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To Caress My Day

Chapter 39: Resist Temptation

As their date came to a close, Seth kindly escorted Twigs back to his front door with her things. Neither one of them wished this evening would end, and both fought hard to refrain themselves from whining about it. The couple both turned to face one another as soon as they reached the double doors, each wishing to say what they were both dying to say.

Twigs cleared her throat and fiddled with her fingerless gloves to distract herself from openly displaying her feelings. “I-I had a wonderful time tonight, Seth. I’m so glad you invited me out here. Your house is beautiful.”

Seth nodded, stuffing his hands into his pants pockets so he wouldn’t reach out and touch her. “It’s no problem, I had an amazing time too, and I’m so honored that you accepted my offer. Really, I should be thanking you.”

They both chuckled at his comment, before the awkwardness began to descend. This date had went better than their last and for the first time they were allowed to end it properly. Unfortunately, beneath their cool exterior, neither one of them wanted a nice proper ending anymore. Twigs didn’t want to go back home to her apartment. Seth didn’t want her to leave his house either.

All night, Seth was trying to be a gentleman and keep his hands off her. The amount of want, lust, and ache that had built up over time on their date couldn’t be held back any longer as they stood there saying good bye to one another. Seth couldn’t let the evening end so formally.

“I’m sorry if this offends you but I-I don’t want you to go.” Seth blurted out, feeling half-regretful for succumbing to his selfish wants and half-relieved that some of the tension evaporated off his shoulders.

Before he could spit out an apology, Twigs quickly replied back in a desperate trembling voice. “I don’t want to go either.”

They stood there looking at each other as if this was the last time they’d ever see each other again, and they wanted to soak up the moment and solidify it into a permanent memory. Twigs didn’t want to seem like a total whore, but she wanted Seth again so badly that the aches were beginning to hurt all over her body. Seth was feeling just as bad. He didn’t want it to look like all he cared about was her body and that was it, but he also couldn’t help that he was also throbbing for her so badly that it was literally making him clench his teeth for control. They HAD to have each other, but at the same time it wasn’t right. They both didn’t want to hop into bed together until they gotten to know each other better, or at least were in an official relationship together. Still, Twigs didn’t want to leave with just a ‘thanks for having me’ and a simple ‘goodnight’. It was risky, but she knew Seth deserved better than a simple goodbye for all he’s done.

Twigs stepped closer to him to press a dangerous but innocent kiss on his cheek. Seth tensed up as he closed his eyes and sent a quick prayer to God to give him his strength to resist temptation. He smelled so good that Twigs selfishly lingered, deeply inhaling before pulling away only a couple of inches to stare up at his lips. Desire was beginning to cloud her better judgement as she licked her lips and let out a tiny pleading whine. Seth made the mistake of opening his eyes at the wrong time and seeing Twig’s red lips and inviting eyes.

“Fuck, I’m sorry.” Seth weakly breathed before leaning down to capture those full red lips beneath his, making her drop her bag. Twigs was so happy that she refused to listen to that little voice in her head telling her to pull back, and greedily kissed him in return. It felt like a lifetime since they’ve been like this together and she was planning on soaking up as much as she could before her senses caught up to her.

The couple heavily made out, the only sounds that could be heard in the foyer was their lips smacking, her pleading moans, and his satisfying groans. Seth wrapped his arms around her waist and held her impossibly close to his much bigger frame. Twigs clawed at his back through his shirt as she pressed herself even closer into him. They drank heavily from each other’s lips as Twigs pushed Seth against the door, swallowing his grunt at his back connecting to the iron spirals on his door. Seth went back to devouring her mouth as his hands helped lift her up so she can stick her heels in-between the iron curves on the door to keep herself hoisted up. Seth took this opportunity to runs both of his hands on the outside of her thigh, hiking up her black dress in the process so he could massage her ass with his hands. Seth was obviously hard and he made sure she knew it. Twigs was already wet and prepped for him if he dared to go that far. She already knew that’s exactly what he was thinking and it didn’t help to lead him on this far like a tease.

Twigs broke the heavy kissing to whisper hotly against his lipstick smudged lips. “We shouldn’t do this. I-It’ll look bad.”

Seth nodded, before pulling down the scoop of her dress enough to expose her bra cup to his rough biting and sucking. Twigs let out a soft cry as her nipples harden against Seth’s harsh assault to her lingerie. The man was driving her insane as she grinded against him.

“You’re right, but I don’t want to give a shit.” Seth growled against the lace fabric.

Twigs took that opportunity to get off him and step back, making him groan in defeat. Seth leaned back against the door as he watched her pant as heavily as him, while trying to fix her clothes to a presentable state. Twigs knew that if she dared to look at him, she’d lose all self-control again for sure and they’d jump right back into what they were intending to do. Taking a deep breathe, and sending Seth a mental apology, Twigs picked up her stuff, said a quick goodnight and left his house before he could touch her. Seth closed his eyes as he listened to the sounds of her heels on the pavement drown out into the night.

“Damnit!” Seth cursed out, covering his face.

“I can’t believe I did that again!” He moaned from beneath his hands. He tried his best to keep a rein on his sexual desire for her, but that kiss…that kiss broke the damn chains. Now, she probably thinks he’s a pig that had no self-control. He wouldn’t blame her if she did. Then again she started it and was responding to his touches so maybe he was overthinking it.

“I need a drink.” Seth sighed, before heading to his living room where he kept the hard liquor in case of hard stressful situations such as this. Seth poured himself a particularly strong glass of whiskey but couldn’t lift the glass to his lips. He could still taste her heavily in his mouth, and it gave him a much better feeling than any brand of liquor in his liquor cabinet could. God, she tasted so heavenly. Seth couldn’t help but lick his lips over and over again. Just the taste alone was preventing his hard on from going down.

With a shrug, Seth left his whiskey out on the coffee table to head upstairs for an Arctic cold shower.


Twigs was being driven home by Mr. Guadalupe when the first regrets of leaving began to haunt her. She missed Seth already, his smile, his voice, his smell, just everything about him. She wasn’t sure if what she was beginning to feel was car sickness or if it was Seth-sickness. Either way, she didn’t want to take any chances on puking her dinner in the back of the expensive car.

Twigs leaned forward. “Excuse me, Mr. Guadalupe. I’m sorry to bug you, but I think I’m feeling a little car sick. Could you to pull over, please?”

“Of course! Better on the road than in the car, am I right?” Mr. Guadalupe joked as he slowed the car down and parked it on the side of the road. Twigs thanked him and opened the door to let herself out. Twigs walks a few feet and breathed in the fresh country air to calm her stomach. What she didn’t realize was the direction she was lazily walking to was the way back to Seth’s house. Twigs had to look behind her to see the car facing the opposite direction for her to figure it out. She was missing Seth far more than she thought she could.

“Damn, I wanna be with Seth right about now.” Twigs admitted to herself in the night air. Her mind was too conflicted with doing the right thing, which gave her no choice. Twigs had to call on a friend. It was pretty late, which means there was only one person she could call. Twigs held her phone to her ear and impatiently waited. Mr. Guadalupe could see the young lady making a phone call and decided to not rush her.

“Hey my baby Twigs, how are you doing tonight?” Jess answered from her friend’s bedroom at a house party across town.

“Not so good, please tell me you have time to talk!” Twigs pleaded, trying not to sound so frantic, but failing miserably.

“DID HE HURT YOU!? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!” Jess shouted over the phone, fearing that her friend was in some serious trouble with Seth.

“No he hasn’t touched me like that! Everything is fine.” Twigs shouted back so she could be heard over Jess’s pissed off rambling.

“He didn’t? Then what’s the problem?” Jess asked, relieved to hear that her friend is safe.

“I need some advice. Can you help me?” Twigs pleaded, all the while looking ridiculous with her lipstick smeared all over her mouth.
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