Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 47: A Good Thing

Seth stared at her for a while, trying to hide his smirk as he stepped back to yank her clothes off, starting with her shorts and ending it with her underwear; never once looking away from each other’s eyes. Once she was completely naked, Seth pushed her legs open so he could see her sex better in the light. Twigs swallowed away the urge to close her legs so he couldn’t see her so openly. Instead she wanted to be confident and submissive to him however way he wanted her.

Seth studied the way the light glistens on her folds from how wet she had already become. He wanted nothing more than to bend over and taste her once again. Instead he thought of another idea and went with that. While her pink tongue glided nervously across her red lips, Seth took a seat back down on his bench to play another song. Twigs was left sitting in confusion and shock as his eyes completely ignored her and instead chose to follow his hands dancing over the keys of the piano. She couldn’t believe that he was completely ignoring his naked girlfriend on his piano with her legs open in front of him for him to go down on. Twigs didn’t know what to say or do at this point. She knew, despite how her current situation looked, that Seth wasn’t going to just leave her like this with her legs open for him and not do anything...

Immediately feeling turned off and sexually abandoned, Twigs shifted to close her legs, not caring if she ruin his song by bumping her foot against his hands. Either way, he deserved it. Seth knew what she was about to do before she moved and was quick to launch forward and bury his face between her legs. Twigs let out a choked scream as she fell back onto the piano, one hand diving into his hair and clutching onto his dark strands. Seth let out a groan as he tasted her, finding her flavor addicting to his senses. Twigs let out a string of moans as he sucked on her clit. Her toes curled as her hands climbed up to cups her breasts and massage them, pretending they were his hands instead. Seth circled her entrance with his tongue, only dipping the tip in before completely pulling away from her and going back to playing his piano like nothing had happened. Twigs eyes fluttered open, as she quickly sat up to see Seth focusing on playing out the rest of the stupid song. The look on her face was priceless. She had an expression of both irritation and despair. She could tell Seth was trying not to smirk, which completely revealed to her that he was playing a fucked up game with her.

Twigs let out a whine as she laid back down to stare up at the ceiling, her hips lifting a few centimeters off the piano and then back down again in a slow sexual motion. “Seth, please. Don’t do this to me, baby. I need you in me.”

Seth’s cock twitched at that last sentence but he continued to play. He wanted to touch her so badly that his hard on was about to rip through his pants, but a cruel part of him wanted to torture her first. He looked up from his keys to notice that her fingers were sliding down towards her folds to rub her throbbing clit in desperation. Seth immediately launched forward again, beating her fingers to it. Twigs cries out and arched her back with a delicious smile on her face as Seth heavily made out with her.

“Ohhh yes, like that baby!” Twigs coaxed, reaching down to run her hands over his silk hair, urging him to keep going. Seth let out a moan before he pushed his tongue into her entrance, fucking her with it.

“Oh shit, oh shit YES! Oh my god, Seth!” Twigs squeaked out, wanting so badly to cum against his mouth, but before she could, Seth pulled away from her again. Twigs let out a frustrated growl as she clenched her fists. Two emotions were rising to the surface, the first one being fury which made her want to beat his ass up for stopping, and the other one being despair which made her want to start sobbing from his torture. This kind of teasing shouldn’t be legal.

“Jesus Christ, Seth. PLEASE!” Twigs pleaded in defeat, on the verge of tears.

Seth listened to Twigs whimpering and decided that her torture was over with. He had feeling she’d kill him the next time he pulled away and Seth wasn’t ready to be die any time soon. This time, Seth launched himself back between her legs, but this time, he didn’t pull away. Twigs let out a gasp as he stood up from his bench and tugged her closer to his mouth by her thighs. Seth thrust his tongue into her entrance before sucking on her clit expertly. Twigs could feel the buildup of her orgasm as Seth’s grip on her thighs tighten in urgency. When she finally climaxed, her thighs tried to clamp around his head as she arched her back and cried out his name in the sexiest moan he’s ever heard in his life. Seth’s grip prevented her from squashing his head like a grape, so he was able to break away easily and fumble with his zipper. Twigs panted heavily, her chest rising up and down as she relished in the bliss of her orgasm. Once his cock was free of its confinement, Seth franticly wrapped his arms around Twig’s back, pulling her up and against his chest. Twig’s eyes slowly opened and took in what he was trying to do. Her legs wrapped around him and pulled herself closer to him so that when he sat back down onto his seat, he was already sliding into her.

Seth let out a satisfied moan as he closed his eyes and rested his head on her chest, letting her take control and bounce on his lap. Before long, he was fucking her on the keys of his piano, the melody flowing out from their lovemaking sounding so terrible that they couldn’t help but laugh against each other’s mouths. After she reached her climax, Seth was right behind her, groaning loudly against her neck, before their lips met again to passionately kiss again. They stayed in their embrace for what felt like hours before Seth pulled away to help wipe the sweaty curls from her face so he could see her better. Twigs smiled up at him, completely enamored by everything that he was in that moment.

“You’re so fucking beautiful that I hate it sometimes.” Seth admitted, watching her frown with uncertainty.

“Is that…a good thing?” Twigs asked tentatively.

Seth shrugged, his eyes roaming her face to take in all her perfections. “Depends on how you look at it. It makes me want you all the time. Every second of everyday, it’s torture when you’re not around me.”

Twigs simply stared up at him, feeling her heart beat faster at his romantic confession. Before she could say anything else, Seth pulled out from between her legs, making her mewl in response from the loss.

“Come on, let’s go upstairs.” Seth said before surprisingly pulling her up and over his shoulder like a fireman, making her squeal and giggle.

“Oh my god, Seth. Put me down!” Twigs exclaimed, smacking his behind as he headed up the stairs with his cock still sticking out from his unzipped pants.

“Nope I don’t think so.” Seth replied before smacking his naked girlfriend on her behind, before groping one of her cheeks.

“But I don’t want to go to bed!” Twigs retaliated.

“We’re not.” Seth assured her, turning his head to the side to kiss the side of her butt.

Seth headed straight for his bathroom before letting her down so he could start the shower. Twigs stepped in once the shower was on while Seth undressed himself before joining her. They recoupled together for several long kisses before she broke away to grab his loofah and start washing him. Seth watched her take her time, staring down at her adoringly. It was moments like these that he wanted to tell her how he truly felt about her without having to worry about his confession being too soon to say in their relationship. Little did he know, Twigs was thinking the exact same thing while trying to resist tasting every inch of his wet skin. The man was becoming too dangerous for her to love. She wanted nothing more in life than to be like this forever with him, even though it was not too long ago that she wanted nothing more than to create music. As much as she wanted to deny it, Seth was becoming an addiction.

Seth took the loofah from her hands and began to return the favor; however Seth didn’t resist placing his mouth on the skin that wasn’t soapy. Twig closed her eyes and let her hands slide over his skin as he lathered her up. His wandering lips ended their journey at her lips, slowing kissing her beneath the spray of the shower head. The loofah trailed over her body for a few seconds longer before slipping from Seth’s hands and plopping on the floor of the shower. Seth’s arms tightly wrapped around her so their bodies were pressed closely together. Twigs let out a gasp at his hard on pressing against her leg, breaking their hungry kisses.

“Seth…” Twigs whispered breathlessly against his mouth before he slid one of his hands down her stomach and down between her legs. Seth watched her rise on her tippy toes as she gasped in response; her hips slowly grinding against his fingers. Twigs gripped onto his shoulders as she leaned her forehead on his chest, letting out a string of moans.

“Pixie.” Seth whispered hotly in her ear before pressing her back into one of the shower walls. Twigs looked up to see Seth hit the handle of the faucet off before returning his attention to looking down at her.

Twigs’s brown eyes looked desperate and pleading as they stared back into his. “I need you Seth, I need you to fuck me so bad that I’m gonna need another shower right after this one.”

Seth couldn’t help but smirk at her remark, despite his cock already leaking precum. “Your wish is my command, Pixie.”