Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 38: Found Someone Special

The couple had finished their delicious salad before Seth went into the kitchen to fetch the main course. Twigs was already enticed for her plate the minute she smelled the chicken, and pasta and she wasted no time digging in. Her healthy appetite brought a smile to his face as he took his seat to eat while keeping a close eye on her. His pixie looked so unbelievable beautiful tonight that his mind couldn’t help but think inappropriately about what he wanted to do to her at that moment. Seth wanted to run his fingers through her silky unbraided hair. Seth wanted to watch those brown eyes close in pleasure as he smears her red lipstick from her mouth with his rough kisses. Twigs was too occupied eating to notice the few soft moans she let out in delight from the flavored chicken swirling in her mouth. Seth’s eyes darkened with lust at the sound of her moans; his hands clenched around his fork and his pants tighten a bit.

After some time he couldn’t help himself from complimenting her. “You look breathtaking tonight.”

Twigs only looked at him for a second as she let out a giggle and replied without thinking. “You always look breathtaking.”

Seth watched with a laugh as Twigs gasps at what she just said. “Oh my god, I can’t believe I said that.”

Twigs covered her face with her hands in humiliation before apologizing to a highly amused Seth MacFarlane. “I’m so sorry I said that. You probably hear that a lot! I don’t imagine that’s anything you’ve never heard before.”

Seth had finally ceased his laughing, and was now watching her with a sexy smirk. “You’re right, I do. I hear it all the time actually.”

Twigs couldn’t deny the sudden flash of jealousy that heated her blood for a minute, but she tried not to let it show as she nodded in agreement.

Seth’s eyes studied her obvious deflating spirit before adding to his previous statement. “But…it never meant anything to me until now.”

Twigs made the fatal mistake of looking to his eyes and recognizing the growing desire behind them. Seth’s eyes were pouring with lust, and it was only a matter of time before her body answered back in response. Seth continued to stare at her as she took a gulp of her drink to fight off her rising desire. Twigs tried to focus on keeping it together by avoiding his eyes, or else he’d weaken her for good. Seth couldn’t help but smirk as he forked some pasta from his plate and chewed it. He figured that he’d tortured her enough and decided to leave her alone for now. Twigs tried her best to form a complete sentence in her mind.

“S-So, what have you uh done on y-your vacation so far?” Twigs asked, trying not to stumble over her words as she fought to keep herself from begging for him.

Seth took a sip of his drink before answering. “I’ve been working. That’s about it.”

Twigs was a little taken aback at his response. Seth had tons of money and can do anything he wanted to do, yet he was spending all his vacation time working when he could be relaxing?

“Why are you still working on vacation? Don’t you want to relax and get away from all that stress for a while? Isn’t that why you decided to take a vacation in the first place?”

Seth let out a soft laugh. “You’d think so, right? But no, I suffer from being a workaholic so all these opportunities that I could take since I’m in a different country just don’t seem interesting to me at all.”

Twigs nodded in understanding. “I get it. I can be a little obsessed with my job at times.”

Seth slowed his chewing and stared at her with surprised. “Are you saying you’re a fellow workaholic?”

Twigs gave him a shrug. “Everyone I know says I am. I don’t really know for sure, but I did work a lot before I became a dancer and a little after I became a dancer.”

Seth nodded as it all came back to him. “Oh yeah, you were working like three or four jobs right?”

Twigs groaned. “Yes, and it was terrible. I think it helped that I was at a young age, because I was able to somehow do it even though it consumed my days.”

“But now you dance in music videos, which I imagine pays more.” Seth guessed.

“Yeah…speaking of dancing for music videos.” Twigs started off, figuring right now would be a good time to tell Seth about her upcoming gig.

“That music video I was talking about earlier is going to be filmed very soon and will need all its camera crew, artists and dancers to be there.” Twigs slowly hinted. She wasn’t sure if he would even care that she would be gone for a few days, but in case he did, she thought he should know.

Seth did care.

The comedian stopped chewing and looked her right in the eye in case she was joking. The short glimpse he got before she looked away told him she was being serious about the music video gig, but he couldn’t help but sound a little disbelieved. “When will you leave?”

“Two or three days from now,” Twigs replied before taking a sip from her glass. For some reason the change in conversation had turned the evening a little awkward, probably because deep down Seth wished he had the power to simply tell her no to keep her here in his house with him, and she was expecting a reaction from him. A romantic reaction.

Seth had no choice but to nod it off, as he looked down at his plate. He didn’t want to feel the need to tie her to her chair to prevent her from leaving him, but he couldn’t help it. Seth made sure to keep his desperate pleas out of their conversation. “Oh…how long will you be gone?”

Twigs bit her lip and continued to avoid his gaze to keep from asking how he truly felt about their short separation, but opt not to. “Well, from what I’ve been working on, it looks like it may be a couple of days. A week, at the most.”

They both continue to nod in silence for a while, neither one of them allowing their true feelings to show about this arrangement. Seth had no right to demand her to stay like she was his puppy, yet he wished he could at this moment. Twigs had no right to wish for him to get on his knees and beg for her to stay and live in his castle forever. The bottom line is, they weren’t even officially dating, so no one can ask anything from the other.

Twigs frowned deeply before being the first one to speak. She was already missing the sound of his strong sexy voice, and she wanted to have it ringing in her dreams tonight. Unfortunately her question wasn’t a positive conversation starter. “When will your vacation be ending?”

Seth hesitated a few minutes, before it all came back to him. “I have two weeks left before my vacation is done. My vacation wasn’t meant to have extended this long.”

Twigs managed a strained smile before looking down at her plate, to hide her disappointment. Two weeks? That wasn’t enough time, not nearly enough. Twigs wanted more time, no, she needed more time with him. Seth watched her closely as her shoulders seemed to slump in sadness. He could tell she was effected by his news like he was by hers. Though his news was worse. After those two weeks are up, Seth was headed back to the USA to his home in California…or was he?

Seth’s next words had Twigs looking up in awe and confusion. “I’m lengthening my vacation stay here.”

Twig’s mouth opened and closed like a fish until she could finally spit out a word. “Why?”

Seth tried to hold back his billion dollar smile as he shrugged and sipped from his glass. “I think I found someone special over here that I’d like to spend my time with, rather than spending it all working. If you ask me, I think my vacation is finally beginning to start. Don’t you agree?”

Twigs couldn’t stop herself from bursting into a relieved laughter.
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