Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 42: Your Girlfriend

Twig’s eyes snapped open to stare into Seth’s with a look of surprise. Despite having been lost in each other a few minutes ago, Seth was soberly serious about what he said, and was staring intensely at her with a look of patience and hope.

The young dancer didn’t know what to think because her brain cells had turned to mush from his hot touches. She was forced to wait a few seconds for them to begin working again and when they finally did, she was shocked by what he had said. She couldn’t figure out how to respond as she went over and over his request. Everything that they had felt so right to her, but she had to be sure that she was making the right choice. Twigs had to go through the pros and cons of dating Seth MacFarlane. For starters, Seth was highly famous, and had a lot of media attention following him around. Twigs really didn’t want all that attention follow her, whether it was due to dating him or becoming a musician on her own; she just wanted to do what she wanted to do and make some music without being stalked by strangers behind cameras. Although, Seth had been making sure that any information about her has stayed out of the media so far, because she hasn’t had a journalist pounding down her door or any of her girlfriends discovering her in a magazine or gossip blogs yet. Twigs couldn’t deny that Seth wanted to protect her from the media. Even if somewhere down the road the world finds out about Twigs dating Seth, and start stalking them, it’s would still have meant the world to her that Seth at least tried to protect her from them. Twigs wanted to be with Seth so badly, and that reason alone weighed heavily in the pro side. This relationship feels worth a shot. Twigs really liked Seth and didn’t want to have to let him go anytime soon, even if he was asking her to take that step into being his girlfriend, to being in a serious relationship.

She couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if she answered no instead. Would she lose him forever? Twigs wasn’t sure, and because she didn’t know what would happen, she had to consider that it was a possibility. The minute she rejects his offer, everything could result in them falling apart.

Twigs parted her lips as she remembered her conversation with her friend Jess before she had decided to come back to Seth’s house. Jess said to take a chance if he made her happy, and he does make her happy. Taking a chance with Seth was the clearest answer in her mind’s eyes. The bullshit that is most likely in their future will come eventually, and Twigs will face it on for the sake of being with him possibly forever. Twigs smiled up at her lover before giving him her final decision. “Yes, I want nothing more than to be yours, Seth.”

Seth blinked a few times in disbelief before saying anything. “Y-You mean it? You’re saying yes, right?”

Twigs laughed a bit and before replying in a seductive tone. “Yes, now do the honors of fucking your new girlfriend into your mattress.”

It was like a switch had changed the scene quickly as Seth didn’t hesitate to turning around and fall on the bed with Twigs. The young dancer desperately wrapped her legs around him once he entered her with a smooth thrust. Twigs let out a gasp and closed her eyes, softly moaning at the sensation of his cock touching every ounce of her walls. Seth let out a low groan as the feeling of her hot walls squeezed around him, it was like nothing he’d ever felt before. Her body was incredibly responsive to his, as if she was made for him. Their bodies began to move eagerly together, to feel the magic that they can only feel when they touched each other. Seth cradles her in his arms as he pounded into her, not missing a beat. Twigs held him tightly to her, as if afraid he’d slip away and leave her to die from sexual deprivation.

Seth slipped one hand in between their bodies to rub her clit, resulting in Twigs reaching her orgasm three times before Seth came inside her. Afterwards, they held each other close, caressing each other’s naked flesh like it was the most precious, with an expression of adoration. They couldn’t stop smiling about finally becoming an official couple. They wanted to spend forever like this, but in minutes, they had both fallen asleep.

Twigs woke up several times that night in disappointment about having to leave her boyfriend behind so soon after finally getting into a relationship with him just hours ago. Each time she woke up, she would sit up and check his bedside clock to see the time, and each time it would be an hour later than before. Twigs didn’t want to leave but she had responsibilities that required her to leave his side just like he will eventually have to do when his vacation time ends. She couldn’t help but think it was all unfair that they had only a limited amount of time together at the moment. With the remaining time she had, she wanted to selfishly make use of the remainder of the night together by fucking her new boyfriend’s brains out, and so she did.

Repeatedly, Twigs would turn over and slip her hand underneath the sheet to gently stroke Seth’s cock alive again. The billionaire woke up every time and each time he would enter her, give her multiple orgasms, cum deep inside of her, and then fall asleep holding her to his chest. Surprisingly, Seth didn’t mind being woken up every hour to Twigs giving him a handjob. The simple brush of skin against skin only peeked his interest in trying out different positions. He wasn’t usually the explorative type, but tonight Twigs sparked something in him, and he wanted her in every way possible.

The first positioned they tried when she woke him up the first time was Twigs riding him. The moonlight gave him a teasing glance of the flawless skin of the side her breast which only make him harder. It was a familiar experience that they had shared the first time they had sex and Twigs was happy that he let her take full control without any objections. She knew some men who prefer to be the dominant one during sex and had had issues with her not always being as submissive as they want her to be. Twigs doesn’t always want to be the dominant one when it comes to sex, but she also doesn’t like to be the submissive one all the time. She likes a bit of both.

The second time they had sex, Twigs woke Seth up again much like she had before. The position was pretty much the same except she was facing the opposite direction, before Seth switched her back around. Twigs had asked why he had changed their position and he told her that he missed seeing her beautiful face. They settled their final position with Twigs lying on her back with her legs over Seth’s shoulders. This position allowed him to be so impossibly deep inside her that he couldn’t resist being rough with her by snapping his hips forward. Of course, Twigs loved every second of it.

The third time, Seth was the one to wake Twigs up by making her lay on a pillow so her bottom half was slightly lifted. Then, Seth entered her, completely laying every inch of himself on top of her. Twigs linked their hands together as Seth kissed her bare shoulders. This eventually turned into Twigs on her hands and knees with Seth pounding into her, which then evolved into Seth sitting back and letting her bounce on her ass onto his lap, giving him a great view of her backside.

The last time they woke up together, they made sure to sit up and face one another so they could watch the pleasure build up from beginning to end. Twig’s legs were overs his as they desperately grinded against each other in ecstasy. It was intimately close and they kept as much eye contact as they could before they reached their release.

All in all, the night was spent exploring each other’s body, and surprisingly they managed to replenish their energy many times before dawn arrived.

It was around five in the morning when Twigs woke up, and decided to spend the next thirty minutes watching Seth sleep next to her. His face was so peaceful and relaxed. Twigs wanted nothing more than to cuddle up to him and stay by his side forever, but she had to get up early to have breakfast with the girls. They weren’t going to believe that this beautiful man was her boyfriend. She could hardly believe it herself. Twigs knew in due time she wouldn’t be able to remember any of the other men she dated before him. Seth’s perfections was definitely going to erase all their faces and memories. Not one of them could hold a candle to him even now, and it had nothing to do with the amount of money he had in his bank account.

Twigs looked over at the clock and pouted when she saw the time. She had to get going. Reluctantly she slipped out of bed and put on her dress before, slowing walking to Seth’s closet. A smile came across her face at the thought of stealing one of her boyfriend’s shirt to take home and sleep with whenever she missed him. Or was that creepy? She wasn’t sure. She obviously liked him a lot, and Seth told her he felt the same way so…why not?

Twigs glanced at her sleeping boyfriend before quietly looking through his attire to settle with one of his buttoned up shirts. The young dancer leaned over to catch a faint whiff of his scent on it. Twigs let out a delightful sigh before separating the shirt from its hanger, then proceeded to collect the rest of things before slowly leave Seth’s bedroom, making sure to close the door.

Downstairs, Twigs remembered that the house key was still inside her purse. Quickly, she tried to recall where the kitchen was, located it, and then placed the key on the counter before jotting down a quick note to Seth. It took her several attempts to write a simple note to her boyfriend, because she was worried about adding too much too soon or just sounding plain old creepy. In the end she crumpled eights sheets, and stuffed them into her purse so he wouldn’t be able to find them in his trash. The words she had written on them were too soon for Seth to know so early in their relationship. Naturally, Twigs left her lipstick prints by her signature. She knew he would really appreciate that.

The driveway was empty by the time Twigs stepped out of the house. Naturally, anyone would be irritated with having to wait for their driver to appear, but Seth’s front yard beheld so much magic and beauty that Twigs was easily distracted for the next few hours. She was admiring the flowers when she heard her driver coming up the driveway.

“Good morning, Senora.” Mr. Guadalupe called out from his window.

“Buenos días, señor.” Tahliah called back, laughing at his surprised expression.

“Oh, did you speak Spanish all this time?” Mr. Guadalupe playfully demanded as she headed over.

“Maybe. No please, let me open my own door, Mr. Guadalupe. You can relax in the car.” Twigs assured him as she slid into the car and closed her door.

“Gracias, señora. How was your evening with Mr. MacFarlane?”

Twigs blushed but couldn’t contain herself from gushing. “It was remarkable! An absolute dream turned into a reality.”
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