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To Caress My Day

Chapter 37: Wasteful Memories

Twigs was feeling ridiculously giddy after listening to his voice over the intercom, that she just wanted to run into the house, kick her shoes off, and throw herself into his arms. But she wasn’t going to do that. Instead, Twigs calmly opened the one of the front doors and entered his foyer. Surprisingly, his foyer was quite simple and homely. Twigs smiled as she looked around at the intricate beige rug in the center of the room, a plush bench, and a long grassy plant in a black jug. It was all very ordinary. Twigs glanced to her right to see her reflection above a small wooden dresser with a small decorative lamp and a small leafy potted plant. She managed to not sweat of her makeup with all her nervous worrying, which was a miracle. After quickly looking herself over, Twigs confidently decided that she looked presentable enough to be looked at by her date.

Twigs took a deep breath and turned to walk down the long beautifully decorated hallway with the wrought iron chandeliers and wall lightings, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor as she entered what looked to be where the two grand staircases were. It looked so lovely to Twigs that she just wanted to randomly lay on the stairs, but instead opt to go down the hallways to her left that led to the living room. There was a large fireplace crackling, expensive plush couches, a dark piano, and a coffee table. Twigs ran her finger along the fireplace mantel, as she felt the warmth seep around her legs, making her feel too hot for her thick black coat. Twigs slipped out of her jacket and rested it on the arm of a couch before placing her hat, gloves and purse on the coffee table. She headed for the polished piano in the back of room. The piano had its fallboard up displaying the keys and its music sheets spread out on the music rack readied to be played. Twigs completely forgot who’s house she was in as she sat down and began to carefully meddle with the keys. Twigs pressed a few keys at a time with gentle pressure, a little worried that it would shatter to pieces beneath her touch. A single piano key looked like it costed more than her rent.

In the hallway behind the young dancer’s back, emerged Seth who had followed the sound of his piano being played with. He was relieved he had finally find her, and hoped she wouldn’t mind if he took in her presence without her permission. She wore what looked like a simple black dress tonight. Seth couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous at the thought of being in her presence once again. The little things that his pixie did to arouse him so strongly still ceased to amaze him. As much as he wanted to stand there and devour the very image of her, he knew that dinner was going to get cold if they didn’t eat it soon.

Feeling kind of bummed for what he was about to do, Seth cleared his throat to get his date’s attention.

Twigs nearly jumped out of her seat as she looked behind her to see a casually dressed Seth MacFarlane watching her closely with his hands in his pockets. The light blush on her cheek was evidence to her embarrassment of having been caught touching his things without his consent, but that wasn’t an issue for Seth at all. What was an issue was the slit in her dress that exposed the bare caramel skin of her left leg to his gaze.

Seth tried hide his want for her behind his billion dollar. “Good evening, Tahliah. I didn’t meant to scare you, I just wanted to welcome you to my home and see if you were hungry or not.”

Twigs bit her lip because she didn’t trust her voice to not crack under her embarrassment. She gave him a simple nod and a warm smile. Seth smiles again and reached out his hand to her.

“Shall we?”

Twigs tried not to squeal as she stepped forward and placed her hand in his. The warmth of the contact of their hands gave them shivers of delight, before he took his hand away to place it on her lower back as he escorted her to his dining room. The décor was lovely as the rest of the place, not too much but not too little. On the dining room table sat a big fruit bowl of assorted plastic fruit and vegetable, next to a huge salad bowl of actual vegetables as their appetizer.

Being the sweet gentleman he is, Seth pulls out a chair for her to help her take a seat and fixed up her salad as well as her drink. Twigs felt spoiled and was surprised that he didn’t hire a butler to serve them tonight. It’s not that she’d prefer someone else to serve her meal, it’s just that she didn’t want to make Seth feel out of his element for her sake.

“Thank you, but you don’t have to feel like you have to do this. I’m just fine with serving myself.” Twigs informed him with an appreciative smile.

Seth chuckled before sitting down across from her. “I know, but tonight you are my guest and I want to serve you. Unless it makes you uncomfortable.” Seth’s voice changed to concern as he looked at her inquiringly. He was worried about overdoing anything during their date.

Twigs shook her head. “Oh no, it doesn’t bother me. I just don’t want you to feel like you have to, is all.”

Seth went back to smiling. “I know I don’t have to. I WANT to. There is a difference.”

Twigs playfully rolled her eyes as they both dug into their salad. Their second date was spent in laughter, flirty glances, and storytelling. They talked about their day, about his shows, and her upcoming music video performance. Twigs almost died again when Seth shared detailed information of unreleased episodes the crew were currently working on as well as surprising her by randomly talking as Stewie or Peter Griffin. Seth was enamored by her passion for music and her dreams of making her own music. If she would simply ask, he would make her dreams become a reality in a heartbeat just so long as he can be in her company and never leave.

“I have to say your home is incredible! I honestly expected to find a bowling alley, or a theme park in here, but it’s actually a really comfy place. I think I’m in love with it.” Twigs expressed before sipping from her glass.

Seth shrugged and spoke without thinking. “Well, it’s smaller than what I’m used to.” Seth’s eyes widen at what he said. He couldn’t believe he said that. He can only hope she wouldn’t ask any questions about that stupid slip up. He didn’t want her to know the truth.

Twig’s brows furrowed as she smirked. “What are you used to?”

Seth scratched the back of his head. He didn’t want to tell her the truth about Avery and that stupid waste of a mansion he built for her. Seth didn’t want to rekindle a past that he just wanted to forget ever happened. He wanted here and now, with Twigs. As much as Seth wanted to sit and pout about it, he had to say something to her. What surprised him next, was that he told her the truth. He told her the size and price of what he’s used to and it nearly made Twigs choke on a cherry tomato.

“Wow, that’s a lot of space and money.” Twigs managed to say, still in disbelief.

Seth nodded, silently, waiting for some kind of negative remark.

Twigs looked at him. “Can I ask why you decided to live in a smaller home?”

Seth licked his lips and swallowed. “I recently moved out of my previous home, and decided to…downsize.”

Twigs looked confused. “Why? Was there something wrong with the other house? Bad plumbing?”

Seth couldn’t help but smile at that. She was so fucking cute to him. “No, I had given the mansion to my…friend, and HE…took advantage of me, before running off someplace. So I decided to sell the place and get myself a new surrounding that isn’t poisoned by wasteful memories. I’m use to bigger, but I actually like it this size. Like you said, it’s pretty nice and cozy.”

Twigs watched him with a sad look on her face and sympathy in her eyes. “I’m so sorry that happened to you, Seth. Your friend doesn’t know what a good person he left behind and he will go on through life knowing he lost his chance at having a true friend.”

Seth’s brown eyes met hers. Even though she had no idea who he was really talking about, he still took it to heart. Her eyes were so sweet, compassionate, and pure that it made his heart swell. There wasn’t any woman left on this earth with a soul like Twigs, Seth was sure of it.

Seth shook himself out of his reverie. “You know what, that doesn’t matter anymore. I’m over it…now that you’re here.”
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