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To Caress My Day

Chapter 33: Finally Be Himself

Twigs let out a sigh as she ran her slender fingers over the piece of notepad paper marked with Seth’s phone number and signature. The young dancer knew she wasn’t going to get any sleep tonight because of the roller coasters of emotions that were jumbling through her mind. The taxi driver had returned Twigs home a little after midnight, and she couldn’t be more relieved and disappointed to be home. Truth be told, Twigs had been secretly hoping that she wouldn’t be returning to her apartment at all tonight. She had hoped…she’d be sleeping in someone else’s bed, if you get my drift. On the bright side, Simone was already asleep in her room by the time Twigs came walking down the hall, so she was spared having to relive her first date with Seth once again.

The date wasn’t exactly a complete disaster, even though she was in an unfamiliar territory in a room full of assholes. Twigs loved spending time with Seth, he was such a gentleman, and so thoughtful and attentive to her. She’s never had someone so captivated by the nonsense spewing out of her mouth before. And as an added plus, Seth looked incredibly sexy in his dark suit. She couldn’t stop staring at him, he just looked so formal and clean cut and scrumptious all at the same time. When he had fed her that lava cake in that teasing way he did, and said all those dirty things to her…

Twig’s eyelids closed at the memory, as let out a whiney moan and rolled over on her back. Absentmindedly, her fingers tightened around the piece of notepad paper, crumbling it into a ball.

The things Seth had said when they were sharing that lava cake made her body burn in response even now. Twigs bit her lower lip as she allowed herself to recall that inappropriate moment they shared in the restaurant beneath the dinner table. It was something that Twigs had to force herself NOT to think of when she was in the taxi cab and she would refuse to tell Simone if she had badgered her for details of their date. No, this was something Twigs wanted to keep to herself until she was all alone in a safe place to imagine it all over again, such as her bedroom.

Slowly, Twigs slid her hands between her legs to feel what always happened to her body every time she thought of Seth. Twigs touched her underwear to feel the warm wetness between her legs soaking through, a result from being aroused by her daydreaming again. Letting out a sexually frustrated moan, Twigs frowned as she pulled her hands out from between her legs to stare at her juices glistening on her fingers.

Twigs couldn’t deny that she wanted to be with Seth and hopefully build a strong relationship together. But she also didn’t feel comfortable with the baggage that came with dating him. Seth has built a successful life for himself that the media is obviously interested in, but that doesn’t mean she’s gonna blame him for all the attention he gets. This is what Seth has always wanted to do ever since he was little and now he’s living it. She’s not sure if the fame and fortune was also something he was hoping to find as well. Twigs didn’t quite believe that Seth was the type of person that cared only about the money and the hot young women. If that turned out to be the case, then Twigs wanted nothing more to do with him. She didn’t want to be another notch in his belt…even if they already slept together.

Anyway, Twigs also had dreams about what she wanted to do too. She was really excited about making her own music in the future, but the downside to that was what most musicians end up receiving from their music becoming popular. Fame. Twigs didn’t care to be in magazines and have paparazzi taking pictures of her blowing her nose in public. That level of fame was so horrendous to her. It looked awful on TV, being hounded by cameras every time you stepped foot out of your house. Twigs even got to witness it first hand while on set of a music video for an American musician. He allowed his fans to come in and see him. He was told the group wasn’t that big, but when those young girls came stampeding in and surrounded him; it looked like walls closing him in on all sides. Twigs wouldn’t be surprised if he had trouble breathing because of how little air room space they gave him. Sometimes being just a video girl had its advantages. Very few people knew her, and when they would stop and ask if she was that girl from so-and-so’s video, she would simply lie and say no. Being a popular musician…you can lie all you want, but they know the truth. Still, she did want to work with music and she planned on doing so

Twigs already knew she didn't want to remain a simple video girl anymore, especially when she couldn’t creatively connect with the concept of the video. As irritating as that annoyance can be for her, she always reminds herself to be grateful for becoming a music video dancer. Working those three to four jobs before, was so much worse than being a video girl, and the pay check was shit in comparison. Becoming a dancer helped her to make the two hundred pounds that would take a week and half for her to make working three to four jobs! She was definitely grateful for that big break, but at the same time she kept finding herself asking ‘why she was doing this?’ Ever since she was 8, Twigs had worked her ass off to be properly trained in dancing and now all that effort seemed wasted when all she does is rub up some rapper guy’s leg or stand around looking sexy and cute for the camera? It just seemed so degrading and pointless.

Twigs couldn’t help but wonder how Seth felt about the consequences of being famous. Did it bother him to have his business in the papers or on the gossip channels? The paparazzi didn’t seem to annoy him at all when they had swarmed around them outside the restaurant and Twig’s apartment building. Maybe he was used to it.

Twigs sat up from her lying position to go wash her hands in her bathroom. When she got back, she recalled the rude fancy ladies at the restaurant. What exactly was their issue with her? Probably my appearance, Twigs guessed. The only difference between those women and herself was the lack diamonds and luxurious fabric it took to make their dresses.

She may not have been wearing diamonds, but that didn’t mean she looked like garbage. Twigs loved her ‘unusual’ style, but she decided that tonight she wasn’t going to dress that way. She decided against wearing her signature septum ring, her chunky gold jewelry and her bold earrings! What more did those people want from her!? She thought she looked pretty damn descent.

Twigs shook her head, not wanting to try and waste her time with the thought of those negative people. Since her mind wasn’t feeling as jumbled as before, Twigs thought it would be a good idea to try and get some sleep. Hopefully in the morning, the answer will be easier to find.


Seth let out a sigh as he poured himself a much needed drink. That was his third time trying to get to sleep, and he was still struggling. He couldn’t stop thinking about Twigs and what she could possibly be thinking about their date after she left. It couldn’t have been that bad that she’d refuse to call him ever again, right? Seth shook his head and let out a sigh.

She’s not going to call, Seth told himself in defeat. Those damn camera men and those rude people probably ruined his shot to have an honest relationship with a woman he cared about. He was such an idiot to bring her into the world he shared with Avery! You don’t just do certain things with your new girlfriend that you did with your ex. Twigs made it obviously clear that paparazzi’s made her uncomfortable and he was too stupid to take that into account! He’s not use to dating women that didn’t like that kind of attention on them.

Seth let out a groan and covered his face with his hands, his alcoholic beverage untouched. “Oh man, I am such an idiot.” He whined.

Avery was the chick that lived the rich glamorous life, not Twigs. She even told him over dinner that she was a private simple person, not some diamond shitting heiress! Why on earth would he take her to restaurant with Avery written all over it!

“Alright alright!” Seth cried out to no one in particular as he launched off his couch.

“I get it, I fucked up! But I am NOT going to let her go without another chance.” The billionaire defiantly decided to an empty room.

Everyone makes mistakes, and Seth is acknowledging his. What he is going to do is wait until tomorrow for her to call before he attempts to hunt her down and explain himself. He’s going to ask for one more shot, and if she says no then…there’s nothing he can really do about it. But if she says yes, then he is going to give her the simple private dinner she deserved! It’ll be perfect. There will no paparazzi or fancy restaurants involved. He’s not sure where they’ll go, but he’ll figure out something when she says yes to a second chance. Seth doesn’t want to get his hopes up and buy her the solar system if she was only going to reject him in the end.

“That’s what I’m gonna do.” Seth finalized to himself, before abandoning his drink to head to the kitchen. Almost everything in the mansion had been packed for the past few days and was just sitting around collecting dust. Mrs. Guadalupe left Seth a note on his fridge that some interested buyers would be coming to see the house later in the week. Seth could only hope. He spent a long time and a lot of money to build this mansion to his ex-girlfriend’s liking only for her to dump him. Lucky for Seth, he wasn’t at all attached to the structure, not even a little. Hell, the new buyer can burn this house to the ground for insurance and he still wouldn’t care.

Seth pulls out a sheet of paper from the drawer and begins scribbling on it. Now that Seth wasn’t involved with Avery Jenkins anymore, he can now do this work wherever he wanted in the house. She use to nag him all the time for always doing his work on the kitchen counter instead of using the two million dollar office she had made for him. For her sake, he started to put his office to some use when she was home, but the second she’d leave he’d be back at the kitchen counter. He’s not sure why, he just likes to work at the kitchen counter, he always has.

Now that he thinks about it he doesn’t really watch much TV...maybe he can sell that. Another thing he can get rid of that Avery bought him was the laptop. He used to be called old fashion by his ex because he didn’t use those things. Oh, he could also get rid of the whole emailing information Avery set up for him! Seth was beginning to really like starting a life without Avery. He can finally be himself and do what he wants. Who knows, maybe he can share a life with Twigs when she takes Avery’s former place.
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