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To Caress My Day

Chapter 52: Beverly Hills

After breakfast, Derek had drove them to Seth’s California home in Beverly Hills. The roads up the hill was so scary and looked to be in need of repair that it distracted Twigs from apologizing to Derek for having sex in his car. Seth wasn’t all that apologetic and watched in amusement as his girlfriend tried to sincerely pour her heart out to Derek who kept waving her apology off. Twigs found it odd that it didn’t matter to him that his boss and his boss’s girlfriend had sex in his car, but Derek explained to her that he’s being overpaid to do his job so he’s not complaining.

Once they reached his mansion, Twigs was ordered to stay down and hidden because of a few fans hanging around outside of Seth’s gate. Seth got out of the car to keep them from peering through the windows and seeing Twigs, and signed autographs and took pictures with them to distract them. Derek focused on getting Twigs and her luggage from the car and into the house without anyone seeing, and completed his mission without a problem. Twigs was in awe of Seth’s house, which was much bigger than his mansion in the UK. She walked around wide eyes as Derek took a long trek to every room in the house to close all the curtains so that no one could peek inside and see her. After all the curtains were drawn, Derek left Twig’s bag in Seth’s bedroom and bid her goodbye. She was sad to see him leave and tried to give him a hug, but he rejected it. He said she had Seth’s cooties all over her, which made them both laugh. He left soon after Seth entered the house.

“Your house is big and beautiful, Seth.” Twigs gushed in wonder as her eyes explored her surroundings. There was so much to see.

Seth stuck his hands in his front pocket and looked around with a doubtful shrug. “I don’t know. I think it can use some work, if you ask me.”

Twig frowned in disagreement and looked around again, trying to see the flaws that he could see, but failing miserably. “Oh yeah, where? Everything looks perfect to me.”

Seth walked up behind her and wrapped an arm around her waist so he could pull her close to his side. “Oh you know, it’s in need of a long good heated christening between two undeniably hot people that are extremely attracted to each other.”

Twigs bit back a smile and decided to play along. “Is that so? Hmm, well that’s a disappointment. Where are we going to find such a couple to christen your rooms?”

Seth narrowed his eyes at her insult before jumping back with a look of surprise on his face. “I don’t know! Wait OH MY GOD, is that you, Tahliah? Hey I haven’t see you in a while. Well aren’t you still sexy and sexually active. What a coincidence because I too am both sexy and sexually active as well! Go figure!”

Twigs burst out laughing and slapped a hand on his chest. “Okay okay I get it! Where do you wanna start big boy?”

They started off christening the living room and then randomly the floor of the closet in his bedroom. Afterwards they took a bath together in his enormous bathtub. Twigs sat with her back to his chest with his arms wrapped around her as they soaked in the silence around them. There was no reason to deny how strong her feelings for him was because it only seemed to increase the more she was around him. She liked him strongly before but now, it was much more. She cared deeply for him, much too deep. If she didn’t walk away now, he was going to have her heart sooner than he should. She couldn’t help herself from feeling so strongly for him though, the man was literally everything and more. He was the definition of life, and it was something that she kept finding herself desperately needing when he was away. She was a woman becoming obsessed with this man.

Seth adored the hell out of Twigs. Hell, he more than adored her. He was infatuated with the woman. Of course, the deeper his feelings became the more evident the risks of being famous and how damaging it could be to their relationship became. Their relationship could fall apart because of his popularity in the industry. The paparazzi could find out who she is and stalk and harass her for information about their involvement in each other’s lives. She’d become scared, and try to avoid them, and in the end…would probably have avoid him too. These thoughts plagued him when she usually wasn’t around to distract him, and right now he needed a distraction or else he’d start to fret about their future together.

Twigs turned her head to press soft kisses against his arm, making him smile as those plaguing thoughts disintegrated instantly. She lean her head back and turned it a little to mirror his smile back at him before he leaned down to capture her lips in a quick but teasing kiss. The smile on her face slowly dropped as he pressed an intimate kiss to her head. Twigs could feel the fire of passion ignite within her body beneath his lips, and spread through her limbs. She wanted to taste his lips again. Placing a hand on the edge of the tub, Twigs pulled herself around so she was facing him. She wanted him to see the lust in her eyes, but when she looked into his, she could already see that he was also affected by their small yet intimate actions. Pushing herself up, Twigs smashed her lips onto his, making him moan in hunger.

Seth grabbed ahold of her hips to pull her up from between his legs and then back down so that she straddled him. Her nipples were taken into his mouth instantly, causing her to cry out in surprise and arch her back, pushing them further into his mouth. Her damp dark curls fell down her back as she leaned her head back, and let her fingers dive into his hair to hold him to her chest. She could feel his hard-on, hot and ready in between her legs. It was begging for her attention and she was eager to give it. Pulling his head off of her sensitive nipples, Twigs leaned down to heavily kiss Seth for a few minutes before breaking the kiss. Looking down at him like this with his damp hair and kissed bruised lips just made her want to say those three words. They were practically on the tip of her tongue, but she couldn’t let it out. Instead she reached down between them to wrap her fingers around him and slowly jerk him off. Seth couldn’t keep his eyes on hers and he allowed them to close, while letting out a few groans. He let her jerk him off until he was almost ready to blow his load. When that time came, he gently pushed her away so that he could sit on the edge of the tub. Twigs got the hint pretty quick and moved closer to grab ahold of him once again but this time lead him into her mouth. Seth let out a curse as he gathered her hair into his fist to hold onto it. Twigs let her moans vibrate around his length as her hand came up to cradle his balls. Seth’s lips parted as he looked down at her swallowing his length deeper and deeper into her mouth. What he wouldn’t give to have her wearing her signature red lipstick while sucking on his cock. The mess he’d make of her face…

Seth came down her throat with a shout of her name on his tongue. Twigs swallowed as much as she could before sitting up and wrapping her arms around his stomach to cuddle against him. Seth leaned down to hold her to him, as he collected his breath against the wet strands of her dark hair.


Later on Seth and Twigs took a walk along his backyard, hand in hand. His view overlooked the other mansions on the hill as well as his tennis court and outdoor pool. It was a beautiful place. “It’s beautiful, Seth. You must love living here.”

Seth shrugged. “I’ve never took a look around this place to see any of the beauty here. Even earlier on when I came back home from being in London with you, I still couldn’t quite see what all the fuss is about when it comes to California. But right now, the only beauty I can see here, is you. You’re the only beauty California has ever shown me.”

Twigs blushed and parted her lips to say something in response, but she couldn’t. She was speechless. Seth smirked at her bashfulness and pulls his hands from hers so that he could come up behind her and wrap his arms around her. Twigs smiled softly, but it turned into a grin when he kissed the back of her exposed neck. Seth rested his head on the top of her head as he also took in the hills of Beverly Hills. “It feels like we’ve been dating for months already.”

Twigs nodded. “You know, I couldn’t agree more on that. I’ve been feeling that way for a while now, like it’s been five or six months since we started dating.”

“That’s pretty weird, huh?”

Twigs nodded once again. “Yeah it is when you consider the actual date we’ve started going out on. But right now, it feels so familiar, like its normal to feel this way for each other. Every time we’re together everything feels so natural.”

“Yeah even the many times we have sex doesn’t seem at all weird after just one week together.” Seth mentioned out loud, making her laugh. He was right, they were pretty comfortable around each other naked and doing the intimate things they normally don’t do earlier on in a relationship.

“I know right! I swear I’ve never had this much sex early on in any of my relationships in the past.” Twigs recalled.

“I’ve never had this much sex ever with any woman. The women I meet weren’t ravenous sex beasts nor were they the most beautiful goddesses I’d ever seen walk this earth.” Seth confessed with a smug smirk on his face.

Twigs stopped walking to turn around and give him a doubtful stare with a raised eyebrow. She expected him to burst out laughing and claim that he was kidding about what he just said but instead Seth simply stared down at her with an adoring gaze. “I’m being serious, you know.”

Twig’s face fell in response as she looked into his eyes to find out if he was, indeed, being serious. She was taken aback when all she saw was sincerity. She couldn’t believe it. There was no doubt that Seth had already tasted plenty of the Hollywood starlets by now. How could he believe that she was any better than them?
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