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To Caress My Day

Chapter 48: The Perfect Farewell

Their lips met in a passionate meeting of tongue and lips. Their need for oxygen being the disappointing reason for them pulling away from each other, but Seth felt that it was good timing as he immediately dropped to his knees. Twigs whimpered as she watched him lift her left leg up and over his shoulder to make it easier for him to do what he was about to do. Seth’s tongue eased its way between her folds to find her sensitive clit in no time. Twig let out a short cry as she arched her back against the shower wall.

“Seth! Please!” Twigs begged, her mind too fogged up for her to think straight, but Seth was listening. He trailed one hand up her stomach, and through the valley of her breasts to close around her throat and hold her there. Twig’s hands came down from gripping the wall tile, to clamp onto his arm, her nails digging lightly digging into the skin. Seth didn’t care, all he was focused on was taking more of her flavor into his mouth so it would heavily coat his taste buds for the next few days. Twigs closed her eyes and focused on the pleasure flowing through her; one of her hands coming down to grasp a handful of his hair. Seth used his other hand to thrust his thumb into her throbbing entrance.

“Fuck, Seth. Yes! Keep doing that!” Twigs cried out, urging him to keep going. Seth was more than happy to oblige her for hours, but was surprised when she abruptly came.

“That good, huh?” Seth asked, before standing up and massaging her breasts simultaneously.

Twigs ignored his cocky tone and instead wrapped her arms around Seth’s neck, thankful when he hoisted her up so she could wrap her trembling legs around his waist. That last orgasm had damn near paralyzed her legs and she didn’t trust herself to stand. Seth pressed her back against the wall as he lowered her down onto his painful hard on. He let out a loud groan at how tight her muscles were around him. Twigs let herself moan in pleasure, as she cupped his face in her hands so she could satisfy her craving for his addicting lips.

“Jesus, Pixie, you feel too good.” Seth admitted with a groan against her lips before his slow pace turned into a fast pace, forcing Twigs to scream out in ecstasy in his bathroom. Seth transformed into selfish ruthless animal fucking his prey while she belted out endless moans, cries and screams for him. When they finally climaxed together, they both decided that they couldn’t do another round and proceeded to share a lazy ten second shower with the last remaining hot water to clean themselves off. With the last of their strength, they toweled off and flopped down on his bed; wrapped in each other’s arm beneath the covers.

Seth held her close to his chest, pressing light lazy kisses on the top of her head. Twigs smiled drowsily as she cuddled closer.

“Want to go another round, cowboy?” She muffled teasingly against his chest, feeling him tense against her cheek.

Seth couldn’t believe this woman, and pulled away to look down and see if she was being serious or not? “Are you kidding me, right now?”

Twigs let out a tired giggle, melting away his worry. “Of course I am!”

Seth let out a relieved sigh and pulled her back to his chest. “Jesus woman, you have an insanely healthy appetite. Did you kill your last boyfriends with your sexual exercises?”

Twigs smiled and pressed a loving kiss to his chest. “No, actually. I’ve never been like this with any of my boyfriends before.”

Seth frowned, his hand gently caressing her wet curls. “Really? That’s interesting to know. Why me, then?”

Twigs shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve always had a normal sex life with my other boyfriends, never too much, but also never nonexistent.”

Seth felt himself flinch with jealousy as his mind tried to conjure up the image of her lying with another man. “Hmmm.”

“It wasn’t until I met you that I’ve started to know what it truly means to be a nympho. I want you all the time.” Twig confessed, blushing against his chest.

Seth stopped studying her dark curls to laugh and kiss her head. “Are you saying you were never one of those young hormonal kids that would sleep with just about anyone?”

Twigs shook her head. “No, I was never that horny back then…but I am now.”

Seth chuckled. “Well, unfortunately for you, I’m an old man.”

Twigs rolled her eyes and laughed. “Oh no, you’re not!”

“Oh yes, I am. Your vagina nearly sucks the life out of me each time we have sex.”

Twigs burst out laughing, before rolling over to face the opposite direction. Seth followed close behind and tightly spooned her against him.

“Good night, Sexy.” Twigs murmured taking his hand in hers and linking their fingers together.

“Good night, my Pixie.” Seth whispered in her ear, the words ‘I love you’ dangling at the tip of his tongue. Instead, he snuggled his face into her curls and let her scent lull him to sleep. Around five in the morning, Twigs jolted away, and searched for the time. She felt her heart drop into her stomach when she looked down at her phone and quickly tried to work out how much time she had left with him in her head. Twigs let out a sad sigh as she realized that they were having so much fun being together that they must have forgotten about her leaving the next day. I guess, we both didn’t want to dwell on it, Twigs thought to herself, before turning over to see Seth’s eyes fluttering open.

“You’re awake?” Twigs asked in surprise.

Seth smiled softly. “I thought if I could wake up before you, I could try and figure out how to convince you to stay here instead of letting you go.”

Twigs smiled and shook her head. “I thought if I could wake up before my phone went off, I could touch you one more time.”

Seth flashed her a sexy smirk and lifted the covers off of her so he could look over her naked form, his journey stopping when he returned back to her eyes. “I got the energy, if you think you can take me on.”

“Oh you bet I can!” Twigs launched herself on him, a look of surprise crossing her face when he caught her just in time and settled her onto his lap. Twigs gasped when he sat up and caught her nipple into his mouth. She whimpered as she reached under her to grab ahold of his hard leaking cock so she can guide him into her entrance. Seth let out a groan that echoed with her moan when he felt her tight hot walls squeezing around him the deeper he sank. Once he was all the way, Twig began to slowly bounce on top of him. They kept their pace slow, and kept the volume as low as they could help it. They wanted to savor their touches and sensations and wanted to tremble at the sounds of their soft gasps, and moan. They kept their eyes on each other for some time before their lids became heavy and slid shut due to the euphoric sensations becoming too much for them. When they finally came, they cried each other’s name as they rode out their ecstasy together. They collapsed together on the bed, studying each other in silence until they once again fell asleep. Twigs woke up a few minutes before her alarm was set, and turned it off. She had a few extra minutes to write him a note, and kiss him goodbye. Seth was barely awake when she pressed a light kiss to his lips and then another kiss his forehead, but he wished he had been. When he finally awoken later in the morning, he knew she was gone, and that he had missed out on seeing her off before she left.

Seth tore the sheets off him and frantically strode around the house calling Twig’s name, wanting to make sure that she wasn’t still there. When he got no reply, he felt like the other half of him was withering away, leaving emptiness. He kept searching anyway, but found himself lingering in the bathroom where he had noticed her red kissy mark on his forehead. It was a perfect farewell in his eyes, and as much as Seth wanted to commemorate it, he had to persuade himself not to go down to the local tattoo parlor and make that mark a permanent reminder that what they had was real and not a dream. Twigs was his girlfriend now, which he meant he would have plenty of those red kisses in his life, so as long as fate allowed it. Downstairs in the kitchen, Seth found a note on his fridge.

I didn’t want to wake you. You looked so peaceful. I’m probably on the plane by now. I hope to see you soon. I won’t be gone long.
Your Pixie

Seth lightly ran his finger over another of her kissy marks beside her name, not wanting to smudge it. The house felt empty without her, and it was already eating him up inside. He didn’t want to stay in his house anymore or in Europe anymore, and he didn’t plan to. He had to leave now or he’d end up burning the house down with how upset he was becoming. Grabbing his phone, Seth called the nearest airport and ordered the earliest flight to Los Angeles, California.
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