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To Caress My Day

Chapter 35: I Want Everything

After the couple hanged up that day, Seth began to worry. He couldn’t fathom what to make her for dinner and it nearly made him tear his hair out. Once he calmed himself down with a relaxing shower, he began to plan out what he should do. Twigs wasn’t as picky and expensive like Avery, so he wasn’t forced to do the impossible in a short amount of time. His pixie was a simple girl with simple needs. What could be simpler and more meaningful than a simple dinner made by his own two hands? Seth really wanted this relationship to work so everything had to be perfect, but not too perfect, if that at all made sense.

Seth headed towards his bathroom to take a relaxing shower. He planned on going over a list of ideas for their second date. When he got out of the shower, and finished brushing his teeth, Seth’s eyes began to survey his bathroom. Suddenly, the blood drained from his face. Stepping out of the steamed bathroom drenched, Seth realized exactly what he had done. He was still living in the same mansion he built for his ungrateful ex-girlfriend! He couldn’t bring Twigs here to a place he had built for another woman she knew nothing about!

Thankfully, Seth remembered Mrs. Guadalupe note mentioning some interested buyers coming by to check the place out at the end of the week. Sadly, that was long past the day of their second date which means Seth is going to have to find a new location to take Twigs, and quick. Seth knows that Twigs isn’t aware of Avery, so she wouldn’t notice that the mansion was built for his ex-girlfriend which means he can relax and go on with life without a second thought, but he refused to do that. It wouldn’t sit well with him if Seth were to just wine and dine his new love interest here. He couldn’t do that to Twigs, or himself. Besides, finding a new home wasn’t just to help Seth move on from his past relationship, it could be also be a new foundation to start a life with someone else, maybe Twigs.

Seth picks up his phone and calls his maid’s number, then a real estate firm. He was going to need some help to find a smaller simple mansion to spend the rest of his extended vacation stay. This new mansion has got to be perfect for his Pixie.


Far off on a property for sale, Seth had asked the real estate worker to allow him and Mrs. Guadalupe to look around the place in private to discuss their decision. The older gentleman agreed and told them he’d be right outside. So far, Seth has seen three places, each one getting closer and closer to his ideal structure. The current mansion they were debating over was a good small size mansion that felt like the perfect fit, the only problem was the distance was farther from town than his previous mansion, although the ride there provided a lovely scenery to pass the time. Seth only took a second to think about it before coming to a decision.

“¿Le gustaría, señor?” Mrs. Guadalupe asked, admiring the kitchen cabinets.

“I want it. I want everything in this house sold to me. I want the furniture, I want all the indoor and outdoor plants,. I want everything.” Seth decided, hurrying off, determined to find the real estate agent and get him to write down any price he could think of for the property.


A few hours later, Seth had sent Mrs. Guadalupe off for the day with a bonus for calling the real estate agent earlier to sell his other mansion to any bidder that desires it. He stopped caring for that place shortly after Avery left, and was now eager to be rid of it and her. Right now, he was focused on his future, not his past.

Seth reached for his phone and spent the rest of the day and night escorting groups of house designers, constructors, plumbers, the pool team, the electrician, the cleaner and every handy man you could think of into his home so they could get some work done before his second date. The house didn’t need a large amount of improvement, but just in case Seth wanted a professional team to look it over. The workers that decided to stay overnight were given double their payment and free meals. Currently surrounded by groups of people going in and out of the kitchen due to the dozens of pizza boxes, Seth thought long and hard of what he was going to do for his date. What was he going to wear? What was he going to make? Should he buy her some flowers? Seth was so focused on these unanswered questions that he didn’t see Mrs. Guadalupe’s nineteen year old daughter weave her way into the kitchen to find him.

“Hola, Mr. MacFarlane.” Rebecca said, giving him a shy wave. She was short beautiful young lady who was a freshman in college. She’s know Seth since she was fifteen, and always thought he was incredibly hot for an older man. Her feelings hadn’t changed since.

Seth turned around and flashed her his signature smile. “Hey you, I haven’t see you for a long time. How are you?”

“I’m good. And you?” Rebecca said as she accepted his hug, taking in his sexy cologne.

“I’ve never been better. I’ll admit that I’ve been trying to figure out a problem almost all day without your mother’s help and it’s proving to be quite a challenge.” Seth sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh, is there trouble in paradise with you and Ms. Avery?” Rebecca asked, having heard nothing about Avery’s departure or the new woman that captured Seth’s attention. Seth bit his lip, realizing that Mrs. Guadalupe must not have informed her family of her boss’s new relationship status. For some reason that impressed him since he’d figured Mrs. Guadalupe trusted her family enough to keep his secret from leaking to the media. Anyway, Seth wasn’t sure if he should tell Rebecca the truth or not. He still doesn’t know Rebecca as well as her mother who he trusted more than he ever trusted Avery, and he’d been with that treacherous woman for four years! It’s probably best to keep Twigs a secret and not take the risk, just in case.

“Yes, Avery and I are having a few minor problems. It’s nothing too drastic, but still I want to make it up to her by surprising her with a home cooked meal. What do you think?” Seth asked, crossing his arms over his chest and giving her his attention.

Rebecca gave him a look of confusion. “A stay at home dinner date doesn’t sound like the kind of date Ms. Avery is into. I think she’d prefer an expensive restaurant kind of date.”

“Never mind all that talk, Avery has…changed. She’s starting to welcome the simpler side of life.” Seth lied.

Rebecca doubted that. “In that case, you should be your normal self and cook a simple meal, nothing too extravagant. Something that you know you won’t burn is a good way to go.”

Seth nodded. “You and your mother are right. I need to calm down because I keep spazzing out like menstruating teenager, no offense.”

Rebecca playfully rolled her eyes, flipping her long dark hair behind her back. “Whatever.”

“So what brought you over here at this time of the evening?” Seth asked, as he turned around and sifted through the drawers for something to write on. Producing them, Seth began writing down some meal options that were jumbling in his head that he was sure he could cook without burning the house down.

Rebecca fiddle with her fingers as she watched him write away on the sheet of paper quickly. “I just thought you’d be here alone and…wanted to keep you company.”

Seth shook his head while continuing to make his list. “I haven’t been alone all day. I’ve been having teams go in and out of the house constantly, trying to fix up the new place. Not to mention I’ve offered to pay for their meals and bulk loads of toilet paper while they’re doing their job. I want them to be as focused as possible in order for everything to be perfect.”

Rebecca nodded before looking around. The house was too crowded and loud as the workers focused on getting their jobs done successfully. Rebecca was really hoping Seth would be alone, but it looked like he wouldn’t be having any private time tonight at all. Rebecca pouted and deciding that she should go, and come back another time when he’s alone.

“Well, I’m gonna go.” Rebecca said, not getting any reaction from Seth as he mumbled beneath his breathe and scribbled away. Seth didn’t notice her leave as he looked over his short list and crossed out what was too much or not enough. In the end, he had a decided on a mixed salad as their appetizer, and grilled chicken with pasta as their main course with a side of cooked vegetables. For beverages, Seth wasn’t sure which she’d most prefer so he decided to provide wine, champagne and water. What Seth decided not to do was add rose petals anywhere or candles. He didn’t want to make her uncomfortable or feel like she had to prepare herself for sex later. No, their date was going to be a proper date, not an excuse to go at each other like horny teenagers...not that he had a problem with that if she didn’t.

As a bonus surprise that Seth had forgot to mention to Twigs, is that Mr. Guadalupe was to be her driver for the evening. Seth had decided earlier on that his car is too noticeable for him to come and pick Twigs up whenever he wanted. Even if he bought a new car, the paparazzi will discover him and ultimately identify her. Seth wasn’t about to have that happen, and, had hired a driver by the name of Derek to pick Twigs up whenever she desires and bring her to him. Unfortunately, Derek’s wife’s birthday is the exact same day of Seth and Twig’s date so he won’t be available to come pick her up. Luckily for Seth, Mr. Guadalupe offered his service free of charge. Of course, Seth plans on paying him by doubling Mrs. Guadalupe’s bonus the next time she receives it. Mr. Guadalupe was stubborn so he wasn’t going to accepts Seth’s money willingly, which forces Seth to find ways of sneaking money to his family through Mrs. Guadalupe’s paycheck.

That’s right, Seth had everything planned.
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