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To Caress My Day

Chapter 51: Reunited With Mr. Woodbury

It didn’t take a lot of convincing to persuade Twigs to come down to California after her job was done. Twigs was hoping to return back home to the UK, but her urgency to be with Seth outweighed that hope. Besides, she wanted to see what his life was like in California. The flight there felt like weeks rather than the scheduled few hours it took to get to their destination, but eventually the plane touched down and she was finally allowed off. She didn’t allow herself to linger around any longer than it was necessary to. She kept herself in a fast walk as she gathered her backpack from the baggage area. She didn’t pack enough clothes for another week away from home, but that didn’t matter too much to her. What mattered was seeing Seth again and being back home in his strong arms so that she could taste his lips. After walking away from baggage area, Twigs was able to locate the sliding exit doors easily, and began to push her way through the crowd to get to it. She was surprised to find Derek leaning against another one of his Chrysler 300 outside the front door, waiting for her. The joy of seeing a familiar face that was the trusting friend of her and her boyfriend was a wonderful feeling, and she happily acted on it. “Derek, it’s so nice to see your lovely face after a week!”

Derek gave her an agreeable smile before he suddenly found himself being hugged by her. He was kind of shocked by her friendly gesture, because of the fact that he was simply her chauffeur. Hell he wasn’t even aware if their relationship was even on that kind of caring level yet. Yet the tightness of her hold and the smile on her face told him that she did in fact see him as a friend. For all he’s done for her already, he was just as important to her as anyone right now, because of him it was possible to have a normal relationship with her famous boyfriend. Derek was a part of her family now, and she hoped he would be so for many more years to come. “It’s nice to see you too, ma’am. Are you ready to be reunited with Mr. Woodbury?”

Twigs nodded eagerly like a child would. “Oh my god, yes! I’ve been missing him like crazy.”

“And he to you, ma’am, I can promise you that.” Derek assured her as he opened the back door for her.

“Thank you again for all that you’ve done, Derek. It means the world to me.” Twigs thanked him graciously before leaning down to get into the car. She hesitated when she saw sitting in the backseat was her boyfriend Seth looking like a billion dollars and with a huge grin on his face. Her brown eyes widened in surprise and excitement.

“Se-“ Twigs was interrupted when he leaned over to drag her into the car so that she was halfway cradled in his arms, with her legs draped over the other seat. Derek quickly closed the door to keep them from being seen with each other by passersby and plucked her backpack off the floor to be placed in the trunk.

Seth didn’t give Twigs anytime to speak as he captured her lips beneath his in a passionate kiss. Twig’s arms snaked around his neck to pull herself up so she could press her chest against his. Seth let out a moan as he captured a handful of her black curls in his fist to keep her from pulling her lips away from his too soon. Twigs wouldn’t have dared to break their kiss even if the situation called for it. There was something about his lips that made it difficult for her to stop kissing him so inappropriately even if they were right in front of a horde of people. He was the closest thing to an obsession that she was ever going to endure, she knew that without a doubt.

Seth pulled back on her hair a bit to break the kiss after taking a fill of her, his lips smudged in her signature red lipstick.” I missed you so fucking much baby.”

Twigs let out a moan as his other hand began to roam over her body, and then grabbed a handful of her butt through her tight black jeans. “F-Fuck, you have no idea. I’ve n-never touched myself so often over one guy before.”

Seth smirked down at her closed eyes and her parted smudged lips panting from his bold touching. “Is that so? Tell me about it, I wanna know every detail.”

Twigs let out an impatient whimper of desperation. “Seth please, I-I want you.”

Seth groaned at her admission, before confessing his own to her. “I want you too baby. Jesus Christ, I need to feel myself between your legs right now or I swear I’m gonna have a heart attack.”

Twigs was on the verge of crying from sexual torture as she opened her eyes to look deep into his. Before any more could be spoken between the two, Derek had opened the driver’s door and slid into the car. He took one look in his rearview mirror to get a handle on what was taking place in his backseat and knew by the tension in Seth’s shoulder, and the tight grip of her fists on his shirt that they were using everything they had in them to keep from jumping at each other like two horny teenagers right behind him. The smudged lipstick on their faces was also a dead giveaway. Derek rolled his eyes and pressed a button on the console that rolled up a newly installed privacy divider so he wouldn’t have to put up with seeing them feel each other up in his backseat in the future. Since it was early in the morning, he decided to head to the nearest diner so they could all have some breakfast.

In the back seat, Seth and Twigs launched back at each other as soon as the divider had hid them from Derek’s view. They heavily made out with their tongues, and lips. Their eyes were closed as their hands roamed, gripped and clung to each other’s body. When the car came to a complete stop and they heard the driver’s door slam shut, Seth knew that they were now left alone in complete privacy. Derek had parked the car in a secluded spot in the parking lot as he made his way into the diner to order their meals while the couple continued to get it on.

Twigs moved away so she was off his lap, so she could unbutton his shirt with trembling fingers. Seth helped her with a few buttons before allowing her to finish the last one. After she was done, he grabbed ahold of the hem of her shirt and pulled it up and off of her body, leaving her in just her black bra. Twigs leaned over to taste his skin with her lips and tongue as he reached over to her shoulders to yank down her bra, exposing her bare breasts to his touch. Twigs let out a high whimper as his fingers rubbed over the sensitive nubs of her nipples, making them harden beneath the pad of his thumbs. The sounds she was making was undoing him, and he desperately needed to taste more of her to quench his rising hunger. Pulling her back in arms, Seth lifted her up to take one of her nipples into his mouth and suckle on it greedily. Twigs threw back her head and cried out while one of her hands gripped a handful of his hair so that she could hold him to her. She could feel her wetness soaking into her panties when he started to shift them around in the car so that he was lying down across the backseat with her on top of him. Twigs knew where this was going, and if they continued on like this, there would be no stopping either of them from finishing each other off. “No, wait, Seth, we shouldn’t have sex in here like this. It’s not right.”

Seth let out a defiant growl. “Well, we have to do SOMETHING because I’m seriously about to fucking lose it. I honestly don’t care who sees us at this point. Santa Claus, Jesus, my Dad, I don’t fucking care.”

Twigs knew exactly how he felt. The man was sexual frustrated after being apart for a week and right now was his only chance to relieve that pain as soon as possible. He wasn’t going to pass this up, and neither did she really want to either. Deciding quickly, Twigs got off him to kick off her boots so she could pull her pants and underwear without struggling. Seth let out a groan as he watched her, eager for the pleasure that he knew was about to come. Seth helped her to pull his trouser and briefs down to expose his hard leaking cock. He kicked the garments off him along with his shoes as he motioned for her to lay down across the seat instead. He wanted to be the one to give her pleasure this time. He placed his hands on both of her knees to spread her legs before crawling over her small body.

“Seth I don’t think we should be doing this. We could get caug-“ Twigs arched off the seat as he slid into her smoothly, rubbing up against her walls as she let out the loudest moan anyone would easily be able to hear if they were parked close enough to them.

Seth leaned down to press his lips against hers to muffle her moan before breaking the kiss. “Shh baby, I need you be really quiet because I’m about to fuck you so hard and so deep I won’t be able to keep you from attracting an unwanted audience ok? I need you to try and be as quiet as you can, and enjoy what I’m about to do to you.”

Twigs wanted to cry at how good it felt to have him back inside of her, ontop of her, kissing her and touching her, but she had to keep herself together. She gave him a quick nod as she squeezed her eyes closed before her hand came up to clamp over her mouth. She had to have something to forcibly shut her up or else she wouldn’t be able to keep it down so others wouldn’t hear them. Her hand was her only option as Seth began to move in and out of her at a normal pace so that they could prepare for what was about to come. The sensations they were feeling was out of this world, and could only be found with each other. Seth began to pick up the pace faster, harder, and deeper. His face was becoming red from holding in his moans. Twigs’s eyes teared up as she bit down on her hand to keep herself muted beneath him. She wanted so badly to let go and belt out a chorus of moans, but she couldn’t do that. Seth saw the tears rolling down her face, and immediately pulled her hand out from between her teeth, lowered himself down onto her and passionately kissed her, hoping to ease her suffering. Twig’s hands gripped onto his back to keep him from pulling away while she threw one leg over his hip. Seth used his thumb to wipe away her tears and whispered hotly in her ear “Fuck you feel so fucking good around me, baby. It’s nothing I’ve ever felt before. Jesus Christ, you’re like a drug.”

Twigs felt herself cumming because of his words as she threw her head back and let out a scream, her walls tightening around his length. Seth reached up to cover her mouth with his hands as he buried his face in her neck to muffled out her name in a long moan. He felt himself cumming inside of her, and allowed himself to draw the pleasure out to its last drop. Afterwards they laid there spent pressed against each other, before Seth decided to get up to collect their clothes. He roused Twigs back to reality with hot kisses along her stomach and then handed her her clothes.

“I can’t believe we just did that! I mean, we shouldn’t have.” Twigs whispered once she was fully dressed.

Seth frowned at her, slightly offended. “Are you saying you regret what we just did? Because I don’t.”

Twigs sighed. “Well, my brain regrets it because it was irresponsible and risky of us to do, but my body doesn’t regret a damned thing.”

Seth smiled wickedly. “I think you should side with your body instead of your brain. In fact, let’s go feed that sexy body of yours. You’re gonna need your strength for round two later.”

“Alright, but I’m gonna have to clean myself up in the bathroom before we face Derek again, thanks to you!”
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