look away all bashful. “I think it’s settled then, don’t you?”
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