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To Caress My Day

Chapter 46: Or What?

Once Twigs got inside she began to wander the halls, unsure of what to do since she was by herself. It was really late, and she was told Seth had been busy with work all day. She wondered if he took the time to eat something before he left or if he was the kind of ‘grab a snack to nibble on for breakfast, lunch and dinner’ kind of guy. Just in case, and because she was hungry as well, Twigs searched for the kitchen to make then a light dinner.

By the time she was finished cooking, Seth walked through his front door and tossed his keys in his bowl on the dresser in his foyer. Derek had informed him that Twigs had missed him and had asked to come over for the night. Seth couldn’t be more than happy to get home and be with his girlfriend. He instantly felt a soothing warmth in his house the minute he stepped in. It was probably cliché, but Seth believed it was his girlfriend’s presence. Seth smiled down at her small shoes lined up by his door and slipped his jacket off before heading down the hall. When he walked past the living room, his nose caught the delicious scent of food, making his stomach growl in hunger. Seth followed the scented trail to his dining room where his girlfriend was piling food on two plate. Seth couldn’t help but smile in bliss at seeing her making herself comfortable in his home and leaned against the doorway to gaze at her.

Twigs poured two glasses of wine before she felt a pair of eyes on her. She quickly turned her head to see Seth staring at her from the archway. Twigs smiled back and nervously faced him with her hands linked in front of her.

“Hi...welcome back home. I-I made you something to eat, it’s nothing too much, just a little something I whipped up in case you might be a little hungry. I know I was.” Twigs gestured to the plates as Seth stepped forward to inspect the meal before looking her up and down in a seductive way. Seth found it fascinating that she could arouse him in even the simplest of everyday clothes. No one would find anything sexy about her current choice of clothing, except for him.

“I am kind of hungry…now that you mention it.” Seth agree with a seductive tone before giving her a teasing wink.

Twig quickly looked away from him but couldn’t hide her flattered smile or her blush. “I-I meant food.”

Seth chuckled and nodded before complimenting her in his Peter Griffin voice. “It looks good. Very good.”

Twigs burst out laughing but tried to hide it from behind her hands. “T-Thank you, Peter.”

Seth wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him so he could feel her slender frame against his. Twigs instantly looked away from his eyes as she could feel the hot flush in her cheeks. She couldn’t stop her smile from spreading across her face even with it pressed against his chest. Seth could tell she was acting a giddier than usual and stepped back to try and catch a glimpse of her averting gaze.

“Is everything ok?” Seth asked in concern, still trying to catch of glimpse of her face.

Twigs nodded and took a deep breath to calm herself. “Y-Yeah, everything’s ok, it’s just…”

“It’s just what?”

Twigs summoned the courage to look up at him. “I don’t know, it’s just seems so unreal. Like this is all a dream. I’m just some girl living in London who’s dating Seth MacFarlane from America. It’s like something out of a movie. This just seems too unbelievable to be real.”

Seth smiles and ushers her to her seat so he could push in her chair for her before taking his own. “Well, if you’re finding it hard to believe that our relationship is real, then don’t fight it. Let this be a dream, a paradise, or a hallucination if that will make it easy for you. Let it just be a place for you and I to be together and not have to worry about anyone or anybody on the outside. In time, you’ll start to realize that this is reality and we are together.”

Twigs smiled and sipped her wine with a gentle nod. “I think I like the sound of that.”

Seth pointed his fork towards the food on his plate, and tried to talk with his mouth full. “And I think I’m loving this dinner.”

Twigs burst out laughing, shaking her head at how silly he was. They both spent the dinner sharing about their days and what’s been going on. Seth had visited a local actor‘s relative’s studio to record his voiceovers for one of his show’s new episodes. He spent all day going back and forth with his crew on skype trying to perfect everything. The conversation from there went a little down when Twigs decided to bring up her upcoming trip to perform in a music video.

Twigs kept her eyes down as she twirled some pasta around her fork. “You know…I leave the next morning for that music video gig.”

Seth looked up at her, his bright smile gone. “Oh…oh yeah…that…sucks.”

Twigs nodded in agreement as her eyes returned to his. “I decided rather last minute that I wanted to spend my last night over here with you instead of by myself.”

Seth couldn’t help but feel touched by her confession. From what Derek had mention over the phone, Twigs had no idea when Seth was coming back home tonight, but was still wanted to wait for him anyway. Oddly enough, Seth couldn’t remember any of the other women he previously dated ever wishing to be around him so often. Twigs eagerness to see him made him feel like the luckiest guy in the world, for some reason.

The couple talked some more before they finished their dinner. Seth had stood up to start gathering the dishes to begin washing them in the sink, until suddenly Twigs snatched them from him and insisted that she would do it. Seth didn’t try to argue with her as he watched her walk away, staring at her cute behind the whole time. Left with nothing to do, Seth headed towards his piano in the living room and began to play a random piece that popped into his head. He played a classical tune that Twigs found beautiful as she came walking in after cleaning up the dishes. Seth sensed her presence behind before he saw her and turned his head, to ask her to dance for him all the while still playing the piano.

Twigs flashed him a look of uncertainty. “Are you sure? I don’t think I know this piece.”

Seth nodded eagerly, focusing on the keys. “Of course, just do whatever you feel like doing.”

Twigs shrugged and moved further into the living room where he could see her and began to dance. The style was more ballerina inspired, but she kept it simple since the living room didn’t have enough room for her to safely go hopping in the air or anything. Seth didn’t care if she was trying to impress him with her moves or not, to him she looked like the most balletic dancer he had ever seen. He was grateful that he knew how to play this song without looking at the sheets or keys so he could watch her move around his furniture with ease. Before the melody came to an end, Twigs performed a move that gave Seth an immediate boner. The young dancer had bent herself backwards far enough for her hand to touch the floor with her knees a little bent. Seth’s eyes widen as his concentration diverted from the keys, to his girlfriend. He watched as she straightened out her left leg, placed her other hand on the floor next to the other, and swung her right leg over her left so she could lower herself into a split with her back to him. Seth’s slipped from keys immediately, causing the room to become silent. Twigs looked over her shoulder to see Seth fervently striding over to her. Before she could get herself out of her position, Seth swept her off her feet and into his arms, his face expressionless except for the obviously lust storming in his brown eyes. Next thing Twigs knew, she was sitting right on top of the piano with the back her feet dangling a little past the keys. Seth was standing between her legs and had her trapped with his gaze, his face still not showing any kind of expression. Twigs was caged between both of his arms, with his palms lying flat on the piano top to keep her from escaping.

Seth’s eyes drifted to stare down at her red lips as he softly but steely ordered. “No more dancing.”

If any man had put their hands on her and plopped her on a piano the way Seth did, Twigs would have been scared to death for her safety, but because she could see the obvious lust in his eyes; she knew Seth was affected by her and was dangerously horny. It also helped that she could feel his hard on straining against his pants and softly pressing against the areas between her legs, which only resulted in making her wet for him.

Twigs eyes flickered up to his, challenging him as she softly asked. “Or what?”
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