Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 41: Be Mine

Seth cupped Twig’s face in his hands and quickly pulled her up to his, smudging her lipstick for the hundredth time. Twigs wrapped her arms around his neck and let out a soft moan into his mouth. Seth let out an equal groan before sliding his hands down her neck, over her breasts, down her flat stomach and to her hips, where he proceeded to push the rest of Twig’s dress down and let it fall to the shower floor with a loud splat. Seth took the opportunity to shed her of her black underwear as well. With delight, Twigs pressed the lower half of her body against Seth’s, letting out a gasp as his hard on pressed hotly against her skin, letting her feel how badly she affected him. Seth slowly broke the kiss to reach for his body soap and squirting the blue liquid onto Twig’s shoulder, watching it spill down her back before catching it in his hands. Twigs let out another small gasp as Seth’s hands began to roam over her skin, lathering the soap. Twigs bit her lip and allowed him wash her back before taking his soap and purposely spilling it over her breasts with a tempting smile. Seth groaned at the sight, before massaging the soap over her breasts, loving the feel of them sliding against his palm.

This continued, along with sessions of making out, until the water had started to run cold and their bodies had already been cleaned. Seth broke the kiss to whisper against her lips. “The water is getting cold.”

Twig smiled up at him before giving his lips small pecks. “Shall we be leaving then? Preferably to…your bedroom?”

Seth chuckled, and nudged her nose with his. “I like the way you think, Pixie.”

Seth turned the water off, and opened the door for Twigs. They decided to dry each other off with the same towel, occasionally stopping to kiss one another. Once they were both completely dried, Seth picked Twigs up in his arms and carried her into his bedroom where he placed her on the bed. The second Twigs was lowered onto the bed she immediately crawled over to him to grab a hold of his cock so she could taste him, only Seth had a different plan. Twigs was gently pushed back onto her back, where Seth proceeded to lower his mouth between her legs.

“Seth, please.” Twigs whined, stopping him before he could taste her.

“What?” Seth asked in a sexy tone, smirking up at her.

Twigs pouted. “I want you in my mouth. I need to taste you first.”

“Well, I need to taste you first…how do you propose we do this fairly since we’re both too selfish to let the other have their way?” Seth asked, leaning his head on her bent knees as he massaged her outer thighs.

Twigs gave him a dirty smile, as a light bulb went off in her head. The couple ended up tasting each other at the same. Twigs sat on top of Seth, sucking on his cock, while Seth, laid the opposite way, was eating her out. The position was pleasurable in both ways. Seth ate Twigs out selfishly, moaning vocally between her lips which only heightened the pleasure. Twigs bobbed her head up and down on Seth’s cock, loudly moaning and sending vibrations along his length. Her legs were shaking so bad with the intense feelings running through her body that Seth had to hold her legs still from squeezing his head. Towards the end of their release they stopped caring about the other’s safety as she grinded down on his face and he thrusted down her throat. Despite the both of them nearly suffocating, they loved every minute of it. Twigs orgasmed first, then a second time, and then Seth. Twigs swallowed his cum hungrily, while Seth finished licking her clean. Twigs rolled off him to lay beside him, catching her breathe while she scooped a drop of cum from the corner of her mouth with her finger and popping it in her mouth.

Seth eventually got up and leaned over her sweat glistened body to kiss the delicate skin of her neck. “God Pixie, you taste so good. You’re juices are starting to become my fix, you know that?” Twigs couldn’t help but laugh at his comment as she welcomingly caressed his sweaty back.

Seth then trailed his heavy kisses down to her small breast where he greedily tasted her nipples. Twigs gasped and threaded her fingers through his silky dark hair. Seth took his time before releasing the sensitive buds from the warmth of his mouth to cool air, watching it harden from the temperature change. “Your skin is so unbelievably soft. I bet you don’t have any flaws on your body.”

Twigs went to open her mouth and object to his compliment, when his lips started to move down her flat stomach, making her giggle. “You feel perfect, and lord knows you look perfect it.”

Twigs let herself fall into a daze as she laid there feeling Seth’s lips kiss every inch of her legs and she didn’t realize what was coming out of her mouth until she had already said it. “Seth…why do we keep doing this? Why do I crave you every second of every day?”

Seth sat up to look down at Twigs with a surprised expression on his face. Twigs quickly sat up and stared at him in shock at what she had carelessly revealed, and couldn’t figure out how to cover it up with a good lie. “I-I’m sorry I said that. I-I didn’t-“

“Did you mean that? Is that how you really feel?” Seth asked, his brow furrowing. He could feel her trying to push herself away from him but he wasn’t letting go of her foot resting in his hand.

Twigs shook her head slowly in an attempt at lying. Her eyes, on the other hand, were saying the complete opposite. She didn’t want to have to explain what she had stupidly slipped out since they haven’t been doing ‘this’ long enough, but…at the same time she couldn’t help what she felt. Twigs wanted Seth every single day, and it was becoming a horrible distraction from daily activities when she would imaging doing inappropriate things with him. Lately though, it’s been getting harder because her mind was becoming plagued with the paranoid thought that Seth could end, whatever they had, at any moment whether the reasons could be boredom or meeting a hot super model. Those thoughts would literally made her stomach turn if she thought too long about it.

“What you said, is it true?” Seth asked again, not even falling for that sad attempt at lying to him.

Twigs couldn’t think of a lie quick enough, and she wasn’t sure if he’d believe it even if she had another one. The only thing left for her to say was the truth. Twigs sighed and brushed her half dried curls away from her face as she looked down at her lap. “Yes, it’s…its true.”

Seth flashed her his billion dollar smile that was bright enough to light up the room before letting out a satisfied chuckle. “Oh man, that’s a relief then.”

Twigs was confused. “Excuse me? I don’t…”

“I don’t know why, but it’s getting so much harder to resist you now that I’ve had a taste of Tahliah Debrett Barnett. It’s almost like the start of a sexual addiction, really.” Seth revealed, watching her face light up with a cross between relief and disbelief. Could she not tell this entire time how badly I wanted to lunge at her every time we met, Seth wondered in surprise?

Twigs held her hand up, not wanting to jump to conclusions just in case. “Wait a minute, are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

Seth shook his head no, causing her to cringe in embarrassment from her own stupidity, before he lifted a hand up to caress her cheek. “The way you want me, comes nothing close to how MUCH I want you.”

Twigs shook her head as a huge smile stretched her face while she laughed with joy. “That’s NOT possible.”

“Oh it is.” Seth interjected, finding her smile unbelievably adorable.

Twigs couldn’t believe this! Seth felt the same way for her as she did for him this entire time. The couple didn’t know why, but revealing that secret to each other just now made them feel like they were more connected than ever before, and that they were beginning to become one with each other. Seth and Twigs had always doubted that their feelings were mutual, and had to constantly tell themselves to not start singing love songs about the other so soon and instead treat each other like two friends. Luckily, now that Seth knew she felt the same way about him, Twigs would probably like what his next move was going to be.

Twigs had already pushed Seth back down onto the bed and was tasting his sweaty flesh with her lips as he summed up the courage to ask her a question. Seth was holding back a handful of her hair while she was kissing down his chest. With a gentle tug, Seth pulled her up to his lips to greedily kiss her, pulling her onto his lap comfortably as he sat up. Twigs moaned and held his face between her hands as they continued to kiss. Seth still had a hold on her hair, and used that advantage to separate their lips only a few centimeters apart, their lips lightly rubbing against each other. Their breaths mingled together as they heavily panted with their eyes still closed in a sexual haze.

“I want to be with you, Tahliah.” Seth whispered against her lips, making her smile a little bit. Her heart beat began to race harder and louder than she’s ever heard it race before, and could hear it even in their sexual haze. The air was so thick with sex that she couldn’t think straight about what to say, and so she went with what felt right, the truth.

“I want to be with you too, Seth.”

Seth opened his eyes to look at her, before letting go of her hair and cupping her small face in his big hands to get her attention. “Will you be mine, then?”