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To Caress My Day

Chapter 32: Let Me Go

Seth and Twigs were just making their quick get-a-away out of the restaurant when the entrance was completely blocked by a crowd of paparazzi’s trying to catch the numerous millionaire’s inside by sticking trying to stick their cameras in the cracked doorways. The some staff members were trying to keep the vultures from spilling in into their restaurant while security were on their way. Seth was more surprised by the fact that he completely forgot all about the paparazzi outside, and retreated back, while shielding Twigs from the flashes of cheap Kodak cameras. Twigs placed her hands on his back when he started to push her back towards the dining area. He didn’t have to explain his behavior to her because she had already seen the flashing lights and heard the commotion. The paparazzi’s were still out there to make some money and they weren’t planning on leaving anytime soon.

Seth turned around and let out a sigh. “Okay, um, it looks like there’s a few more paparazzi than we saw earlier. But I think I have an idea that could help get you past them without being seen. I’m going to go outside and try and get my car while you go through the kitchen and head out through the back, by then I’ll swing by and we can get you home safely. How does that sound?”

Twigs nodded, before standing on her tip toes to give him an appreciative kiss to his jawline. “Thank you so much for being understanding about all this. I really appreciate it.”

Seth smiled, a faint red kiss on his jaw.” No problem, Pixie. Now go!”

Twigs smiled before turning around to head towards the kitchen, but what stopped in her tracks by a group of men and women in expensive forma wear heading in her direction. At first, Twigs thought they were coming to speak to her about something, even though she had never seen these people before until tonight. It wasn’t until they brushed past her rather rudely and called out Seth’s name did she realize that they weren’t interested in her, but rather her date. Twigs had a bad feeling for some reason, and it prevented her from heading towards the kitchen like she was supposed to. Instead, she stood there, watching over him almost protectively.

“Mr. MacFarlane, it is a pleasure to meet you in person.” A blonde woman in an ice blue evening gown gushed, sticking her hand out for him to kiss. Seth merely grabbed her hand and shook it, not interested in stroking her ego even further.

“Good evening, it’s nice to meet you too.” Seth said, flashing them a fake smile.

Twigs didn’t know what to do as they forced Seth into a conversation of his show, and certain episodes that they adore etc. She knew she should be heading through the kitchen, but she didn’t want to be standing outside in the back of the restaurant for hours, waiting for him to appear. Twigs could tell they were the type of people to talk endlessly about anything so she knew Seth would be here awhile. She figured she might as well stand by and wait, even though those people deserved to be interrupted for pushing by her so disrespectfully. Twigs linked her hands together in front of her and tried to stay out of the way of the oncoming traffic of waiters and servers going from the bathroom and to the kitchen. The commotion outside became louder as the paparazzi became desperate enough to start banging on the other closed doors of the restaurant, making everyone nearby jump back from echoing sounds. Seth turned around to frown at the door, while the other people merely stared at it offensively. One of the blonde women in a light green dress noticed Twigs standing by them after two large security guards pushed past her, damn near knocking her over. Twigs was already getting sick of these people acting like she’s wasn’t there, when she felt someone giving her the stink eye. She looked over in Seth’s direction and saw one of the people that pushed her earlier was giving her a repulsive look. At that point, Twigs had just about had enough under the judgmental lady gaze; sizing Twigs up in distaste.

“Young lady, whatever are you doing standing around in here for? Money?” Stink eye lady finally spoke up, loud enough for everyone around them to hear. Seth turned around in confusion to see who she was talking in such a nasty tone, just as the security guards had opened the door to push back the paparazzi from the doorway so that the diners could enter or leave. Seth was shocked to see that his ‘fan’ was talking to HIS date!

“Excuse me! What did you just say to her?” Seth demanded rather sternly, not caring if he was speaking in an unprofessional tone.

The lady in the green dress jumped in surprise by the volume of his tone. “Well, look at her Mr. MacFarlane. She doesn’t look like anyone here would invite to dine with. For god sakes, her eyes are too far apart, she’s like a fish.”

“I agree most definitely! Must be waiting for her sugar daddy. Poor street urchin can’t fend for herself out there so she must appease to a highly respectable gentleman to pay for her meals. ” A man in a navy suit commented while rubbing the end of his mustache. The crowd of rich people continued to stare her down with disgust written on their face until it became too much for her to handle.

Twigs couldn’t take Seth’s fancy world if it was as cruel as these people and she knew she had to find a way out. As a waiter was beginning to pass by her, Twigs reached out and grabbed a notepad out of his apron pocket, took the pen out of the spiral, and stepped forward to shove it in Seth’s face like many of his devoted fans have many times before. If they thought she was a poor wandering miscreant, than she’ll play a poor wandering miscreant. Anything to get away from their judgmental glares.

“Can I please have your autograph sir? I’m a huge fan of your work” Twigs asked in a shaky voice, refusing to look into his eyes so he wouldn’t see her tears. Seth is instantly confused, and wants nothing more than to pull her into his arms to keep her safe. But the message her eyes spoke strongly to him when she finally looked up, asking him to let her go. Seth was hurt by her message and wanted nothing more than to dismiss it for his own selfish reasons to keep her around him, but…he couldn’t do that to her when she obviously didn’t want that. The billionaire tried his best to shield his obvious disappointment as he took the notepad from her hands and signed his name on a blank page, as well as his private number, in hope that she’d call him later. Twigs quickly snatched the notepad from his hands the second she saw the pen was no longer being used. She didn’t bother to look at Seth or his group of rude fans as she held the pad to her chest and squeezed her way past a security guard hanging by one of the open double doors.

Immediately Twigs hurried to cover her face with her shawl from the flashing bulbs, but that only made it harder to figure out where on earth she was going. Seth meant to follow her but the bodyguard had decided that last moment to block the entryway to push back a couple of desperate camera men that were trying to take more pictures of the celebrities inside. Twigs was on her own as she tried to maneuver her way by carefully studying where her feet were going to step down next. She manage to make it to the curb before a hand came out and ripped her shawl from shielding her face. Twigs gasped as her vision became blinded by flashing lights before her arms could shield them. Twigs stumbled in her heels before falling to the concrete floor and into a shallow puddle.

“Wait, she’s not Rihanna!” Twigs heard one voice out of the overlapping voices say from in front of her.

“You’re right.” Another voice agreed.

“Well then, who is she?” A female voice cried.

“I’m a nobody! Now leave me the fuck alone!” Twigs shouted from behind her arms before pushing her way through the crowd. The paparazzi didn’t try to follow her and take her picture anymore, simply because she had to have been right. None of them recognized her from the film or music industry, so they merely brushed her off as a nobody and went back to their post at the doorway. Lucky for Twigs, a taxi had been sitting outside across the street on his break, watching the paparazzi go crazy at the front door of the restaurant. He knew it was only a matter of time before the police were called. The paparazzi weren’t usually this wild, it was actually a rare occurrence. In the US, they were much more bolder.

Twigs hurried over and opened up the back door of his cab, and slid in, shutting the door behind her. The driver jumped in his seat and put his neglected newspaper away before he turned around to check who entered his cab without his permission. In the back seat was a young lady in a black formal gown, with tears in her eyes, digging through her clutch.

Twigs had collected all the cash she had on her and was shoving it through the open Taxi window. “I need you to take me home right now, sir. Please, this is all I have and you can have every cent of it if you will just get me out of here.”

“Ma’am, I’m on break.” The driver complained, hoping the wait for the cops to pull up to take care of those crazy cameramen harassing the rich folks for pictures.

Twigs was close to tears as she pleaded again. “I know sir, and I’m sorry but I just need to get out of here. I don’t belong there with those people.”

The driver looked at his rear view mirror and instantly knew what could have happened to the young lady. Judging from where he was parked and what she was wearing, the young lady must have come from the five star restaurant across the street. Also judging by her mood and behavior, she didn’t go to those places often and could have been insulted by some rich snob. With a long weary sigh, the driver stuck his keys into the ignition and started his car.

“The Battle Apartment buildings, please. It’s on Celtic Avenue.” Twigs informed him before sitting back and trying to relax. If she had stayed behind ten minutes longer she would have seen Seth leave the restaurant searching for her, before accepting defeat and heading to his car, but she didn’t. All she wanted was to go home and dive under her covers so she could die alone in peace.

After a several red lights, Twigs decided to look at the notepad Seth had autographed before she left.

[i[Please, call me.
Sincerely yours, Seth MacFarlane

And right below that was a phone number.
♠ ♠ ♠