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To Caress My Day

Chapter 40: The Perfect Time

Jess didn’t hesitate. “Of course, you know you can count of me, Twigs. We’re practically sisters. Just tell me what happened.”

Twigs took a deep breathe before spewing on the longest rant of her life about everything that happened that evening on her date with Seth. Jess patiently waited for her to finish her story before giving Twigs her honest opinion.

“Honestly honey, I think you should just think about what you want to do and what feels right to you. This shit about worrying about what others think and if it makes you look like a whore bullshit is just simply that…bullshit. You can’t please everyone honey. No matter what you do, someone out there will always have something TERRIBLE to say to whatever you’re doing. Don’t live life by everyone’s standard. If you want Seth and he wants you, then that’s all that matters. So if I were you, I wouldn’t waste my time pleasing other people because you’re never gonna be happy that way. You only live once, Twigs. Don’t waste something as amazing as Seth just because of what others will think of you. They can think what they want. What’s important is you and Seth.” Jess suggested, before waiting for a response from her Twigs.

Twigs smiled as everything instantly started to click into place for her. “You’re right. It doesn’t matter what they think. How could it matter? No one knows about us anyway! What am I freaking out over? God I can be so complicated sometimes!”

Jess nodded. “Yeah you can be, but who isn’t? You’re just trying to protect yourself, and I’m sure if you explained your situation to Mr. Sexy Pants, he would understand.”

“I know, I need to stop acting crazy. I know he wants to protect me, so I have nothing to worry abo- wait did you just call him Mr. Sexy Pants?” Twigs questioned, definitely going off topic.

Jess shrugged over the phone. “Well yeah, you’ve seen him.”

Twig’s eyes narrowed with jealousy as her tone dropped. “Wait a minute, you think he’s hot?”

“Yeah, we do.” Jess answered, and frowned at the sound of Twig’s voice. Was she seriously getting jealous over her comment?

“We? Whose we?” Twigs demanded, crossing one arm over her chest in jealousy since her other was holding the phone over her ear.

“All of us do. Simone, Asami, Shereen, Amira, and I think Seth is pretty damn hot. But don’t worry, we love you and we would never try take him from you, EVER. Now stop talking to me and go get your man so I can get back to the party downstairs.” Jess said with a playful demanding tone, before hanging up.

Twigs stared down at her phone with a frown. She could have said goodbye before hanging up, Twigs thought as she decided to take Jess’s advice and get back into the car.

“Are you feeling aright, senora? Can you make it to your apartment?” Mr. Guadalupe asked, glancing at her through the rear view mirror with a concern look on his face. He wasn’t looking forward to cleaning vomit out of the car this late at night.

Twigs was cleaning up the smudge remnants of her lipstick around her mouth with the help of her compact mirror. Then she looked down in her bag and saw her red lipstick, and decided to reapply it again “I’m not going home, Mr. Guadalupe.”

The driver frowned in confusion. “Where is it you would like to go, senora?”

Twigs finished reapplying her red lipstick to perfection before putting her compact mirror and lipstick back in her purse. “Would you kindly turn around, sir? I would like to spend my evening with your employer, Mr. MacFarlane.”


Only five minutes had passed when the car drove up the pathway leading straight to the front door of Seth’s MacFarlane’s mansion. Now, that Twigs was back here again, she wasn’t sure how she was going to get inside of his house without alerting Seth. She planned to surprise him, but didn’t really think her plan through. She didn’t have a key to get into his place which means she would have to knock in order to get in…but then what? I’ll just have to wing it, she thought to herself.

As Twigs reached for the handle, Mr. Guadalupe turned around in his seat and held out a key. “This will help get you inside senora. You can leave it on the counter in the kitchen and my wife will surely find it.”

Twigs stared at the key in awe before taking it. “Thank you, Mr. Guadalupe. I promise I’ll leave it on the counter for her.”

Mr. Guadalupe waved her off. “I know, senora. I trust you enough to keep your word. I’m sorry to rush you but it’s very late, and I’d like to start heading to bed with my wife.”

“Oh yes, of course. Goodnight.” Twigs replied sweetly before rushing out of the car and unlocking the front door with the key. Mr. Guadalupe was already driving off before she closed the front door. The house was in complete darkness, which made her wonder if he was even awake.

Twigs took off her boots and headed for the stairs, still not seeing a light in sight. She figured since she couldn’t hear anything from downstairs than he might be upstairs in bed sleeping. Wait, she couldn’t wake him up if he was sleeping, that would be rude. Besides, what if he’s one of those grumpy sleepers that go berserk when they’re woken up, she thought to herself? Twigs looked behind her and realized that she had no choice but to go forward with her plan. She had no idea where she was nor did she have any means of transportation since her driver left. Might as well continue to make a fool of herself by throwing herself at him.

Twigs headed up the left staircase, her eyes nearly adjusting to the dark. When she reached the top, she still couldn’t hear anything to help her know what room Seth was in. It was only until she walked up another staircase did she hear the sound of a shower being used. Twigs felt her heart race and her steps become slower as she gently pushed the door open to reveal the master bedroom. She could tell from the moonlight that it was a beautiful room, and also that Seth wasn’t there. Twigs glanced to her right to see light beneath a cracked door. The sounds of a running shower could be heard on the other side.


Twigs dropped her bag, her coat, her gloves and her hat on the floor the closer she got to the door. Placing her delicate hand on the door, Twigs gently pushed it open. Even through the steam the bathroom was exquisite, but that could never hold a candle to the man standing naked in the glass shower. Twigs nearly choked on her own breathe at the cloudy sight of his wet and naked back as he washed the soapy suds from his hair. Twig’s knees slowly began to turn to Jell-O, and caused her to quickly take a seat beside his massive tub as she continued to watch him. Seth’s shower was transparent glass and if it wasn’t for the steam, she’d see every detail of his delicious body. Twigs licked her lips and subconsciously began to remove all her jewelry with expert quickness.

Seth turns around after washing the shampoo from his hair and almost jumped out of his skin when he caught sight of a dark form sitting by his tub. Quickly, Seth wiped some of the steam off the shower door to see what it was, and damn near fell to his knees in thanks. She came back, Seth rejoiced to himself in disbelief. Seth opened his shower door and stuck his head out to see if she was a mirage, but there she was in the flesh. Twigs sat by his tub in her black dress with her signature red lips, watching him like a hungry animal.

The feeling was instantaneously mutual, and just like that, the mood evolved into one of desperate longing.

Seth’s eyes were heavily clouded with lust once again as he motioned for her to come over to the shower door. Twugs could feel her last bit of innocence shyness as she hid her smile by looking down at her hands resting on her lap. Seth chuckled to himself and boldly pushed his shower door open all the way so he could step out and head over to her. Twigs looked up to see his hard on right in front her, tempting for her undivided attention. Seth was looking down at her with a sexy smirk on his face as he roughly pulled one sleeve of her dress down off of her shoulder, exposing a bit of her lacy black bra to his eyes once again. Twigs let out a gasp and placed her small hands on his thighs, looking up between Seth and his cock with pleading eyes. Seth was too busy as he continued to roughly pull her dress down to her hips, exposing her skin to the moist steamy air and her black bra to his dominating eyes. Twigs had assisted him by pulling her arms free of her dress, before looking back up to his eyes. She reached behind her back to unhook her bra for him. Seth watched her torment him by slowly detaching the hooks from one another, and then watching the garment slide off her body painfully slow. Seth held back his desire to touch her for only a moment so he could watch how quickly her nipples harden beneath his lustful stare in seconds.

Twigs was already panting by the time Seth let out a deep growl and lifted her up into his arms to drag her into his steaming shower with him. She let out a gasp as her naked back met the cool tiles of the shower wall, her dress quickly getting soaked beneath the spray and sticking to her lower body like a second skin. Seth gently closed a hand around her throat as his other took to loosening her long braids, wanting her hair to be free of everything. The couple patiently stared into each other’s eyes, not saying a word to one another as his fingers crawled up her unwinding braid. After the right one was done, he switched to the left braid. As Seth got halfway done, Twigs took the opportunity to tease him by placing her hands on his naked chest, and following the flow of the water down to his rock hard cock, where her fingers lightly wrapped around him. Seth tensed up and quickly worked out the last few braids, before pulling her into the direct spray of the shower, wetting her hair completely. Twigs let out a squeal that turned into a laugh as the warm water ran through her strands and elongated her soft curls. Seth grinned down at her as he looked over her closed eyes and parted lips. This was the perfect time to kiss her again, Seth thought to himself with such intense longing.
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