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To Caress My Day

Chapter 43: No Pornographic Details

When Twigs got home, she quickly jumped into the shower and got ready to go meet her friends at the café down the street. These plans were made before she went on her first date with Seth, so she wasn’t about to skip it and take a much needed nap from last night’s ‘workout.’ Neon Jungle occasionally have a busy schedule and sometimes that gets in the way of Twigs and Simone being able to spend time with them on their short breaks. Sometimes Neon Jungle had so little free time, Simone and Twigs would literally have to drop everything they were doing at that moment just to meet up with them, even if it was for only five minutes. Fortunately this time, Neon jungle were having a longer break than usual, before going back on the road again, which meant they could all catch up together without having to rush every little thing in one conversation. Unfortunately for Twigs, she was running a bit late this morning.

When Twigs had finally entered the coffee shop, she immediately search for her friends and caught sight of them in the crowded place before heading on over to them. Amira saw Twigs first and immediately started clapping her hands cheering in congratulations, attracting some attention from other customers nearby. Simone and the rest of her friends joined her in clapping for Twigs as she made it to the table. Twigs was embarrassed and confused as to why her friends were applauding her, but quickly got them all to knock it off when she took a seat, just in case they got into trouble by the staff that worked there.

“Are you guys kidding me? Why the hell are you guys acting like I won a gold medal or something?” Twigs hissed, avoiding the gazes of other curious customers.

Jess reached over and placed her hands over Twigs, and quickly apologized. “I’m sorry, honey! I had to tell them.”

Twigs had no idea what Jess was talking about before it all came back to her. “Tell them wha- oh. That.” Twig’s cheeks turned red.

The girls squealed in excitement. Twigs had forgotten that she had called Jess last night for some advice on what to do, which ultimately led to having sex with Seth and becoming his girlfriend, something she still finds hard to believe. Jess must have told the girls while Twigs was running late that morning as some way to punish her for not being there on time.

“Oh calm down, it’s not that big of a deal.” Twigs shushed them, trying to resist smiling about it too.

“Yeah we know, it’s just nice to see you spending time with someone you have an interest in.” Simone explained, making sure to refrain from saying the word relationship. She wasn’t sure if Twigs and Seth had finally made it official or not. Plus, she also didn’t want to bring it up in the conversation in case it was a sensitive subject for Twigs.

“An INTEREST that just so happens to seek refuge between your legs every once and awhile.” Amira mumbled to herself, but everyone at the table heard her and let out a surprised gasp or squeak in response.

“Oh my god, really Amira?” Asami cried out, lightly hitting Amira on the arm as she tried not to giggle along with the rest of them.

“You are crazy!” Twigs accused, pointing a finger at her best friend with a huge forgiving smile on her face.

“What!? I meant it in a nice way.” Amira defended, also trying not to laugh.

Jess threw her hands up to silence everyone at the table. “ANYWAY, what happened last night?”

Shereen scooched closer with her coffee, intrigued. “And honey, you have to tell us everything!”

Simone turned to Twigs with a smirk on her face. “Yeah girl, c’mon and give us some tea on how good Mr. MacFarlane still is in bed.”

Twigs shot her friend a glare before shaking her head. “I’m not going into detail. I don’t care what you guys say or how hard you beg! I will tell you what happened, but no pornographic details, okay?”

All the girls rolled their eyes and sighed in disappointment but agreed otherwise. They wanted to know what happened.

Twigs couldn’t help but bite her lip as she remembered last night. “Well, after I got off the phone with Jess, I asked his driver to take me back to his place.”

“Ooooh, I like where this is going.” Shereen gushed, tearing a piece off her croissant and popping it into her mouth.

“When I got there, I realized I had no way of getting into his house. Luckily his driver let me borrow his key for the night.” Twigs explained, taking a sip from Simone’s ice coffee.

Asami gasped. “Oh my god, do you still have the keys? You can make a copy of his keys real quick, you know.”

Amira snapped her fingers to draw Twigs attention to her as she was sipping from her ice coffee. “I know a guy that specializes in that! We dated for about three weeks before I caught him copying my keys and called the cops on him, but he still does a great job.”

Twigs gave Amira a weird look before shaking her head in disproval. “No! I left them on the kitchen counter before I left. I wanted him to trust me with a set of his keys, instead of copying them behind his back…even if he never gives me his keys.” Twigs frowned at the negative thought.

Simone shrugged before taking back her drink from Twigs. “Whatever you say, dear. Continue on.”

Twigs sighed before thinking back to the last thing she said. “Um…right, well I went inside his house and it was dark and I couldn’t hear anything so I figured he had to be asleep. In that case, I thought about going back home and forgetting the whole idea, but my driver was off duty for the night. I think that’s what gave me the courage to find him and speak with him…upstairs in his bathroom…taking a shower.”

The girls all ‘oooed’ at that part and let out a fit of giggles before quieting it down to let Twigs continue. “I uh, sat by his bathtub and waited for him to finish washing up. I don’t remember why but I didn’t leave. I took a seat on the side of his tub without asking him if that was ok to do. At some point, he saw me, and invited me to come in with him…we took a shower together and then went into his bedroom….where we…did IT.” Twigs covered her red face in embarrassment.

The girls all began to clap in delight as well as tease Twigs about her being a naughty slut and whatnot. Twigs laughed it off, knowing her friends meant it in a playful manner. After that Twigs demanded the subject to be changed to something else, but her friends weren’t having it. They were eager to drill her about Seth.

“So, does he live in a castle or something?” Shereen asked, her eyes shining with magical wonder.

Twigs shook her head as Amira handed her half of her breakfast sandwich. “No, actually. He lives in a small mansion.”

Asami frowned. “Where? Is it out of town and in the country? It has to be.”

Twigs’s smile disappeared quickly when she realized that she wasn’t allowed to tell anyone, not even her friends. “Unfortunately, I can’t tell you guys.”

Everyone at the table stopped eating and looked up at Twigs with confused expressions. “Why not?”

Twigs had a look of pain on her face as well as she looked at each one of them. “Look you guys, you know I love you more than life itself. I see you girls as my blood sisters that I never had! There is nothing I would ever keep from any of you…except this. Please understand, this has to be the one think I can’t share with you guys. I really like Seth, and I think he likes me too. Now that we’re in a relationship together, I can’t risk anyone finding any evidence that we are in a legitimate relationship. I know it sounds stupid because you already know we’ve been having sex but all it takes is one goddamn photo of us being affectionate together to ruin this miraculous happiness I’ve found in the last month. I can’t lose him now. I refuse to lose him now. Therefore, I won’t tell you guys the places we meet because…I can’t run the risk of anyone finding out. It’s stupid, I know.”

Neon Jungle and Simone shared a look, before erupting into laughter, confusing the hell out of Twigs who was damn near close to tears.

Simone gently shoved Twigs. “Oh calm your ass down girl, we’re not out to ruin your relationship no matter how mad you get us. This is the happiest we’ve ever seen you with any guy you’ve dated! We’re not about to destroy it, now or ever. If you don’t want to tell us where you guys meet yet, it’s ok.”

Twigs began to giggle with them, before her mind caught on to what Simone said. “Wait, did you say ‘yet’?”

Amira nodded. “Oh yes, baby Twigs. You’re gonna end up telling us sooner than you think. Trust me.”