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To Caress My Day

Chapter 31: You And I

Seth had stepped up to the platform stage where the most extravagant tables had been replaced with an orchestra of men and women with various instruments. The billionaire shook his head with a smile, knowing they either rented an orchestra when they found out he made dinner reservations to their restaurant, or they already owned an orchestra. Either way, Seth didn’t care just so long as his pixie was watching him right now. He was surprisingly a little nervous about performing in front of her, but it wasn’t enough to stop him. He flashed the audience a smile as they all lightly clapped their hands in greetings to his familiar face.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you’re having a lovely dinner, I know I was.” Seth sent a wink in Twig’s direction in their secluded seating, knowing she was watching with him with anticipation.

The band began to play the beginning of a song off Seth’s album titled, You and I. The track list of his album consisted of songs from the 40s, 50s, and 60s, with a classical Frank Sinatra kind of sound.

“You guys should order their lava cakes by the way, I hear it’s incredible.” Seth quickly suggested, making the audience laugh lightly before he began to sing.

Darling, you and I
Know the reason why
Those summer skies are blue
And we know why
Birds in the trees
Sing melodies too
And why love will grow
From the first hello
Until the last goodbye
So to sweet romance
There is just one answer
You and I

Seth flashed the crowd his billion dollar smile, causing the diners to applaud as he tapped his foot the melody of the instruments.

Darling you, you and I
We know the very reason why
Those sunny summer skies are so blue
And we know
Those birds in the trees
Sing happy melody too
And why love
Is going to grow
From the very first hello
To the very last goodbye
So to a sweet romance
There is just one answer
You and I

Seth imitated the bang of the cymbal by the drummer before he turned around while lightly shaking his head to the sounds of the instruments. Twigs watched with stars in her eyes as a man from the orchestra stood up and jammed away on his saxophone. Seth watched him finish with pride before turning around to face the crowd, sliding his hand into his pant pocket. He began to sing the last chorus, only this time he sang much louder and so beautifully.

And why love
Will grow
From the very first hello
To the very last
So to a sweet romance
There is just one answer

The diners stared at Seth in awe as he belted out the last word perfectly, before they stood up and applauded. Twigs applauded too, watching Seth smile, and bow to the audience.

“You and I!” Seth announced triumphantly before glancing over to see a man in a suit step up onto the stage to shake his hand.

“Thank you very much, Mr. MacFarlane for performing one of your amazing songs for my guests.” The owner of the restaurant said before kindly taking the microphone to address the crowd.

Seth headed offstage to quickly slip back into the hidden booth he shared with his date. Twigs was jumping out of her skin in desperation to hug him and congratulate him, but she kept herself calm by taking a deep breathe. She didn’t want to overwhelm him.

“Seth, that was remarkable! You sounded flawless, and so classical. Oh my god, I’m so glad you invited me to dinner tonight.” Twigs gushed as she tried to keep her hands from dramatically gesturing her excitement to him.

Seth grinned. “Thank you very much, milady. I hope you enjoyed this evening’s entertainment.”

“Why yes, I most certainly did.” Twigs answered playfully in a strong British accent.

The couple laughed before getting lost in each other’s gaze. Their smiles slowly fell as their eyes lingered on each other, each wondering if a kiss would be a good idea. It wasn’t until the waiter came that they finally broke away from their love gaze. Seth quickly ordered a small lava cake for them to share. Twigs bit her lips in anticipation at the thought of sharing a cake with him and if dessert would taste better licked off of Seth’s lips. It was a tempting thought.

Seth allowed Twigs to be the first one to make a tear in the cake so the chocolate liquad would pour out onto the plate. Twigs was surprised when he stabbed his fork into a small piece of the cake and held his fork out for her to taste. The young dancer looked into her Seth’s eyes to see them smoldering with lust like the liquid chocolate that was still pouring from their dessert. Twig’s breathe got caught in her throat; any possible thought of behaving herself during their date went completely out the window. Twigs leaned over and parted her red lips to welcome the delicious treat into her mouth, all the while never breaking their eye contact. Seth felt his dick twitch when her red lips closed over his fork, and her tongue licked it clean.

“Mmm, that’s very good. Though I must say, I think it would taste much better had I licked it off of you.” Twigs said rather boldly, all her shyness fading away like smoke. She wasn’t 100% surprised at how confident and inappropriate she spoke to Seth just now. Every time she was around him he brought out another side of her that she didn’t know existed. She couldn’t seem to control it whenever the mood became intimate between them. Seth mentally pulled the rein on his self-control so he wouldn’t throw himself onto her and ease himself between her legs. He knew what Twigs was doing, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist her for long. She had the kind of sexual power that left him too weak to resist. He knew he was about to lose control of himself, and he gladly welcomed it.

Twigs lets out a small gasp when she felt his hand on her left thigh. Normally, she’d object to this kind of PDA, but as usual Seth had this effect on her that made her as equally weak as she made him. Twigs didn’t try and stop him when she felt him pull up her dress so he could slide his hand over her smooth inner thigh. At this point, she couldn’t stop him even if she wanted to, and she didn’t want him to.

“Seth, please.” Twigs begged beneath her breath as her hand closed over the muscles in his thigh. Seth watched her closely as his fingers shoved aside her already wet panty to part her moist lips with his fingers. Twigs arched her back, and leaned her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes as she let out a soft gasp. His two fingers circled around her entrance teasingly, watching her bite her lower lip in sexual torture. Twigs pushed her hips against his fingers, urging him to dip his fingers in. Seth lingered for a few seconds before pushing his middle finger into her wet entrance, making her tighten her grip on his thigh and the other on the sleeve of his suit jacket.

Seth was already aroused as he leaned over to whisper hotly in her ear while he slowly finger-fucked her under the table. “You know what would taste better than a five star meal? Tasting the liquid fire that’s seeping from between your legs.”

Twigs didn’t know how much she could take. She thought this end this evening would end without any intimacy since it was their first date, but the more dirty talking and finger fucking she was receiving was changing her mind. “Seth please, I want you. Give me more.” Twigs begged, not having to go any further to explain her situation because Seth was already calling the waiter over for their check.
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