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To Caress My Day

Chapter 4: Incredibly Shy

“The Neon Jungle consists of Jess, Asami, me and Shereen here.” Amira said, introducing the fourth member sitting right across Seth with the big black curly hair.

“Hello, Mr. Macfarlane. I’m a real big fan of your shows!” Shereen gushed, making Seth smile warmly.

“Thank you very much, Shereen. That means a lot.” Seth glanced over at his pixie, seeing her frown down at her drink. What put that pout on her cute little face, he wondered. Amira saw him look at Tahliah again, before deciding to introduce her.

Placing an arm around her best friend, Amira said, “And this here is my childhood best friend, Tahliah.”

Tahliah looked at Amira with wide brown eyes, not believing that she just put her under the spotlight for the next few seconds. She didn’t want this man knowing her name! Or did she? Tahliah wasn’t sure, all she knew was that she felt like she was suffocating from her awkward shyness. Why was she so impossibly shy at times? It was embarrassing!

Seth smiled, and reached his hand over to shake hers. Tahliah froze up, not looking up from her coffee. She was being rude, but she couldn't help it. To shake his hand meant she had to touch him. It wasn't like they were about to kiss but for some reason it felt like they were. She’s never felt this strong pull towards someone before and frankly it was starting to scare her a bit. Would the world explode if she places her small hands in his much bigger hand, because it truly feels that way? Amira noticed her friend not saying anything, so she gave her an urging nudge to get her to speak up. Tahliah remained quiet, too shy to open her mouth.

“I’m sorry, Tahliah is incredibly shy. She’s worse than Shereen if you can believe that.” Amira explained.

“That’s alright. I don’t mind at all. Maybe before I leave you will feel more comfortable in giving me a handshake, Tahliah? By then I hope to have made you come out of your shell a bit.” Seth pressed on, really hoping to get her to look at him and even better, touch him. He wanted to know what her skin would feel like. Plus he loved the sound of her name on his tongue, it sounded very…sexy. Would his name sound even sexier if she said it? Seth didn’t doubt it.

Tahliah looked up at him, just gazing at him for a long time. Seth didn’t mind, because now he knows she has four piercings on her right ear, and just like the left they were all assorted gold hoops.

“Our friend Tahliah is a backup dancer for music videos and such. She is also volunteering sometimes at the youth club we use to hang out when we were younger. They have a dance club there that she helps to teach.” Amira shared, getting Seth’s full attention.

“That’s amazing.” Seth murmured, connecting his gaze with Tahliah. She hadn’t stopped looking at him.

“Do you live in England, Mr. Macfarlane?” Asami asked, licking the whip cream off her fingers.

Seth tore his eyes away from his pixie, “No, I don’t live here. I live in Beverly Hills, California.”

Jess looked confused, “If you don’t me asking, why are you in London? Is it because you’re on business here?”

“No, it’s actually because I’m on vacation. I tend to be a workaholic, so I’m trying relax myself a little bit. It’s much harder to do that in America than it is overseas.”

Shereen nearly jumped out of her chair, “You should come to one of our gigs! If you wanna have fun then it’s the perfect place to go.” All the other girls seem to agree, nodding their heads at the same time.

“Yeah, it’s not like a huge concert or anything, it’s pretty small, right?” Jess asked Amira.

“Oh yeah it’s in a former night club that was made into this underground music gig for undiscovered talented singers and dancers that just wanna have a good time or be founded by some music industry.”

Seth thought it over for a second, “I’m not sure if that’s my style.” Just like that all the girls frowned.

“Oh well, we’ll all be performing if you ever have nothing to do and wanna have a drink or listen to some music, or dance around.” Asami informed him, shrugging off the downing feeling. It would have been great to have THE Seth Macfarlane to be there and watch them perform, but if he’s too busy making the whole world laugh then that’s ok too.

“All of you? You mean, you sing?” Seth pointed in awe at Tahliah who had just finally got done with staring at him like he was a golden statue. She looked up again, her red lips opening in response before closing. Damnit say something to him, Tahliah cursed herself.

“Y-yes. I sing and dance.” The girls were satisfied she finally spoke. They were starting to think she was seriously ill. Seth couldn’t be happier. Her voice was like a cold glass of water after a scorching hot summer day or parchment. She was refreshing with her small, clear voice that made her look younger than she was.

“That’s incredible!” Seth’s eyes caught the time on his watch. Holy shit, it’s been two hours! Avery was going to be pissed. Seth forgot all about her. Strange how he forgot all about her when for the last four years he lived and breathed her. Seth quickly said his farewells to the girls, telling them he won’t make a promise he’d be there for their concert but he’ll be sure to send them flowers for being nice and welcoming to him to their table. Last but not least was his pixie. Tahliah struggled to stop herself from looking at him after he said her name for the first time. It was almost like an on switch had flicked on inside her and she was now making up her mind to give him the honor of seeing her eyes again. Fascinating, was the last thing he thought before falling into the brownness of her innocent eyes. This time, everyone at the table took notice to the long pause between them, but refrain from saying anything as they watched the two enter some kind of world where people stare at each other like they were the most incredible thing in the world. Tahliah felt like she was in a trance as she slowly lifted her hand to shake his hand in farewell. Seth raised his hand to meet hers, swallowing her small soft hands that were adorn with a several golden rings.

Asami glanced in confusion as they watch them shake hands in slow motion. Okaaaaaay, what was going on here?

‘What’s going on?’ mouthed Jess to Shereen and Amira, pointing between the two people that were too occupied with each other to notice everyone at the table watching them.

Shereen shrugged, a small smile on her face. She didn’t know whether to be concern or laugh.

‘I don’t know.’ Amira answered before coming to the conclusion that she was going to end their slow motion hand shake by clearing her throat obnoxiously loud. Seth and Tahliah jumped in their seat at the annoying sound, snatching their hands from one another as if to hide the fact that they had touched hands.

“Excuse me, I almost choked on my coffee.” Amira apologized, as all the other girls pretended they weren’t just staring at Tahliah and Seth.

Tahliah slowly nodded, her hand tingling and a bit sweatyt. Under the table, she cradled the hand he touched in her other hand, almost protectively. Seth nodded before saying his goodbyes again, flashing his billion dollar smile before heading out the door.

Stepping outside into the cold autumn air, Seth couldn’t help but look back. He felt like he had to go back in there. There was something tugging at him to return back inside instead of getting into his Maserati and heading back home to Avery.


Seth has been in love with that woman for four years and for the first time today, his mind wasn’t consumed with her. Today was the first time his heart and soul took a break from her and thought of someone else.


He didn’t even know her last name. All he knew was that she sang and danced and that she had some kind of power over him. She wasn’t even his type. Seth wasn’t into girls with so many piercings and gold jewelry and strange clothing. For as long as he could remember, he only dated women that looked like rich Hollywood actresses and models. IN fact, most of them were pretty much American women. He’s never dated a woman like Tahliah nor ever wanted to.

How come she was able to erase his mind of his surroundings, his girlfriend whom he loves, and his billion dollar empire with just a glance from her warm chocolate eyes and pixie face? How did she make Seth give her a nickname in less than twenty four hours? And where on earth did Pixie come from? Seth didn’t know, but he loved it, and felt it fit that mysterious Tahliah.